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Cyber Gun - M1A1 Thompson Auto-Ordnance Gas Blowback - Faux Wood

Cyber Gun M1A1 Thompson Auto-Ordnance Gas Blowback - Faux Wood

  • Hard Kick
  • Gas Blow Back
  • Open-Bolt Weapon

Cyber Gun - M1A1 Thompson Auto-Ordnance Gas Blowback - Faux Wood, the long wait is over, the world's first gas blowback M1A1 military model Thompson is here - and it was worth the wait! The first thing that strikes you about the Thompson is the weight and feel of the weapon. The alloy body and faux wood finish creates a nice blend of weight and usability - leaving you with a weapon that feels good in the hands but also doesn't need three weeks conditioning training to use. The second thing that will immediately hit you (literally) is the power of the recoil, which can only be described as grin inducing! Just the action of the bolt releasing forwards makes the weapon jump violently in the hands. Consistency also seems to be a strong point with this weapon as we had no problem plinking 4" steel plates on our indoor 15m range. Cooldown effects in the weapon seem minimal, as it was very happy for us to cleanly mag dump 50 rounds on automatic using ASG Ultrair @ 14C. For those interested in the historical accuracy of the weapon, we are pleased to report that everything is as it should be for the military model, with the correct fire controls, magazine release and markings. Please note that as this is a highly realistic open-bolt weapon system, it should be treated as such. Always ensure to cock the bolt to the rear before removing or inserting a new magazine otherwise damage to the nozzle will occur. This is a good practice should you ever intend to handle real-world weapons as an open-bolt system can catch out an amateur shooter with regards to clearing jams and general operation.


A range of new products both in store and online. Everything from Airsoft BBs and Guns to Military Surplus and Survival equipment and more! New items will be listed on here for 1 to 2 weeks at a time with new additions being made every day so keep an eye out to grab a bargain before everyone else.

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Can I buy an Airsoft Gun?

If you dont have a defence to purchace a RIF (Replica Imitation Firearm), such as UKARA, dont worry! You can still purchase any weapon as long as it has been sprayed Two Tone (Over 51% a Bright Non-Millitary Colour). For more information click the banner below.


Patrol Base Airsoft | Two Tone Service Red

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