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ASG - Ultimate Series 8mm Ceramic Ball Bearings

ASG Ultimate Series 8mm Ceramic Ball Bearings

  • Top Quality Replacement
  • Harder and Lighter Part
  • For High Speed / High Torque

ASG - Ultimate Series 8mm Ceramic Ball Bearings is a six pack set of replacement Ball Bearings, designed for Airsoft AEG Gearbox which fit 8mm Bearings. These Bearings represent the pinnacle of upgrade parts, being made from the highest quality materials, with Alloy Shells and Ceramic ball bearings, they are designed to last the longest possible. These gears are designed to be heavy duty and hard wearing, making them perfect for High-Speed and High Torque setups where consistency and strength are an absolute must. The Ceramic balls are lighter than standard Steel bearings, meaning they exert less force outwards against the groves as the bearings spin, greatly reducing friction and rolling resistance which greatly reduces heat build-up. The ceramic balls are also harder than steel balls, giving a bearing that will last up to 10 times longer than traditional ball bearings as the finish holds up longer. The bearings have been specially designed with 7 balls instead of the traditional 7, to offer less centrifugal force during movement, meaning a reduction in wear and heat build up in high speed setups. The bearings require little or no lubrication, as ceramic balls are impervious to oxidation and chemicals, meaning the bearings are only lubricated with a very small amount of oil not gel or grease. These Bearings are a must-have for any Airsoft Gun Tech who wants to build the ultimate in gearbox, and are the go-to product for anyone who wishes to increase the performance of their Airsoft gun with nothing but the best parts.


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Patrol Base offer a huge selection of internal airsoft gearbox parts for all makes and model of airsoft rifle. All are also available in our airsoft shop in Huddersfield near Leeds and Manchester.

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