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It’s that time of year again…

Panic nationwide, but do not fear! We are open late this coming Thursday and as normal this coming Saturday the 23rd. For our full breakdown of festive opening hours check out the list below:

Open as normal up to the 23rd of December: 9:30am to 5:00pm
Sunday 24th: Closed
Monday 25th: Closed
Tuesday 26th: Closed
Wednesday 27th: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday 28th: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Friday 29th: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday 30th: 9:30am to 5:00pm
Sunday 31st: Closed
Monday 1st of January 2018: Closed
Tuesday 2nd of January 2018: 10:00am to 5:00pm

It’s not too late to grab some Xmas stocking fillers! Click the image 🙂

Looking to pepper your friends with hundreds of BBs? Or simply looking for something to clear rooms in CQB? The ASG Storm 360 Impact Grenade might just be the thing you’re looking for. Available in Black, Olive Green, and Lime Green, these Gas Powered Impact Grenades spew out streams off BBs when thrown against a hard surface, perfect for clearing out tight spaces and corridors in a CQB environment.

Licensed by ASG the grenade comes available in multiple colours, and is a great alternative to traditional BFGs and Paper Pyro. The benefit over Paper Pyro is that they are reusable, requiring only the cost off BBs and Gas to refill, something most Airsofters will have on them most of the time.

Powered by Airsoft Green Gas, the grenade is filled via a top fill valve once the Safety Pin is inserted and is easy to prime, simply by depressing the button on the top of the grenade.  The grenade holds up to 165 BBs, which are loaded into the top using an Airsoft Speed Loader.

Don’t take our word for it. Check it out in action below.

 ASG Storm 360 Impact Grenade – Black  ASG Storm 360 Impact Grenade – Olive ASG Storm 360 Impact Grenade – Lime Green

How many BBs does this fire?

How many bbs does the ASG storm fire?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! The grenade holds up to 165BBs, but we recommend loading around 100 for maximum impact! Hope this helps 🙂

Fine for under 18s?

Can I use this at my site if I am under 18?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! Some grenades may allow the use of this grenade if you are under 18, because it does not contain any explosives, however, this varies on a site to site basis! We recommend getting in contact with your site beforehand to avoid disappointment! Hope this helps 🙂

Still 50/50 on the new Patrol Base Custom ASG Scorpion Evo K? We think its great, but you don’t have to take our word on it, the guys over at Kronos Airsoft have done a video review.

If you haven’t yet heard about it, the Patrol Base Custom ASG Scorpion Evo K is a custom build of the ActionSportGames CZ Scorpion Evo, with custom parts built to fit the Real Steel HB Industries EVO-K Handguard.

We sent our Workshop Technician Dave over for an interview,  to talk about whats gone into the gun, and what makes it so special. You can check the video out below.

Looking to sock up on Green Gas ready for your next Skirmish? Well, here at Patrol Base we have you covered! We have the entire NUPROL Gas range avaialbe in multi-buy bundles, designed to get you stocked up quickly, and at a great price. Save yourself money by buying Two Cans and getting the Third Half Price! Not only is NUPROL gas some of the best on the market, but it also comes in high quality packaging, but is also good for your weapon thanks to its built in lubricants, and you’re saving some money to boot.

We offer all of the NUPROL Range of Gasses in multi-buy bundles, including: NUPROL 2.0 Mini and Large, Nuprol 3.0, Nuprol 4.0, and even the brand new NUPROL White Gas.


NUPROL 2.0 Mini





What gas should I use in my pistol?

hey, I’m looking at buying the WE G-Series pistol, what gas should I use?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! Typically, in a pistol you’ll want to use NUPROL 2.0, it’s designed for Pistols, and is not too powerful. Please note, if you’re using a Marui or other Plastic Slided pistol you’ll want to use NUPROL 1.0. Hope this helps 🙂

What gas should I use in Tokyo Marui Pistols?

hey, I have a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa should I use nuprol 1.0 or 2.0?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! Nuprol 1.0 is designed to be less powerful, which is great for Polymer Slided pistols. Some more powerful gasses can damage the slide, so best stick to NUPROL 1.0. Hope this helps 🙂

What gas should I use in my Long Rifle?

Hey there, what gas should I use for my GBB M4?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! For Gas Blowback Rifles, you’re best using NUPROL 3.0 (Red) and above. If your weapon has a heavy bolt, use NUPROL 4.0. Hope this helps 🙂

It’s that time of year! We have price slashed some amazing items for you with this year’s BLACK FRIDAY, you can find them all by “clicking here”. We are actually holding this sale all weekend and will end on Monday (we won’t give you warning then it will shut down so grab the deals whilst you can!).

What’s on offer?

We have a wide range of Airsoft guns, gear and accessories from multiple brands including 8Fields TacticalASGNUPROL and more.

Don’t forget to share with your pals if you think they need that particular item in their life!

Hold up!

This isn’t just for one day either! The sale will last until Monday subject to stock availability, so don’t hang around otherwise you might miss out on a spectacular deal. All items being reduced are also end of line, once sold these will never be in stock again!

So, get your filthy mitts on these bad boy savings now by “clicking here”.

More goodies!

As well as our online discounts, these prices will be in store too providing the stock hasn’t already sold online. We are also doing an end of line in store only garage sale on Saturday the 25th. Shutters will open at 10am and you can roam around until your heart is content. Here we will have a wide range of clothing and more on sale.


If you live local to Huddersfield (between Leeds and Wakefield), we’re having a Garage Sale!  Starting at 6:30pm tomorrow we are doing a Garage Sale! Our shop will be open until 9pm.

Our address is:
Patrol Base Ltd
Unit 5,
Dale Street Mills,
Dale Street,
West Yorkshire,

We are having our downstairs storage unit open with some massively discounted Airsoft guns, gear, kit, surplus clothing and much more.

If you can’t make it tomorrow (our early access evening), then whatever remains we will have on sale again for this coming Saturday. Shutters will be open from 10:00am (shop open from 9:30am as usual) so come on down 🙂

Come down! Grab a bargain or two!

We’ve all been there, we’ve just nipped out to the shop to grab something, and the delivery driver has turned up and you’ve missed your delivery. Well, do not fear, DPD is here, and they’ve developed a Mobile Phone app which alerts you to when your delivery will arrive, along with a wide variety of other features designed to make sure you get your package exactly when you need it.

Your DPD is a Mobile Phone App developed by DPD, available on iOS and Android, which allows you to track deliveries to your address, for the best possible delivery experience. Fully integrated with their systems the app will notify you not only your delivery date, but will keep you informed of the Drivers Location, your position in the delivery que, and even when they are close to your house! The app provides you with Pop-up notifications to keep you in the loop, and will allow you to keep track of your parcel every step of the way.

Remember, this App not only works for parcels sent from us at Patrol Base, so it’s also worth downloading the App if you order a lot online as well!


Personal delivery preferences

If you’re not going to be in when the driver arrives, you can use the DPD app to ensure you still receive your parcel on time. You can let them know to to deliver to an alternate location, such as your neighbour or safe place. You set your preferences, and they’ll make sure they follow your instructions every time!

30-minute delivery alerts

If you need to pop out, or don’t want to wait around all day for your delivery, the DPD app will let you know in advance. The app will let you know when the driver is approximately 30 minutes away, allowing you to rush home for the delivery.

They’ll come back

If the Delivery Driver misses you earlier in the day and has been unable to deliver your parcel, they can even come back later that same day. Using the app they’ll check if your at home first and then make a return journey.

Please note, this will require GPS tracking to be enabled for the App, which means allowing the Tracking Permission though your iOS or Android Settings.

Don’t miss your delivery when you’re on the school run

If you’ve got children then they can avoid delivering to you during the school run. You can use the app to let DPD know and they’ll try to deliver between 9.30am and 2.30pm so you can be sure you’re always in to receive your parcels.

Apple Watch

If you’re lucky enough to own an Apple watch, you don’t even need your phone out. The App will push delivery notifications to your Phone so you can keep a track of your packages at a glance.

Active and previous deliveries

Using the DPD app you can also see a list of current and historical deliveries, allowing you to see when your parcels will be with you. Once they’ve delivered your parcel to your chosen safe place they’ll even send you photos of your parcel in that location for added peace of mind.

Multiple addresses

Using the App you can set your Work, Home, and even other family member’s address preference, so you can tailor your delivery allowing you to get your parcel, wherever you are in the UK.

Driver tracking

Using the DPD app you can see the name and a picture of the driver, allowing you to see their position on their route, to find out where you are in the delivery que. You can also see your drivers estimated time of arrival so you know exactly when to expect your parcel.

In flight options

When DPD are on their way to you, if your plans change, you can still rearrange your delivery right up to when they deliver your parcel. You can instruct the driver to deliver on a different day, or to a preferred neighbour, or even to a safe place or one of the 2,500 DPD Pickup Shops.

Pickup shops

If you’re collecting your parcel from a nearby DPD Pickup shop, get opening hours, your pickup pass for collection and directions from your delivery address.

Further Support

If you need more help, or have more questions, you can read the DPD App FAQ over at DPD’s website, via their DPD APP FAQ.

When do I get notifications?

when will i get notifications on the dpd thing on my phone?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! You will get a notification saying your parcel is out for delivery the moment we print the label for your package. You will then receive multiple notifications on the day tracking your parcel. Hope this helps 🙂

Why does it say my delivery has been cancelled?

why has my delivery been canceled, i thought I was getting my parcel tomorrow?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! This is usually sent by mistake, because you are notified the moment the label is printed. If there is a problem with the label, or we have to re-print it for some reason you will receive two notifications, always pay attention to the latest Email / Notification. If you want to make sure you can always call the shipping department on: 01484 644709. Hope this helps 🙂

You may or may not know, but here at Patrol Base Airsoft we have a fully tooled up and staffed in-house Workshop, with Four Permanent technicians all itching to get their hands on your weapons  to do Maintenance, Upgrades, Repairs and even custom work.

All of our technicians have experience with a wide variety of Airsoft weapons, ranging from Spring Shotguns, AEG Electric Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and all the way up to Gas Blowback Pistols and Long Rifles, and with years of experience: if you’ve got a problem, they’ve probably fixed it before.


In-Store and by Post

Live close by? We can look at your weapon in-store and discuss any Workshop Work you want to do, or even give you ideas, from our store in Milnsbridge Huddersfield, between Huddersfield, Manchester, Leeds and Wakefield. If you want to make the trip worth the journey you can always visit us and then check out our Local Airsoft Site Halo Mill, open 7 days a week.

If you’re further afield we can discuss any Upgrades or Work over the phone, and then post us your weapon. Once the work is completed we can post you your weapon back and take your payment over the Phone or via PayPal.

If you want call us or find out more information you can get our details via our Contact Us Page.


Weapon Maintenance and Service

Had your weapon for a while, and want to treat it to a bit of pampering? We can take your Airsoft Weapon, strip it down, clean and re-grease it to get it back in tip-top condition. If you’re gun needs some further treatment, we can suggest this to you, and even carry out the work. If we spot a problem developing we can fix it with our wide range of Spare and OEM parts, and even suggest possible upgrades for the future.

A post shared by Patrol Base (@patrolbase) on

Weapon Upgrades

If you want to Upgrade your weapon, we can handle that too! Looking to improve the power of your weapon, we’ve got you covered! Looking to increase your range and accuracy, we can do that too! Our workshop technicians have years of experience working on peoples weapons, as well as their own personal kit, building up a vast cumulative knowledge, meaning they know the best parts to fit to achieve the results you want from your weapon. We can upgrade a wide range of weapons, ranging from Gas Blowback Pistols, to Electric AEG, even upgrading Sniper Rifles for maximum performance and range.

Once built, we can fine tune your upgraded weapon in our indoor and outdoor ranges, each with access to their own high performance SKAN Chronograph, meaning we can guarantee you can use your weapon at your local game site when you receive it.

A post shared by Patrol Base (@patrolbase) on


Weapon Downgrades

Although this sounds the wrong way around, don’t worry, we offer this because we know some countries require weapons to be a lower power, or rate of fire before it is shipped. We can handle this in-house, downgrading the power for weapons to under 320 for Ireland, and locking the weapons to semi-auto for Germany.

If you need a specific downgrade for your country feel free to Contact Us for further information.


Weapon Returns

The workshop team not only handles Upgrades and Repairs, but also looks at all of the Weapon returns as well. If the unfortunate happens, and your weapon breaks, we work in-house to repair it before it is returned to you. When we receive your return it is into the Workshop Jobs System, and leave notes, so we can relay this information to you should you need it.


Two Tone Service

Our workshop team also handle all of our Two-Tone Service Jobs, Stripping, Painting, and then Rebuilding every single Two-Tone service job which passes through our doors, giving them a wide range of experience with building almost all Airsoft Replicas on the market today.

Once stripped each part is painted in our own custom built in-house self-contained and ventilated spray booth, allowing for a consistent finish.

A post shared by Patrol Base (@patrolbase) on


Contact Us

If you want to get in contact with our Workshop team via Phone you can call the sales department, and ask to be put through:

01484 644709 – Patrol Base Sales Line

If you want to get in contact with our Workshop team you can email them on: – Returns and Repairs Technician

And if you have query about a repair Job you can get in contact with the returns department by emailing: – Patrol Base Sales Team

How long does a workshop job take?

If I send my gun to you how long will it take?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! This can depend on a wide range of things, such as what you are having done! Your best bet is to get in contact with the Workshop, who will be able to give you a rough estimate on the time-scale. You can get a hold of them by calling: 01484 644709. Hope this helps 🙂

Upgrading your weapon speed?

Yo, can you guys upgrade my gun so it shoots faster?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! Yes, we can upgrade your weapon to fire faster, but not only fire faster, but be reliable as well. Your best bet is to call the Workshop and let them know what you want to do, and what gun you have first so they can give you some advice. You can get a hold of them by calling: 01484 644709. Hope this helps 🙂

Posting a weapon to Patrol Base for Upgrade?

Can I post my gun to you to upgrade?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! Yes, you can send us your gun via post, and we will return it to you when the work is complete. You should first get in contact with the Workshop so they can give you some advise based on your weapon. You can get a hold of them by calling: 01484 644709. Hope this helps 🙂

Finally in stock to boost your power, range and accuracy!

For a long time we have been personally waiting for this part to complete our upgrade! The ASG – SSG 69 Precision Inner Barrel (Click Here to buy now). You may have seen our previous blog posts on upgrading the ASG – SSG 69, if not then click the links below:

Part 1 – Crazy Super Light Sniper Rifle
Part 2 – Go Camo! – Sniper Update
Part 3 – Make it silent! DIY Suppressor

Why are we doing this?

So, the standard barrels are quite poor. But for a sub £90 sniper rifle you can’t expect alot. Out of the box these rifles shoot very well and in our of our previous blog posts we have listed some the upgrades we have carried out, but here is a full list of current upgrades:

# High powered spring
# Weighted piston
# Inner barrel spaces
# AEG barrel chopped to fit to standard hop unit

Below you can see the rifles current FPS with the above listed work:

Since doing these updates, we went a little too far with the AEG inner barrel and then found out ASG actually provided a purpose made SSG69 Precision Inner Barrel. So what do we expect to get from this upgrade?

# An FPS increase as you can only go so far with a spring upgrade on stock sears, spring guide and other cylinder components
# Tighter grouping down range

On top of fitting the upgraded tight-bore, we are also installing a fresh hop-up rubber for peace of mind.

First things first:

Upon opening the packaging we noticed this is a standard looking brass barrel and could do with a clean before initial use. Why? From storage the oils used in production have settled a little but collected dust and super small dirt, so give it a quick clean before assembly! Below is a photo of what you can expect upon receiving your item:

This barrel is a definite upgrade over the super cheap lightweight standard silver one. It wasn’t even silver, a mucky grey. Once again what do you really expect for a sub £90 sniper rifle? This upgraded barrel also has the perfect cut outs for this one of a king hop-up unit so we expect everything to line up perfectly unlike our “bodged” efforts before of the AEG chopped up goodness…

Below shows the clean pre-cuts for aligning the barrel upon assembly:

Prepare to shave…:

One thing we have encountered is the new tight-bore precision inner barrel is slightly wider than a standard inner barrel. Today was our first time we have had to do this as usually it is a drop in barrel, but we have to do some shaving of the walls on the inside of the hop-up unit as circled below. We knew we had to do this because the hop unit wouldn’t fully close tight upon re-assembly.

The first image shows a before and the last an after, we simply used a dremel to take away the edges:

Another little mod we did was slightly share the hop-up rubber guiding line slightly for an easier drop into the hop-up unit. There are no photos of this, as once you re-build you unit you will know straight away what we mean.

The results:

Excellent! The results are shown below:

# Cut up AEG barrel = 130mps / 426fps
# ASG – SSG 69 Precision Inner barrel 6.03 x 465mm = 164mps / 538

The above results were with a 0.20g BB, we of course need to do a final test with the ammo we intend to use to avoid creep issues. From a quick test, we were hot still with a 0.43g BB, we we now need to cut the spring to compensate.

Want your own upgrade? Get the ASG – SSG 69 Precision Inner Barrel (Click Here to buy now).

What’s next?:

We need to reduce the FPS minutely and then go testing down range! We will produce a short video and create a future blog on this soon 🙂


We’re often asked: “can Airsoft BBs penetrate skin?” – and the short answer is yes, there’s always the chance a Realistic Imitation Firearm can be dangerous. With that in mind, today I would like to talk about various Airsoft face protection setups that are available to keep you safe in the game. Other incredibly common questions which really have no answers are: “What’s the best? What’s right for me? What should I use?”. Unfortunately there is no right or wrong, only what you like. When you find a face protection setup that works for you its hard to consider anything else; you recommend it to your friends and pretty soon you and the rest of the field all look identical. There’s nothing wrong with following the norm if it works for you, but there are so many equally effective products out there to protect your smile. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite combinations I’ve seen, as well as some suitable alternatives should you not like a particular aspect of the loadout, in the hope that it inspires you to experiment with what works best for you.

Woodland Setup:

This loadout is aimed at a woodland Airsoft player where engagements will generally be medium to long range, and endurance/comfort is prioritised. This set up will leave very small gaps between the goggle and mesh mask, hence it is recommended for outdoor skirmishes where BBs are far less likely to make their way into these spaces and will have hopefully slowed down by the time they reach your face. If you’re made of sterner stuff you could run this setup in CQB where you’ll benefit from it being so lightweight, however it does leave a lot of uncovered areas that will be unpleasant to take a BB hit!


NUPROL Pro Mesh Goggles Eye Protection

NUPROL Lower Face Mesh Mask

Viper Elite Baseball Cap

Total Cost: £31.97

The NUPROL Mesh Goggles are extremely comfortable, and when married with the NUPROL Lower Face Mesh Mask provide excellent coverage of the face, only leaving a minute gap between the bottom of the goggle and the top of the mask. This gap can be closed by positioning the nose of the mask onto the front of the goggle, and you’ll find that with some experimentation you can get the mask to sit away from your face, further enhancing comfort and operator endurance. The NUPROL Mesh Shades also work with this setup, but I would highly recommend coming in to the store to try both, as the shape of your face will determine which of the two are more comfortable for you.

Alternative Suggestions:

Shemagh Scarf – White & Black – £6.99

If you don’t like the idea of wearing a lower face mask you could easily replace it with a shemagh or one of our many other lower face protection options. Being made of material, a shemagh won’t protect your teeth in the same way that a solid mask will, but will still take the pain out of some Airsoft hits. Some people choose to hold the shemagh in their hand, or bring their hand up to their mouth when making tight corners to avoid this problem.

Urban/FIBUA Setup:

This next loadout is appropriate for both indoors and outdoors Airsoft with some slight adjustments. The face guard used is designed for Fast Helmets (although is supplied with adhesive velcro tabs so they could be applied to other helmets), and sits very far off the user’s face which is great for those that feel too cramped in their current face protection loadout. This means that when operating in woodland you won’t be overheating or steaming your goggles because there’s lots of space for heat to escape – and if you happen to walk into a close quarters firefight you weren’t expecting, then your teeth are already covered. The helmet can accept PVS mounted accessories and also 20mm rails – so you can further streamline this loadout for CQB by adding Airsoft torches, lasers, grenade launchers or anything your heart desires. There are also eight large ventilation holes in the top of the helmet to further aid in ventilation. The glasses chosen are BOLLE Contour Clears, selected because of their low cost and lightweight design. They fit very nicely under any helmet or lower face mask, and don’t seal completely to the face which allows heat to escape – reducing the chance of fogging up during an Airsoft skirmish. If you want to use this setup in CQB I would highly recommend changing the glasses to a pair that seal around the whole edge so as to avoid any painful BB hits making their way into gaps.

Note: Any eye protection worn at our indoor CQB arena ‘Halo Mill’ must fully seal to the face for this very reason.


– NUPROL Fast Railed Helmet

– Big Dragon Face Guard for Fast Helmet

BOLLE Contour Clear Airsoft Safety Glasses

Total Cost: £69.97

Alternative Suggestions:

X1000 Platinum Clear Military Safety Goggle – £54.99

Skull Half Face Mask – Black – £16.99

If you want a higher quality pair of goggles protecting your eyes, the BOLLE X800i/X1000 series come highly recommended. The X800i has a gap between the lens and the frame which lets a serious amount of heat escape, however the goggle still seals to your face by a rubber edging – meaning they’re still fully sealed and perfectly acceptable for CQB and CQB related activities. The BOLLE X1000 series replaced the gap with covered vents, which when the padding is removed act exactly the same as the X800i – albeit slightly more comfortable. The face guard could be replaced by any lower face mask you like, provided the helmet will still sit comfortably over it. If you are unsure please feel welcome to come to our store to try certain combinations together.

CQB Setup:

This final loadout is a dedicated CQB setup, put together with user confidence in mind. When the heat is on, you need to be as level headed as possible to remain above the rest. This setup covers almost every inch of the head so you can more confident during skirmish, without the thought at the back of your mind of a nasty hit on the nose or cheek. The helmet featured is the 8Fields Tactical Fast Helmet, selected because of its lightweight nature – allowing you to operate more aggressively and for longer. You can guarantee your day won’t be ended early by a painful hit on the head with this placed on your dome. The mesh lower face mask chosen wraps all the way around  to the ears, and can be bent to the shape of your face for extra comfort. It has a wide band of thick material protecting the jaw line and neck to make sure that even skimming shots are deflected. The NUPROL Mesh Shades were selected for this loadout because of their low profile working much better with a helmet. However, it is always worth trying on with a couple of different options to see how they feel for you.


8Fields Tactical FAST Helmet /w Velcro Top Panels

NUPROL Shades Mesh Glasses Eye Protection

8Fields Tactical Mesh Lower Face & Ear Protection

Total Cost: £59.97

Alternative Suggestions:

Neoprene Half Face Mask – Joker

Many people don’t like the idea of wearing mesh, or the discomfort that it can bring for them. We have a wide range of neoprene full and half face masks, available in either a blank colour or a certain theme, that people who don’t agree with mesh will find much more natural. The neoprene contours to your face for a snug fit. This mask won’t protect your teeth but will definitely take a lot of sting out of hits – an excellent choice for those that don’t see eye to eye with mesh.

This seems like a perfect point to segway into the latest helmets to hit our shelves, and to point out that although certainly more costly than some of these setups, actually doesn’t work out much more expensive than a ‘budget face protection loadout’. By the time you’re done adding all the extra bit and bats to cover every perceivable inch of your face, you may have already spent £60/£70. If total coverage if what you’re looking for in face protection, why not just have the real McCoy?

P&J Tactical G4 Helmet w/ Full Face Mesh

P&J Tactical – Tactical G4 Helmet w/ Full Face Mesh – is an Airsoft safe full face mask and helmet combination inspired by many of the ballistic PJ helmets and face protectors starting to see service with many Special Forces and Specialist Police Units across the globe. The face mask is of removable visor design, featuring built-in Airsoft safe clear ballistic lenses. The visor clips into place on the helmet, and is fully height and angle adjustable to fit a wide range of face shapes and sizes. By using mesh, the mask is both lightweight and breathable, which helps prevent the lenses from fogging up. The mask is also removable, should users wish to wear the helmet with other eye and face protection they own. The helmet itself is constructed from durable polymers, and is a replica of the PJ style of combat helmet. It is size adjustable and padded to suit a wide range of head sizes. The helmet features 20mm RIS Rails on the sides for mounting accessories such as lights or cameras, while there is a replica NVG or camera mount is on the front of the helmet. Velcro panels are on the sides, top and rear of the helmet to allow the fitting of patches.

Available in Black, Tan, Olive Drab and Multicam.

Total Cost: £79.99

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