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ARES - Amoeba 'STRIKER' S1 Sniper Rifle - Two Tone Blue

Ares Amoeba 'STRIKER' S1 Sniper Rifle - Two Tone Blue

  • No UKARA Required
  • Short Bolt Pull
  • Uses AEG Spring

ARES - Amoeba 'STRIKER' S1 Sniper Rifle - Two Tone Blue is an Airsoft 6mm BB Sniper Rifle designed by ARES as the ultimate starter Entry Range Rifle. The Rifle is constructed with a Polymer Body, Stock and Magazine with an Alloy Rail, Barrel, Trigger System, Internals and Rail. The weapon has multiple features only expected in more High End Sniper Rifles, such as a Top-Down Hop-Up, Short Bolt Pull and Cocked Warning Marker. The weapons biggest feature, is that it is easy to strip, taking the bolt out with a single pin, and also uses AEG springs, which are more common and easy to acquire than Sniper Springs and features and also features an internal barrel stabilizer. The weapon comes supplied with a 45 Round Mid-Cap Magazine, giving more shots than other sniper rifles, and easily slides into place and is guided by Magazine Guides for easy insertion. The weapon also features an Ambidextrous Magazine Release, which releases not only from the Magazine Well, but is also extended to the Trigger Guard, which means that you can use your index finger to release the Magazine for a smoother reload. The body of the weapon is constructed to be as ergonomic as possible, with a curved body for a better hold, and features a removable grip plate which can be exchanged for other sizes. The front of the weapon also features a Standard Universal Bipod Swivel, allowing for a range of Bipods to be used, as well as a 22mm Clockwise Threaded outer barrel for attaching suppressors when a thread adaptor is used. This is the perfect rifle for anyone looking to get into Sniping, as it features many Advanced features for a low price.


ARES - Octarms AM-016 M4 Keymod CQB - Two Tone Green

Ares Octarms AM-016 M4 Keymod CQB - Two Tone Green

  • No UKARA Required
  • EFCS Gearbox System
  • KeyMod Hand Guard

ARES - Octarms AM-016 M4 Keymod CQB - Two Tone Green is an Airsoft 6mm BB Rifle based on the M4 Rifle commonly used by Armed Forces around the world, but with more feature rich and dynamic furniture designed to increase operational potential. The weapon features Alloy Hand Guard, Barrel, Flash Hider, Stock Arms, Battery Extension, with Polymer Receiver, Pistol Grip, Butt Plate and Flip-up Iron Sights. The weapon features not only the best parts of any High End Airsoft Gun, but all the special features of the ARES AMOEBA Rifle Range. The gun features the AMOEBA Electronic Fire Control System, featuring an advanced Version 2 Gearbox, with an Electronic MOSFET system, and features a Reprogrammable Gearbox System allowing the weapons Fire Select to be changed to Single Shot Only, Burst and Fully Automatic Modes. The Gearbox also features a Magnetic Transducer Controlled Fire Select Plate and a Rapid Velocity Tuning System Quick Change Spring allowing you to replace the Spring and adjust the FPS of the weapon quickly to suit a range of different Airsoft Sites and Fields. The weapon features the OCTARMS 13.5'' 20mm RIS / RAS and KeyMod Railed Hand Guard, making it compatible with the OCTARMS range of accessories, as well as a wide variety of Aftermarket Parts. The top 20mm RIS / RAS rail is full length, allowing a wide variety of Large Scopes and Sights to be attached, as well as a variety of Holographic and Magnifier Setups. The weapon features a Six Position Adjustable Skeleton Stock, making it great for CQB engagements, and has an extended battery box which allows the use of LiPo Stick Batteries. The front of the rifle Features a unique 'Shield Crush' Flash hider which gives the weapon a unique flair. This weapon can be purchased without the need for a defence such as a UKARA, however you must still be over 18 to purchase this product.


A range of new products both in store and online. Everything from Airsoft BBs and Guns to Military Surplus and Survival equipment and more! New items will be listed on here for 1 to 2 weeks at a time with new additions being made every day so keep an eye out to grab a bargain before everyone else.

If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you! 

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Can I buy an Airsoft Gun?

If you dont have a defence to purchace a RIF (Replica Imitation Firearm), such as UKARA, dont worry! You can still purchase any weapon as long as it has been sprayed Two Tone (Over 51% a Bright Non-Millitary Colour). For more information click the banner below.


Patrol Base Airsoft | Two Tone Service Red

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