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Emersongear - G-Series Quick Reload Holster - Black

EMERSONGEAR G-Series Quick Reload Holster - Black

  • One Hand Operation
  • Quick Draw & Load
  • Ultimate Safety

EMERSONGEAR - G-Series Quick Reload Holster - Black is a Low Profile, Retention style Airsoft Holster designed to allow G-Series Gas Blow Back Pistol users to draw their Airsoft G17 or G19 Pistol in an incredibly fluid High Speed action ready for Combat, all with only One Hand. The Holster is constructed from Lightweight and Durable Polymer. Unlike traditional Push Button Retention Holsters, the Quick Reload Holster retains the pistol by tightly squeezing onto the Slide and Muzzle, with a Flip down Cap locking the Pistol in Place. The Quick Reload Holster is a Quick Draw style Holster, designed to allow Operators to carry their Pistol safely and rapidly draw and bring their Pistol to bear in the shortest possible time. This Holster is an incredibly Safe way of carrying an Airsoft G-Series Pistol in game, with a magazine Inserted, but No BB Rounds Chambered, also known as Condition 3 in Real Steel Shooting terminology. However, this Holsters Party Trick is that it Rapidly Readies the Pistol when drawn. Rather than having to draw the pistol and subsequently rack the slide, chambering a round (colloquially known for historical reasons as the Israeli Draw technique), due to the aptly named Quick Reload Holsters design, drawing the Airsoft G-Series Pistol will actually combine both actions into one rapid movement, Immediately Readying the Pistol. This results in a vastly superior action; the pistol is drawn and loaded in one Dynamic, Fluid Movement, which feels incredibly natural. However, it is also possible to draw the pistol without racking the slide, for example, should an Airsofter have Holstered a loaded G-Series Pistol and suddenly find themselves needing to re-draw the Pistol again. In these situations, the End Cap can be flipped open with the Thumb, unlocking the Pistol, which can then be Pivoted out of the Holster. For enhanced Practicality, this Holster can be Operated purely by One Hand; Holstering, Drawing, Chambering a Round. Your Left Hand is free to perfo


G-Series Quick Reload Closed Base Holster - Black

EMERSONGEAR G-Series Quick Reload Closed Base Holster - Black

  • Ultimate Safety
  • Quick Draw & Load
  • One Handed Operation

EMERSONGEAR - G-Series Quick Reload Closed Base Holster - Black is a tactical low profile retention type holster, designed for use with G-Series type gas blowback Airsoft replica pistols. The holster has been designed to allow users to carry their Airsoft pistol safely and unloaded, and then rapidly draw and ready their pistol for immediate action in one single fluid movement. Unlike traditional push button retention holsters, the Quick Reload Holster retains the pistol by tightly squeezing onto the slide and muzzle, with a flip down cap locking the rear of the pistol in place. The holster allows users to carry their G-Series GBB pistol in a 'Condition 3' state, to use the real-steel terminology, with the magazine inserted, but no BB rounds chambered. Rather than having to draw the pistol and subsequently rack the slide (colloquially known as the Israeli Draw technique), the Quick Reload Holster design actually combines both drawing and cocking actions into one rapid movement, readying the pistol for immediate use. This results in an incredibly natural and fluid feeling movement, as the user's arm pushes down and then swings back up. The holster simply slides onto the user's belt, and the angle can be adjusted through 5 positions, over a 90 arc. If you're looking for the ultimate dynamic holster for your GBB G-Series pistol, then this quick draw system is an excellent choice that offers both extreme practicality and safety.


Emerson Gear - Low Profile Plate Carrier w/ Pouch Plate - MTP

EMERSONGEAR Low Profile Plate Carrier w/ Pouch Plate - MTP

  • Lots of Velcro Space
  • 3 x M4/STANAG Mags
  • Extremely Comfortable

Emerson Gear - Low Profile Plate Carrier w/ Pouch Plate - MTP, is a highly lightweight and manouverable pre-built chest rig, with every aspect of design prioritising user comfort. If you have been uncomfortable or are becoming fatigued early during skirmish then this is exactly the rig you have been looking for. It features 3 x M4/STANAG mag pouches that have elastic retainers over the tops to keep your mags secure, and tabs to easily pull these retainers to the side - ensuring you'll always draw your mag quickly and efficiently. These pouches also have MOLLE loops on the front of them for the addition of further pouches and accessories, should the rig not provide enough carry space as standard. The whole front pouch section is attached to the rig via a large section of velcro, and is further supported by two polymer clasps so you can be confident that the pouches will not move during operation. This whole pouch section could be replaced with another section, provided the new pouches have velcro backing - meaning that this rig can be useful to not only M4/Armalite owners. The admin pouch at the top is secured by a zip, and is large enough to secure maps, snacks, shotgun shells or even a Derringer for capture and control objective games where you will be patted down when captured. The shoulders and waist are fully adjustable, and there is a gratuitous amount of padding in place of ballistic plates, coming together to create a delightful user experience.


Emerson Gear - Jump Plate Carrier w/ Mock Hard Plate - Multicam Black

EMERSONGEAR Jump Plate Carrier w/ Mock Hard Plate - Multicam Black

  • Low Profile
  • Comfortable
  • Modular Configuration

Emerson Gear - Jump Plate Carrier w/ Mock Hard Plate - Multicam Black is a low profile, light weight Plate Carrier, designed to be Compact and Concealable whilst at the same time being Practical and Modular. This compact Carrier is focused around two Mock Ballistic Plates, which although hard, are lightweight and low profile to aid agility and remain concealable under a jacket. These plates are also hollow, meaning that thought you might not necessarily feel an impact from an Airsoft BB, you will definitely hear it! Although this Plate Carrier is small, it retains essential, modular real estate to configure the Carrier to your specific needs. The Chest features a central Velcro Admin Panel for a variety of Slides or Patches, and the cummerbund area of the front plate features enough MOLLE space to allow you to fit a variety of MOLLE compatible Magazine Pouches. The entire Rear Plate is covered in MOLLE, again offering mounting space, such as for a Hydration Bladders. The Shoulder Straps are padded, to assist comfort, and feature loops to hold the drinking straw from a Hydration Bladder. The size of the Carrier is easy to adjust, allowing you to ensure a snug but comfortable fit, either under or over a jacket or fleece. This easy to conceal Plate Carrier is ideal for an Airsofter who likes being as agile and unencumbered as possible, but also able to carry all the essential kit at the same time.


Emersongear - Combat Uniform - Multicam Green

EMERSONGEAR Combat Uniform - Multicam Green

  • Rip-Stop Polycotton
  • Removable Pads
  • Full Set UBACS and Trouser

Emersongear - Combat Uniform - Multicam Green is a lightweight and breathable top and trouser set, the EmersonGear version of UBACS, known as Under Body Armour Combat Shirt, designed to keep the User Cooler when wearing Body Armour, Rigs and Vests, making it great for the warmer Summer Months. The shirt is made with Rip-Stop Polycotton Sleeves and Collar with thinner lightweight material on the torso to improve air flow, with reinforced Ebow Pads. The Elbow pads are designed to be easily removed for washing, preventing damage to Washing Machines when cleaning. The shoulders of the shirt feature Pockets for storing small items such as Small Tools or Note Paper, and feature velcro fronts allowing Patches and Name Slides to be attached on either the left or the right arm. This is the perfect shirt for any Airsoft Skirmisher who wears Body Armour, and wants to keep as cool as possible during a Game. The trouser Trousers designed for comfort in Tactical Scenarios, with a range of features designed to help with diversity in and out of combat. The trousers are manufactured from durable Rip-Stop Polycotton, making them breathable and preventing large rips from forming. The Trousers feature multiple adjusters for a better fit and can be modified to the users own taste for comfort. The waist of the trousers is adjustable and elasticated, with a velcro and zipped fly to prevent snagging on low lying branches, and plenty of pockets for storage. The knees of the trousers feature removable and adjustable ABS Knee pads, allowing them to be removed when washed to prevent damage to Washing Machines. The knee pads also features a Neoprene Lining for improved comfort when operating from a kneeling position. These trousers are perfect for any Outdoorsman, who requires a pair of hard wearing and durable pants, with enough pockets to store tools and other items, or for Airsoft Skirmishers who want extra pockets to store adjustment tools and other items.


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