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APS UAR Urban Assault Bulpup Rifle - Black

APS UAR Urban Assault Bulpup Rifle - Black

  • Bullpup Weapon
  • Fully Ambidextrous
  • Quick Change Spring

APS - UAR Urban Assault Bulpup Rifle - Black is a Bullpup Style Airsoft AEG which as been designed by APS, and is designed to be fully ambidextrous for all users to enjoy. The body of the gun is constructed from Polymer, with Alloy Internals and Outer Barrel. The weapon is built in the Style of a Bulpup, which means that the Magazine is loaded behind the trigger, allowing for a longer length Barrel. This Airsoft Bulpup is unique in the fact that it has a functional Front, and Rear Magazine Release, allowing you to drop the magazine using your trigger finger allowing you to keep your stance whilst shooting. The weapon features multiple rails for aftermarket attachments. The weapon features a Large Top Rail allowing the attachment of larger sights and scopes, two side rails for Torches and Lasers, and a bottom Rail for Grips and Bipods. The outer barrel of the weapon features a 14mm CCW Removable Flash Hider, that can be removed once the grub screw has been removed which secures it in place. The weapons functionality is entirely ambidextrous, with the mock charging handle and ejection port featuring the ability to be flipped to the other side of the weapon for left handed users. The internals are constructed from Alloy, with a 410mm Inner Barrel and Metal Gearbox. The gearbox features a quick change spring system allowing the user to quickly change the FPS of the weapon up or down depending on their sites limits. The Gearbox is also rear wired, allowing enough space for large batteries which will allow you to run the gun an entire day without changing. This is the perfect gun for any Airsoft Skirmisher who is looking for an Airsoft Bullpup that is both functional and ambidextrous.


ASP - OTs-03 SVU Bullpup Sniper Rifle AEG w/ Bipod - Black

ASP OTs-03 SVU Bullpup Sniper Rifle AEG w/ Bipod - Black

  • Bullpup Weapon
  • Adjustable Stock
  • Integrated Bipod

The ASP OTs-03 SVU Bullpup Sniper Rifle Aeg w/ Bipod - Black is a full metal bullpup Airsoft Sniper Rifle / DMR, designed as a replica of the Russian military's recent upgrade of the fabled Dragunov SVD which first saw action in the First Chechen War. The rifle features an adjustable polymer stock that has no movement or wiggle and a rear positioned fire selector switch on its right side. Further forward you will find the bolt cover which can be opened to access the adjustable hop-up unit. The hop-unit itself is made of metal and turns with an obvious click making fine adjustments easy. The weapon features flip up metal front and rear ironsights but also comes with an AK style side scope mount, perfect for Russian style scopes like the PSO-1. In addition to having the fire selector safety the SVU has an extra safety button located above the trigger as a way to fully lock the trigger out when not in use.The rifle comes with a metal bipod pre-installed and a front suppressor which is removable and features a foam inlay that covers the brass inner barrel which runs from the rear of the weapon. This Russian monster fires at 320fps using 0.2g BB's and the SVD AEG compatible metal magazine holds 120 rounds making it ideal as DMR platform. The ASP SVU Bullpup has a version 3 gear box which takes a short shaft motor and is front wired with the battery being housed in the polymer hand guard which can easily hold slim stick and crane stock style Lipo batteries. The metal reciever features an etched SOUL emblem from ASP with its own serial number. The SVU is part of the short sniper rifle series which began in 1994 and is essentially a mondernization of the Dragunov SVD with a Bullpup configuration. The ASP SVU Bullpup sniper comes with semi-auto and fully automatic firing modes meaning that a downgrade maybe required for some skirmish sites, however the rifle can also be locked onto semi-auto only in order for it to be used as a DMR or sniper platform. This gun is perfect f


GHK - AUG-A2 Gas Blowback Rifle w/ Scope - Black

GHK AUG-A2 Gas Blowback Rifle w/ Scope - Black

  • Gas Blowback
  • Easy Field Strip
  • Integrated Scope

GHK - AUG-A2 Gas Blowback Rifle w/ Scope - Black is a Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Gun designed and based on the Steyr AUG-A2 used by Armed Forces around the world since 1997. The weapon features a High Density Polymer Body, with Alloy Outer Barrel, Internals and Sights, giving the gun a Highly Realistic Feel and very similar to its Real Steel equivalent. The weapon features GHK's High Quality Gas Blowback System which is Gas Efficient and provides a satisfying amount of Kick When fired. The weapon features all the hallmarks of a standard Airsoft Gun, with an adjustable radial hop-up which can be used to improve range and accuracy, as well as accommodate for a wide variety of BB weights. Internally the weapon features a Modular Trigger System, which is easy to remove for cleaning from the rear of the weapon, the Rifle also Field Strips just like the real thing. The top of the weapon features an Integrated High Quality and Clarity 1.5x Magnification Scope, allowing you to take precise shots at medium ranges, and is adjustable for windage and elevation. The weapon features a Two Stage Trigger, allowing you to quickly switch between semi-automatic and fully automatic at will, with a half pull being semi-automatic and a full pull fully automatic. The front of the weapon features a fold down Foregrip, which is released by being pulled outwards. Other features include a switchable mock ejection port cover, front and rear mounted sling loops, all complete with a no-rattle or wobble final build. This is the perfect purchase for those who are looking for the ultimate Airsoft AUG, which provides both recoil as well as a realistic design, making this as close as you can get to the real thing.


An expanding range of Bullpup Airsoft AEGs capable of packing a punch and giving excellent range and accuracy within the Airsoft battlefield. Bullpup stock comes and goes frequently so keep an eye on this page for the latest Airsoft gun deals and stock updates. With the magazines situated essentially behind you, you achieve extra barrel length within the size of an easy to aim Airsoft AEG.

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Can I buy an Airsoft Gun?

If you dont have a defence to purchace a RIF (Replica Imitation Firearm), such as UKARA, dont worry! You can still purchase any weapon as long as it has been sprayed Two Tone (Over 51% a Bright Non-Millitary Colour). For more information click the banner below.

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