ASG Restock Incoming!

We get a lot of questions on TokyWoky relating to whats going to be in stock and when, so I’ve grabbed the list of stuff we’re getting in with our next order which should arrive next week and cherry picked the ones that people have been asking about.

We’re getting a full re-stock of our ASG range, it’s an absolutely huge order!

If you’re looking for a list of kit that ASG did not have in stock when we placed the order, please see the: The Unlucky Few… Section.


Most Popular Requests

These products have been requested lots on TokyWoky, and should all be back in stock next week.

Intelligent Auto-Stop NiMh  Charger

A low cost, easy to use UK 3 pin NiCd / NiMH battery charger. Equipped with a small Tamia connector, LED indicator and automatic cut off function when your battery is fully charged.

0.30g Blaster 6mm BB

BB’s created by Action Sport Games, representing the BLASTER brand these BB’s are some of the highest quality within the sport.

Auto Reset Shooting Target BB Catcher

A simple to use target for use with Airsoft 6mm BB Guns, designed to allow the user to practice their target shooting without having to stop and manually reset the targets.

Storm 360 Impact Grenade

A Projectile Grenade which launches 165 BBs in a rough 5m radius on impact, used to clear rooms and around corners.

B&T Airsoft Tracer Unit CCW

Easy to operate on / off button switch and textile outer for easier fitment onto your Airsoft RIF. Powered by 4xAAA batteries (not included) you can glow up your tracer rounds for days at a time!

CZ Scorpion Evo Magazine 75rnd x3 Pack

The magazines features an empty detection lever which allows the gun to detect when the magazine is empty and stop firing. This is the perfect pack for those who have just bought the Scorpion Evo, giving you enough magazine to skirmish with!

ARMALITE M15 Series M15 Operator Sportline

An Automatic Electric Airsoft AEG Gun based on the AR / M4 platform which is part of Action Sport Games’ Sportline Beginner Range and comes with everything you need to Start Playing.

This also means that the two-tone variants will also be in stock.


Other Popular Requests

We not only getting these products in, but also these too:

– Ultimate Spring Range
– MLOK Rail Panels (Long / Short)
– Tactical Assault Gloves
– MP9 / GL-06 Sling
– Smart Multibalance Charger
– INFINITY Motor Range
– 0.40g 1000rnd BB Bottles
– STORM 360 Grenades in Red / Green
– McMillan M40A3 Spring Sniper Rifle
– Scorpion Evo Hi-Cap and Standard Magazines
– Franchi SAS Shotgun Range
– Dan Wesson 715 Pistol Range
– Blue Storm HPA Regulator
– Special Teams Carbine Rifle Range
– P09 Co2 Magazine
– CZ P-09 Pistol Range
– And Much Much More

Don’t forget this is a full restock, so if you’re still waiting for something, chances are we’ll have that in store.


The unfortunate few…

These products are unfortunately out of stock with ASG, we’ve tried to order them, but they’re not in stock:
– CZ SP01 Co2 Gas Blowback Pistol
– KWA M11 84rnd Gas Blowback Magazine
– B&T KWA MP9 48rnd Gas Blowback Magazine
– B&T KWA MP9 Gas Blowback Downgrade Bolt
– CAA RONI G1 Conversion Kit
– CAA FGA Forearm Vertical Grip
– KWA M93R II 32rnd Gas Blowback Magazine
– CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 HPA Edition

Hopefully ASG will have them in stock ready for our next order in around 2-3 weeks :)!

Hope this has been some help for some of you, and hopefully its kept you guys in the loop.

– Hope this helps 🙂
PatrolBase Jonny