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Today, we bring you one of the most silent suppressors we have ever made! It was easy.

What have we used?

You either want your rifle as loud as possible, as quiet as possible… or you aren’t bothered at all. But most of us prefer a silent AEG, GBB gun or sniper rifle. Well, we have just made the most functional Airsoft Suppressor we have ever had our hands on.

What have we used? We started off with an “ASG – HUSH XL Suppressor – Black”. This suppressor is a 14mm CCW fitment so will fit most AEG and GBB rifles out there. It also comes with an adaptor to fit the following sniper rifles:

  • Cyber – Gun Mauser SR L96 .308
  • ASG – Urban Sniper Rifle
  • ASG – STEYR SSG 69 Sniper Rifle

For the purpose of this blog, we have installed it onto an ASG – STEYR SSG 69 Sniper Rifle.

The insides of the suppressor have been packed out with just ordinary foam you can find in a rifle or pistol hard case or even from music shops that are used to line guitar cases.

How did we do it?:

The suppressor has a long white internal tube but it is solid with a surrounding void and then the actual suppressor can. You can see in the image below exactly what we mean:

The first step is to drill as many holes as possible into this white tube, we recommend you try to hold it in a vice to do this. Please be careful as drill bits can slip! We used our in-store pillar drill in our workshop for this. You could dremmel in some slots instead but ideally make your holes as small as possible to avoid your foam packing squeezing through and catching your BBs. You can see the image below of how we have drilled out the internal spacer:

Now… RAM IT! Cram the empty space full of foam. We had a spare piece of foam knocking about:

We then cut it into thin slices so we could pack it out:

Simply cram the foam in, the tube spacer slots into the end cap, so keep it pressed in firm with one finger whilst pushing the foam in. We used an old inner barrel to help push the foam in, it was a little tricky as the foam may split:

Now add foam all around to keep the tube straight:

Once done, check there is no foam poking through your pre-drilled hole:

Now, all you have to do is screw on the end cap, keep the spacer tube straight and job done! Screw it onto your rifle and enjoy your DIY mods.

See/hear the difference for yourself:

If you want to see/hear the difference this has made on our own rifle, “Click Here” to be directed to our Instagram page to see our comparison video.

HEADS UP! Plenty of photos 😉

Following on from our last blog, we want to show you one of our methods for camo’ing up your beloved rifles.

If you haven’t already seen the first part of this blog then “Click Here”.

What do we use?:

First of all, we use the paints we sell. Our KRYLON range can be found by “Clicking Here”. You can use any colour you like, it dries super fast and sticks to just about anything.

For the purpose of this blog, the colours I used were:

Some of you may ask, why the bright colours? I do play in woodland mainly these days and the brighter colours just break up the rifle a tad more. I tend to try and use the brighter colours sparingly but to try and re-create the sharper highlights you may get from ferns and such.

After masking off important areas you do not want to get paint on!

We then start by roughening up the base a bit with some sandpaper or steel wool. Then move onto normally using the darkest colour first, in this case, I will use a bit of Black as a primer, a very thin coat as the rifle is already Black. The Krylon Black adds a flat finish too. I will come back to use Black again later to just dull down any bright spots.

Lastly what you need, some kind of stencil ideally. I personally love to use natural foliage. One of our members of staff made a rack of twigs secured in cardboard as seen in the photo below.

Leaves, grass, stone edges and twigs make for great stencils. All I do is lay them on top of the rifle and then paint over them.

The process:

Apart from the already mentioned roughening the surface, masking and finding some foliage the next step is taking your time. You don’t need to spend hours on this as you do want it a bit rough around the edges so it blends into your environment.

As already mentioned, on this rifle we start with the darkest colour then work out way up usually in brightness.

Simply by using the vegetation as a stencil and spraying over it, building layers and going back and forth, you will end up with your desired finish.

You can see in the photo below I even used some steel mesh to really break it up and add a subtle touch.

The results:

Here is the final result!

I have gone for a very subtle finish, so far away it almost all blends, but when you get up close and really want to hide, the finer details pop and you will blend in with your environment more.

Below are a few close-up photos, firstly a close up of using a leaf as a stencil.

Secondly a close up of using the fern tree.

And now a close up of how the steel mesh effect.

What’s next?:

In the future, there may be a slight colour change. The gun overall is still quite dark as I tend to stay in the shadows. A little brighter colour may be used just to make the “fake vegetation” stand out slightly more.

We will get more photos of this rifle actually out in the woods. I will be using it this coming Sunday at HALO MILL – Proving Grounds, “Click Here” for full event information.

We hope you find this blog a little crazy…

What do we want?

So, sniping on a budget, can it really be done? YES. How? Well with a little bit of time and patience nearly any budget sniper rifle these days can be slightly tweaked to make them competitive against the highly upgraded Tokyo Marui alternatives. However, it is nearly always down to the actual shooter that makes a great Sniper.

With this rifle, we wanted to achieve the following:

  • Not spend over £130
  • Achieve 460+fps
  • Lightweight as possible
  • Look crazy!
  • Be accurate

What did we start with?

The base rifle is an ASG Steyr SSG 69 P2, available both online and in-store. Out of the box, these rifles are competitive enough already! Yes the FPS is low but with a small spring upgrade the FPS skyrockets with very little strain on other internal components.

What features made me go for this rifle?:

  • Cost
  • Adjustable external hop unit like on a VSR/Bar-10
  • Already quite lightweight
  • Thick polymer stock
  • Easy bolt pull
  • Included accessories, magazines, speed loader, glasses and additional butt plates

What has it become?

In my eyes? Something completely different to every other rifle on the market! It is a bit marmite, you either love it or hate it.

The stock has been completely swiss cheesed on all sides, a large cut-out area near the bolt assembly to remove a mass amount of plastic. Looking back on it, I kind of wished I had just swissed this too but too late. The actual back end of the stock has had the most work, completely cut out, filled with expandable foam, shaped and then used an old AEG inner barrel as a brace.

I put in a slightly larger spring too which can be purchased by “Clicking Here”. The hop rubber currently remains standard as this part combined with the stock hop arm can lift a 0.40g BB quite easily. The inner barrel has been swapped with an AEG inner barrel, stock once again to keep costs down but slightly better quality than the one inside. Don’t get me wrong, the stock barrel is good but the most budget looking I have ever seen. The AEG inner barrel required a lot of remodeling, it isn’t the most attractive but it is very secure!

Finally, the FPS is at 470 average and this may increase once the rifle has been properly used and bedded in a bit. This can take up to 1,500 rounds which is very time consuming but you generally get peak performance 4 or 5 skirmishes in depending how much you shoot from a box fresh rifle or hop upgrade.

Breakdown of parts and accessories:

Total price: £117.96, taking the 2nd hand scope into consideration I spent £147.96. If I bought the scope new it would only be £157.96 and this includes 2 spare magazines! You can buy cheaper scopes from our store but I love the 50mm ones for being able to see more.


What’s next?

Skirmish it! The rifle has only been tested on a 20 meter range so far but every shot is bang on. The rifle will be put in action on the 9th of July at the next HALO Mill – Proving Grounds outdoor skirmish. For more information on this event, “Click Here”.

We will give a follow-up blog based on the results after the next skirmish with hopefully a few in action photos from the game day too.

The rifle may be camouflage spray painted before the event… we will see. The suppressor fitted also needs modifying as it comes with a tube inside that needs to be ventilated so I can then wrap it in wool to silence the rifle slightly. I may also add more homemade barrel spacers but at the moment it is supported fine with the one included and the end barrel cap.

Stay tuned for our next blog, reviewing how the rifle has performed and if it holds up with all the swiss cheesing…

This week we are re-stocking on a whole load of product from the likes of NUPROL, ASG and more but we are finally getting back in the highly anticipated 0.40g BBs

BUT HOLD ON! We have some new ammo coming in which we think you are going to be snapping up faster than our last cracking re-stock of the Tokyo Marui MK23’s we had.

For those who want extreme precision, range and accuracy, then make sure you put a bit aside this week for vital ammo re-stocking.

Keep an eye on our website daily as they will be landing any day now!


Today we had one of our regulars in to show off his new pride and joy and ask one of our techs to help set up an airline.

A little bit of background to this BEAST!

First of all, this is not as big as you would expect but it most certainly puts a massive smile on your face! The new version from Classic Army can be run off of either an air bottle or by screwing in a normal bottle of gas! AMAZING!

Being able to switch from a £60+ reliable air setup to throwing in a quick £8.99 tin of gas is perfect. Why? Well if one system decides to fail on you for whatever reason, you have a backup. Think about it, if you have an electric version and your batteries die or a cable snaps on your motor what can you do? Not a lot on the field… With this alternate gas system, it is an absolute godsend.

The insides:

First of all this thing stores a tremendous amount of BBs in the front where you screw off a cap and pour your BB’s in. Internally there is a long spring and push cap to keep your BBs feeding in and firing as long as you hold the trigger. There is a small viewing hole too to identify when you have poured in enough BBs.

Each barrel has its own hop up too! All are adjustable one at a time via a grub screw on each barrel that is located under the side cover that can be accessed very easily.

Fitting your air supply is very easy and low cost, just a few quid for a couple of fittings and whatever length line you find desirable.

How did it shoot?

We will have a video for you once the proud owner returns with some more air in his bottle 😉 We didn’t test it with a can of gas as it wasn’t one of our own and he intends to mainly run pure air anyways. But we did get a quick blast on the range. The FPS is easily adjustable from our your supplies regulator. If you use a can of gas this is, of course, dependent on the type you go for and weather conditions.

Straight out of the box and about 90psi we were getting just shy of 300fps, this thing sounds great! Accuracy is incredible too. The trigger mechanism makes you feel like you are holding a serious bit of kit and the multiple rotating barrels spinning up just makes you a little bit wet…

We will have a more in-depth blog and video on this in the near future once it has settled in with its owner.

Want one for yourself?

Simply inform ourselves of your interest by contacting our store via email:

It’s an investment… 

Welcome to what could be the best “investment” you can make… and your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/bank manager won’t be too upset either 😉

If you own a Marui or ASG Mk23 NBB (none blow back) pistol but you want even more range than it already impressively has, well we have you covered!



The HADRON Designs MK23 Socom TDC (Tod Down Centre) Cover Hop Mod fits onto your pistol with very little effort. We even made a video on how to do it which can be found below:

So why do we love this mod so much?

This is so easy to fit! It replaces your dust cover for this unit and features a hex screw and fits all Airsoft MK23 NBB gas pistols. You can adjust the Hop Up of your MK23 without having to Strip the pistol. As many within the Airsoft community know, the MK23 NBB series of gas pistols are renowned for having excellent range and accuracy, especially for something the size of a pistol.

However, to adjust the Hop Up, users must normally strip the gun down each time they make an adjustment, which is hardly practical or convenient. This replacement dust cover solves this problem, the new cover features an external Hex Screw which applies pressure directly onto the MK23s hop-up arm.

The cover hop mod allows the use of 0.25g and even 0.32g BBs to be hopped with little difficulty.


We have them in a plentiful supply in-store as well as online. To buy through our website simply “Click Here”

We did something in reverse…

So today we have done something complete against the norm… Especially when this has been so carefully produced by the wizards at Action Sport Games (known more commonly as ASG) in Denmark. We installed an Anti-reversal latch into their Scorpion Evo A3.


So why does the EVO not have one in the first place? The EVO is finely tuned from ASG to not have overspin issues. This is necessary due to it not having an Anti-Reversal Latch in it, contrary to most other AEG’s.

Why did you do such a thing?!?!

In order to push the CZ EVO to higher rates of fire and trigger response, an ARL function was necessary. Attempting so without an ARL in would result in backspin after every other shot or burst when making something with a significantly faster rate of fire. This could cause the gears to run backwards and hammer the back of the piston, something you really don’t want. Especially on a custom higher rate of fire gearbox build.


It’s been seen before that the steel rack on the piston can be forced out through the piston, through the piston-head and into the cylinder! (once again, this is only on modified gearboxes!) Furthermore, backspin could result in double feeds on semi. The gear will overspin, load a new BB, spin back, then load a new BB again upon the next shot cycle.

There is also a trigger response factor to it. When the sector position can rest half-cocked on the ARL, it is effectively pre-cocking. Not as extensive pre-cocking as specific systems like the Gate Titan or some AEG’s without breaking, but enough to make a noticeable difference.

Installing an ARL (Anti-reversal Latch):

So, we are doing this for a customer who wanted a bit more ROF and efficiency from their EVO gearbox, doing this work will void your warranty. We firstly punched out the centre pin of a normal ARL latch. Instead of using the pin we just knocked out, we used the original screw. The ARL is then placed where one of the existing screws is inside the gearbox shell as seen in the photo. The gearbox shell was then cut on both sides to allow room for the ARL latch. You need to make sure that it centred right on the bevel.


Due to having a spring wrapped around it, it cannot be a perfect fit with the gearbox shell, and it is important that it has a good fit on the pin (screw in this case). The gearbox screw was screwed further into the gearbox and located in the right position. Then the screw head was cut down to fit the original screw hole further in, offering support on the top shell.

The result came out perfect!
The customer has since used the EVO plenty without any faults from this custom ARL. The nozzle sits consistently, being partially retracted between each shot.


It has enabled us to build an EVO with a higher rate of fire and better semi-response. Even with a DSG setup, a non-ARL EVO is limited in trigger response.

Want this done to your EVO?

Simply drop and enquiry email to:

This blog has been brought to your by our workshop engineer, Jeppe.

Let’s get tactical!

One of our regulars wanted to take his AK to the next level. First of all, MILSPE. What does it mean? It stands for Military Spec and whenever you see it on our website you will know that item is made to the exact dimensions for it to be used on a real steel weapon.


There are many Airsoft brands that will accept parts and accessories designed for military use (real guns) or may require a little sanding/filing/grinding to for an Airsoft replica.

Why buy Milspec?

Realism! The weight, build quality and markings all make up for the price and 99% of the time when it is fitted to your Airsoft gun it just feels great. You are purchasing reliability and construction quality that is second to none.

So what are we fitting today?

Our customer wanted a VISM Keymod rail installed to their Real Sword AK. The VISM Keymod Rail is a real steel AK rail and will fit most AK’s with no or minor work. In this case, we had to widen the section that surrounds the rear sight block slightly.


Other than that, it’s a perfect fit and sits straight when tightened. The rail is rock solid when installed on a good AK (in this case, a RealSword Type-56). It is very lightweight and offers an increased amount of battery space for Airsofters if so wished.

Some extra juicy details:

The VISM AK Keymod Rail has a large amount of KEYMOD panels, allowing for precise customization of where the user wants to install accessories.


It also features thread holes on top (as well as KEYMOD) for installation of micro-dot sights (specifically NCstar). Micro-dot sights can be installed very low in this way, which allows for co-witness with the iron sights.

But wait there is more!

These rails come in two sizes, perfect for a variety of AK’s and whatever look you are aiming to achieve. Click the images below to be directed to the one you want for your own Airsoft AK Variant.



This blog post has been brought to you by our gun tech, Jeppe :)

Fancy your own ROF monster?
We can make your dreams come true. What does ROF stand for? Rate Of Fire, the faster it is the bigger the smile it gives you but we don’t all build and run these for a fast full auto firing mode.

A faster rate of fire is a faster single cycle, meaning a much better single shot trigger response. This is great for faster and more efficient room clearing in any Airsoft game. It allows you to go from one target to the next in a quicker sweep.

So what have we made in the video below? The customer wanted this old school P90 done up. This is a TM P90 with Nitro.Vo P90 rail system, custom suppressor, M4-boxmag system and extended battery cap. Back in the day, these setups were popular and known for their suppressive capabilities.

What did we put inside?
The customer wanted to have this turned into a high rate of fire P90.

We installed the following parts (all parts available from our store, “Click Here” to contact us for telephone orders of these parts:
Keensharp 16:1 gearset
Keensharp double sector gear
Keensharp piston
ASG Ultimate P90 cylinder head
ASG Ultimate P90 nozzle (click here)
Guarder P90 tappet plate
ASG Ultimate MP5 cylinder (click here)
Keensharp Pistonhead
ASG Infinity CNC 22K motor
Guarder steel bushings

Let’s get technical:
We also redid the wiring for less resistance during high current draws. Initially, the rifle was running too fast and was getting tappet/piston PME. At Patrol Base we use the SKAN Chrono, which shows live results when firing full auto. This enables us to easily see when the above-mentioned situation happens.


We mitigated this by installing a Gate WARFET and used the rate of fire reduction feature to fine tune the maximum functional rate of fire. For spring, we chose the Guarder SP140. This gave us the result of roughly 103-104m/s (340 ish fps). For a smooth DSG SP140 with no piston bearing configuration, that indicates an acceptable level of air compression.

We also installed a 200mm MADBULL 6,03 barrel and a .70 ASG hop-up rubber.

The end result is a P90 that shoots 92-93m/s with a G&G .25 BB. This comes out to about 340fps equivalent with a 0.20 BB in energy. The rate of fire is 36rounds per second, with a current draw of about 13-14A. A perfectly efficient result.

This blog post has been brought to you by our gun tech, Jeppe 🙂

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