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AGM - MP-007 MP40 AEG Airsoft SMG - Bakelite

AGM MP-007 MP40 AEG Airsoft SMG - Bakelite

  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • Accurate Replica MP40
  • Imitation Bakelite Plastic

AGM - MP-007 MP40 AEG Airsoft SMG - Bakelite brings one of the early Twentieth Century's most Iconic and Infamous Machine Pistols onto the 6mm BB Airsoft Market. This is a wonderful replica of one of the most common, but often ignored automatic weapons of the Second World War, which accurately captures the MP40's appearance with its characteristic hooded Front Iron Sight and brown Bakelite Plastic furniture. Although designed as a Machine Pistol, the MP40 features a primitive Folding Stock constructed from Alloy, which when not in use neatly folds away swinging down under the gun, reducing its size for CQB or storage, and providing users with an additional grip. The controls for the MP40 are simple; the Fire Selector featuring 'Safe' and 'Fully Automatic", while the rear Iron Sight can be adjusted for range. The Hop Up, which adjusts Accuracy and Range, is controlled via a Sliding Lever, and is hidden behind the mock Ejection Port. Unsurprisingly for a replica of a WW2-era weapon, this Airsoft gun's appearance can be described as 'vintage'. In particular, the brown polymer furniture of the gun, based on the real Art-Deco Bakelite Plastic of the 1930's, really highlights how far weapons design has come since the 1930s. Drop your M4s and AKs, its time to do things old school. Whether youre a Reenactor or just a history fan, this is a brilliant addition to any Airsoft arsenal.


ICS - MX5 MRS (MP5 Tactical) S.F.S Folding Stock  Black

ICS MX5 MRS (MP5 Tactical) S.F.S Folding Stock - Black

  • Height Adjustable Cheek Rest
  • Extending Butt Pad
  • Side Folding Stock

ICS - MX5 MRS (MP5 Tactical) S.F.S Folding Stock Black is a 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun based on the legendary Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine Gun, modified with the addition of a Tactical Stock and a RIS Handguard. The almost universally known and appreciated Controls of the MP5 remain the same, and the Internals are ICSs standard MP5/MX5 design. The most prominent feature is the new Special Folding Stock (S.F.S), designed by ICS specifically for the Airsoft market; this Tactical, sniper-like Stock allows Airsofters to get the most out of their MP5. Replacing the standard Fixed or Sliding stocks of traditional MP5s, the MX5 S.F.S. stock is a Side Folding design, which when folded reduced the weapon length by almost 30%, ideal for Airsofters needing a Compact CQB-friendly Airsoft gun, in addition to being incredibly practical for transportation. The Stock also features several design points more commonly seen on Sniper and Marksman style stocks for enhanced Ergonomics. The Cheek Rest can be adjusted through 3 levels of height, incredibly useful for anyone using Optics on an MP5 Claw Mount; while the Butt Pad can be extended, allowing users to adjust the length of the Stock for comfort and weapon controllability. Like many modern MP5 replicas, the MX5 MRS features a new Modular Handguard, with 20mm RIS Rails on both Sides and the Lower faces. Users can install all manner of Weapon Accessories onto their MP5, from Grips to allow a more comfortable hold on the gun, to Flash lights and lasers for use in low-light situations. Removing the Handguard grants users access to the Battery Space. The Hop-Up can be adjusted to modify the MX5s Range and Accuracy, and is of ICSs usual external slide-lever design. ICS have created an Airsoft Submachine gun that takes a Tried and Tested design and turns it into a Modern, Tactical and Adaptable Airsoft gun. Whether you fancy an Electric MP5 replica with a unique appearance and tactical features, or simply want a Compact, Tactical Subm


H&k - Umarex KWA MP7 A1 Gas Blowback SMG - Black

Umarex H&K UMAREX MP7 A1 Gas Blowback SMG - Black

  • Gas Blowback
  • Flip Up Sights
  • Compact Size

UMAREX - H&K MP7 A1 Gas Blowback SMG - Black is a Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB gun, based on the MP7 Submachine Gun which is used by Special Forces around the world, and is fully Trademarked by H&K for Licence Holders Umarex. The Body of the weapon is constructed from Polymer with Alloy Rails, Internals and Magazine. The weapon is a 1:1 scale version and is built with a top quality fibre reinforced Polymer Body, just like the real thing. The weapon is a Gas Powered Blowback Gun, meaning that the magazine is filled with Gas, which when fired pushes back an internal Bolt providing simulated recoil to the user. The weapon features multiple 20mm RIS / RAS Rail, with a full length top rail for attaching Sights and Scopes, as well as a left and right rail for attaching Torches and Lasers. The weapon's top rail comes fitted with removable Flip Up Ironsights which feature a low profile Pistol Sight style mode and High Profile Sight for Mask Wearers. The stock of the weapon is adjustable and locks into place, featuring four position settings allowing you to adjust it to suit situational requirements. The gun comes with a removable flash hider and thread adaptor which allows the attachment of 14mm CCW Suppressors, Silencers, and Tracer Units. The weapon features a Textured Grip and Butt Plate, preventing slippage during use and features Front and Rear, Left and Right Sling Loop Points allowing for multiple sling configurations. This gun is the perfect purchase for those who are looking for the ultimate CQB weapon, with high accuracy and satisfying kick.


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