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ASG - CZ P-09 Gas Blowback Pistol - Two Tone Blue

ASG CZ P-09 Gas Blowback Pistol - Two Tone Blue

  • No UKARA Required
  • Front 20mm Rail
  • Fast Blowback Action

ASG - CZ P-09 Gas Blowback Pistol - Black is a Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Pistol, which has been designed and created based off the CZ P-09 Duty and fully licensed by CZ from Czech Republic. The Pistol externally is constructed almost entirely from Polymer, with a Polymer Slide and Frame, but features Alloy Sights and Internals. The pistol features White Dot Highlighted Iron sights making target acquisition easier than standard sights, and is specifically designed to allow the use of all Pistol Functionality using one hand. The pistol features an extended slide release catch, making it easy to use for glove users, and a Hammer Disconnect Safety. The front of the Weapon features a 20mm RIS / RAS Rail which allows the attachment of a variety of Torches and Lasers, allowing you to modularise attachments for different combat situations. The rear of the pistol features a Lanyard Loop Point, adding an extra layer of safety, preventing the pistol from being lost when dropped. The trigger of the pistol is of a Double Action Design, meaning that for every trigger pull the hammer is cocked and released leading to a faster draw time, this also means that the Hammer can be pre-cocked for a faster first shot after drawing. This Pistol is a great choice for beginners and regular Airsoft Skirmishers alike who are looking for an affordable Pistol, with a unique look and reliable design. This weapon can be purchased without the need for a defence such as a UKARA, however you must still be over 18 to purchase this product.


ASG - CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 - Two Tone Blue

ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 Gen.2 Spring Guide - Two Tone Blue

  • No UKARA Required
  • 3 Round Burst
  • V2 Compatible Parts

ASG - CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 w/ Gen.2 Spring Guide - Two Tone Blue is an Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, designed from the official specs of the CZ Scorpion Evo created by esk zbrojovka Uhersk Brod, then built from the ground up for Airsoft By ActionSportsGames in Denmark. The Gun features a Full Polymer Construction, with Alloy Charging Handle, Flash Hider, Outer Barrel and Internals, just like it's Real Steel counterpart and is even constructed from the same High Strength Polymer as the real thing. The weapon is designed for 11.1v Li-Po Battery from the ground up, supporting up to a 15c Discharge Battery for a fast trigger response and repeat shot. The battery is stored in the top of the receiver which is accessible once the Front Railed Handguard is removed. The Handguard features a Four Point RIS Rail, with the bottom rail allowing the attachments of Grips and Bipods, the Side rails can be used for Torches and Lasers, with the Top Rail lining up with the Receiver Length Top Rail to provide a full length Top Rail for attaching even the largest Sights, Scopes and Magnifier Setups. The weapon features a multitude of advanced features, which are made possible by the internal MOSFET which has been custom designed for the Scorpion, which allows for a Safe / Semi / Three Round Burst / Full Auto Fire selector. The weapon also features an Electronic Trigger for an instantaneous response, and Mag Empty Detection which prevents the weapon from firing when you run out of ammo. The Gearbox also features a Quick Change Spring System allowing you to change the FPS of your weapon quickly for the Game Site you are playing at. The weapon is fully supported by ASG's design team, allowing a variety of unique and interesting aftermarket parts to be developed, meaning something new and interesting is always being release. This is the perfect purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who is looking for the ultimate CQB weapon, which not only performs well in CQB scenarios, but will outperform most weapon


Patrol Base work closely with the UK 's leading importer of Two Tone AEG and GBB Airsoft rifles and pistols. We can assure you that the quality of the two tone equipment we sell is no different to that which requires a UKARA registration and comes with our no quibble guarantee. We have a variety of Two Tone pistols and rifles including Glocks, AK47's and M4's. We may also Two Tone some RIFs but please "Contact us" to enquire before ordering.

Can I buy a None Two Tone Gun?

In 2006 UKARA was formed in responce to the 'Violent Crime Reduction' Act, which specified that to purchase a realistic looking firearm the Individual must have a reason, or defence, for purchasing it.  If you have a valid defence you can purchase a Realisitc Airsoft Rifle, if not the weapon must be two toned.

The purchaser must also be over 18 years of age.

Defences - What are the defences

The following are defences for purchasing an Airsoft Gun are:

  • The weapon's primary colour must be a none Millitary colour, such as Red, Green, Blue.
  • The purchaser is part of a Reenactment Society.
  • The purchaser is a Museum Curator.
  • The purchaser is a member of a TV / Film Production Team.

Should you be part of any Reenactment Society, a Museum Curator or Member of a TV / Film Production crew and wish to purchase a weapon, please call us on 01484 644709 so that we can organise the sending of proof, such as Insurance Documents or ID Cards.

UKARA - What is UKARA?

UKARA stands for 'United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association' and is essentially a big database of all registered Airsoft Skirmishers in the UK, which allows Retailers to check an individual to see if they are elligable to purchase Replica Imitation Firearms (RIF).  A UKARA Registration is recognised as a valid defence against purchasing an Airsoft Gun.

To obtain a UKARA registration an individual must Visit an Airsoft Skirmish Site 3 times or more outside of two months, at which point the Site can stamp your paperwork which must be handed in to a Retailer for entry onto the database.

If you do not wish to Skirmish or Simpy want to Target Shoot, then in order to obtain the weapon you must either have an Alternate Valid defence or have the weapon in Two Tone colours. Any weapon we have can be Sprayed Two-Tone in order to meet these requirements. Please see the section below.

Two Tone Service

Most Airsoft weapons, such as AEG, Gas Blowback and Rifles can be purchased from us, but only with a UKARA Number, or simmilar defence. Using the Two Tone service you can purchase the weapon without any Defence, only needing to be over 18.

When purchasing a weapon which you want to be Two Toned please add the service to your basket, one for every weapon.

To be classed as 'Two Tone' the weapon must be primarily a none-millitary colour, such as bright Blue, Red or Green. Some weapons come pre-two toned with the body parts already manafactured, but others can be Sprayed to qualify.

If you purchase a gun with the Two Tone Package please note that you should allow for between 1-5 days for completion, and that next day service only applies once the two tone is complete.

For more Information or for any help with anything to do with Airsoft Two Tone Weapons, feel free to contact us on: 

01484 644709

Need Help? Call a specialist on 01484 644709

Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm, but don't forget our late night Thursdays 9:00pm closing!

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