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  • Velcro Backed
  • 3 x M4 Mag Pouches
  • Buckle Up Compatible

A 1000D Polyester constructed panel for Buckle Up systems, which offers a moderately large front MOLLE Panel and three M4 Magazine Pouches divided by elastic retainers. This is perfect for Buckle Up Chest Rigs, which allow you to quickly swap out your main pouches depending on the situation. The rear face of the Panel is completely Velcro which helps secure the pouch in place when connected to a Buckle Up System.

  • MOLLE Front Panel
  • Drop Leg / Chest Rig
  • Buckle Up Compatible

A 1000D Polyester constructed Panel for the Buckle Up series of Plate Carriers, which can also be worn as an extremely lightweight Chest Rig or as a Drop Leg Panel. The front panel offers eighteen MOLLE loops to attach pouches and other tactical accessories, and it can be worn over the neck and on your chest, worn as a Drop Leg MOLLE Panel or attached to part of a Buckle Up System to quickly interchange your main pouches.

  • Lazer MOLLE
  • For VX/Buckle Up
  • Front Facing Velcro

A Lazer MOLLE Panel for VX/Buckle Up compatible Chest Rigs, which offers a large 24x15cm Velcro/MOLLE combo panel for installing Pouches, Patches and more. The Panel easily connects to Buckle Up Systems via the dual Polymer Clasps at the top. If you run multiple loadouts which all require their own Chest Rig Setup, then a VX/Buckle Up System is the easiest way to quickly swap the main pouch section of your Chest Rig out.

  • For VX Series
  • Replacements
  • Ideal Spare Parts

A set of tough Polymer buckles, designed as replacements for the Viper Tactical VX Series. The Buckles are an important part of the VX System, so these are ideal spares to have whether you need them yet or not. They feature Quick Release Polymer Buckles, a metal loop and Velcro straps to secure them to your kit. They could also be put to some other clever uses with a bit of creative thinking.

  • For VX Buckle Up Range
  • 3x Rifle Pouches
  • 3x Pistol Pouches

Created by Viper Tactical as part of their VIPER VX Buckle up range of modular chest rigs this pouch panel is made with six fully adjustable front magazine pouches, with 3 for rifle magazines, and 3 for pistol magazines. The pouches can either be attached into a Buckle Up System, or be attached to a Velcro font panel Chest Rig or vest thanks to its completely Velcro back panel.

  • Mag Size Adjustable
  • 3x Rifle Mag Pouches
  • Part of 8Fields 'Buckle Up' System

Part of the 8Fields Tactical 'Buckle Up' system, this triple magazine pouch panel is designed to clip straight onto a compatible chest rig or plate carrier from the same series.

  • Highly Breathable
  • Buckle Up System
  • Removable 'Plates'

A lightweight, comfortable and highly flexible plate carrier which is made for the 'Buckle Up' system, which allows you to quickly interchange the front portion of your rig to suit different roles and loadouts.

  • Adjustable
  • Modular Rig
  • Buckle Up System

A lightweight and simple plate carrier which is the perfect starting point for building your dream rig. It operates around the 'buckle up' system and is very easy to install new pouches or entire sections.

  • Securing Loops
  • External MOLLE Loops
  • Can Be Worn As Rucksack

A 90cm single gun bag with waterproof lining, which can be worn as a rucksack and accepts the latest line of 'Buckle Up' pouches from 8Fields Tactical to really expand the carrying capacity of this Airsoft/Firearm case.

  • Lazer MOLLE
  • Buckle Up Compatible
  • Removable Mock Plates

The Viper VX Buckle Up Plate Carrier GEN2 is a high quality Chest Rig / Plate Carrier made from 700D Polytech, which is compatible with the VX Buckle Up System for rapid changes to what's mounted to the front of your Plate Carrier.

  • Quickly Adapt
  • Buckle Up Series
  • Sniper/Recon Style

A lightweight harness style chest rig that is part of the Buckle Up series, allowing you to quickly adapt your platform to suit a wide range of roles.

  • Quickly Adapt
  • For Wider Mags
  • Buckle Up Series

A lightweight harness style chest rig that is part of the Buckle Up series, allowing you to quickly adapt your platform to suit a wide range of roles.

  • 3 x Mag Carrier
  • Large Utility Pouch
  • Lightweight & Easy

An Airsoft triple magazine and utility pouch rolled into one; a lightweight and stylish alternative to carrying the essentials in the field.

  • Quick Change Panel
  • Mock Ballistic Plates
  • Padded Shoulder Straps

    A low profile plate carrier that comes included with thick dummy plates and has plenty of MOLLE and Velcro real-estate space to make this chest rig your own.

    • 4 x Rifle Mags
    • 2 x Pistol Mags
    • Large Utility Pouch

    A velcro-backed combination pouch which can hold 4 x rifle magazines, 2 x pistol magazines and features a large open retention utility pouch which could hold grenades, drinks, BBs, gas and much more!

    • MOLLE Mountable
    • Dual Strap Rucksack
    • Expanding Compartment

    This Dual Strap Rucksack from Viper Tactical offers a surprising amount of storage in a compact and stylish package, thanks to an expanding Main Compartment, allowing you to wear it as a low-profile, sleek Day Pack or expanding it out into fully fledged Rucksack.

    • Modular
    • Lightweight
    • Highly Adaptable

    A modular and lightweight chest rig which is designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing you to quickly swap out your main panel on the rig to suit different purposes.

    • Thick Padding
    • Stiff Plates Included
    • Buckle Up Compatible

    A low-profile and lightweight Plate Carrier which comes supplied with stiff plates, is well padded for comfort, offers front and rear MOLLE loops and is compatible with Buckle-Up inserts as an added bonus.

    RRP £9.99
    Save £7.00
    • Showerproof
    • Looks like new
    • Elasticated edges

    A British Army issued rucksack cover which looks like new. This item will fit large rucksacks, up to 120L, and features elastic cord and quick-release buckles for a better fit. Ideal for anyone looking to keep their backpack protected from rain or other light water sources.

    Please be aware we will not be able to offer refunds or returns for this item.