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From £44.99
  • Tri-shot shotgun
  • Metal outer barrel and stock tube
  • Lightweight - Ideal as a backup weapon

Looking for something cheap and light you can throw on your back as a secondary? This will fulfil the role admirably. Weighing less than a 2L bottle of pop, this shotgun can be carried slung to your back as a secondary with ease, ready for when things get up-close and personal.

From £99.99
  • Alloy Slide
  • Gas Blowback
  • Licenced by CZ

Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Pistol, which has been designed and created based off the CZ P-09 Duty and fully licensed by CZ from Czech Republic. The Pistol features an Alloy Slide and Internals, with a Polymer Frame, making the pistol perfect for use with both Co2 and Green Gas Magazines.

From £109.99
  • H&K Trademarks
  • USP 9mm variant 
  • Full metal construction

An elegant design, often overlooked, the H&K USP is known worldwide as one of the most reliable and accurate handguns available. Born out of US SOCOMs OHWS program and little brother of the MK.23, the USP 9mm isn't just the Univeral Service Pistol, it is the ULTIMATE service pistol. 

From £179.99
  • Railed Handguard
  • Rotary Hop Up Unit
  • Slimline AR15 Model

The ASG Armalite M15 series are slim, modern and ergonomic AR-15 platforms, available in different variants to suit user requirements. Constructed from a lightweight and strong high-density polymer, the M15 series provides ergonomic and practical option for the Airsoft player with the performance unheard of in a replica for this price point.

From £179.99
  • Ultra-low Bore-axis
  • CNC Machined Aluminium Slide
  • Fully Licensed by Archon™ Firearms 

Looking for a pistol to match your space-gun? Want a sidearm that feels as good in the hand as it shoots? The Archon™ Type B pistol from EMG has everything you would expect from a training-grade pistol. The real world Archon™ Type B was designed with specs coming directly from active duty US service personnel who had found current striker-fired pistols offered to be inadequate for their needs. This EMG Gas blowback is absolutely faithful to this, the ergonomic attributes of this pistol are basically unparalleled. 

From £209.99
  • Reprogrammable
  • KeyMod Handguard
  • Removable Flashhider

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, base on the AR Platform of Rifles, with updated furniture to bring it into the Modern Era. The rifle features a Polymer Body, with a Polymer Receiver, Pistol Grip, Magazine and Stock, with Alloy Internals, Buffer Tube, Hand guard, Outer Barrel Assembly and Sights.

From £259.99
  • Slim AR15 Design
  • Programmable ETU
  • Quick Release Spring

The EVOLUTION Recon M EMR A ETS is another excellent AR15 platform offering a range of top-notch qualities, a great choice for the player looking to tech-up their set-up.

From £259.99
  • 416 Style Design
  • Four Point Handguard
  • Monolithic 20mm RIS / RAS Rail

Built to a stunning standard, this faithful replica ticks all the boxes. The weapon features a 416 style receiver, hand guard, grip and stock and a lovely QUAD RIS style handguard which all come together to make one beautiful and highly ergonomic Airsoft replica.

From £299.99
  • 11.1v LiPo Ready
  • Speedsoft Wet Dream
  • Full Face Mask Compatible

The G&G Armament SSG-1 is finally here! Dividing opinions harder than Katie Hopkins, this Airsoft Electric Gun was designed from the ground up for Speedsofters/Speedy Bois, and builds upon the highly successful G&G Electronic Trigger Unit. Ready for 11.1v LiPos, with a wealth of custom External Features that specialises it to rapid, CQB action (such as an Adjustable Drop Stock that is ready to accommodate Full Face Masks), the SSG-1 is set to take your local Skirmish Field by storm.

From £359.99
  • Electric Blowback
  • Ultra-Realistic Feel
  • Fully Licensed by H&K

UMAREX presents one of the most iconic firearms in modern Assault Rifles, the Heckler & Koch G36C.

This is an Electric Blowback, Fully Licensed, 1:1 scale replica of possibly one of the most appreciated weapon platforms of the 21st century & now it's time for you to rock that Sunday skirmish H&K Style!

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From £369.99
  • G&G G2 Gearbox
  • Bolt-Stop Function
  • Burst Control MOSFET

A highly precision engineered training rifle from EMG with full stamped Seekins Precision trademarks, CNC machined Aluminium externals and the G&G G2 gearbox w/ burst control MOSFET and microswitch trigger.

From £399.99
  • 1:1 Scale Replica
  • Supreme build quality
  • Beautiful licensed H&K trademarks

If you are after a DMR to match your UKSF loadout, you have found it. The Umarex HK417D AEG is a seriously well built and faithful replica of the HK417, chosen marksman's rifle for special forces all around the world. Put this down next to a real HK417 and you will be hard-pressed to pick out the right one for your Milsim skirmish!

From £399.99
  • Light trigger pull
  • Integrated Bipod
  • Ultimate Scout Sniper rifle

Another extremely well-equipped pre-upgraded sniper rifle hits the market, but this one is different. The ASG Steyr Mannlicher Scout rifle is based on the real-world design, the brainchild of legendary rifle designer Jeff Cooper. This rifle provides everything you need to snipe with the utmost efficiency. An unusual looking beast, the Steyr Scout is designed by the best, and I have to say, the Airsoft version lives up to my every expectation of this phenomenal platform...

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From £569.99
  • Highly Realistic
  • Mechanical Recoil
  • Aluminium & Steel

An extremely realistic Airsoft Electric Gun, powered by a Battery in the Handguard and packaged with a Mechanical Recoil System for the most immersive Airsoft experience possible. Made from Alloy, Aluminium, Steel and Nylon Fibre, this is one for those who appreciate 'old-school' aesthetic and maximum realism in an incredibly tough body.

From £599.99
  • Classic Rifle
  • Real Wood Externals
  • Pinnacle Of Modern Warfare

Introducing the Ares 2000 Sniper rifle, a replica of a well-known German precision rifle introduced into Police counter-terrorist service in the 1980s. This rifle has CNC machined metal parts, and genuine Walnut wood stock and handguard, and has an overall sense of class, almost as though it was designed to bag terrorists whilst the shooter sits in his armchair in the parlour. It's not all looks though, the Ares 2000 is VSR-10 compatible internally and comes out of the box shooting a respectable 420fps with 0.2g BBs.

  • PVC 3D Effect
  • Velcro Backed
  • For Hats/Rigs/Bags

A PVC patch featuring your best friend - a revolver. Well, even if that's not your weapon of choice, maybe you'll appreciate the subtle nod to a rather popular film.

  • Bat Symbol
  • Drop-In Part
  • Polymer Made

A polymer dust cover for M4/M16/AR-15 replicas, featuring a bat symbol to show your love for your favourite comic book character.

  • Fits VORSK
  • For 12mm Thread
  • Attach Suppressors

This Thread Adapter is designed for VORSK Pistols that have an 12mm Female Thread (the Thread is recessed inside the Outer Barrel). Whether you have lost the original supplied with your Pistol, or you want to install a Supressor/Tracer Unit to your Pistol, this adapter is an absolute must for those who want a standard thread (14mm CCW Male) on their sidearm.

  • Mounts to Helmet Velcro
  • Signal to your team in low light
  • Super slick operator stuff

Introducing the Helmet signal light from Black river. This is the modern re-usable replacement for the traditional glow stick, and allows placement on your helmet so your team can tell which way you are facing and the direction of the target from a distance away, in low light situations. They also serve the function of looking really really cool and making your brain bucket look like the real deal.

  • Ambidextrous
  • Easy Installation
  • Fast Battery Change

Are you tired of dropping your Charging Handle and Spring every time you want to change the battery on your Scorpion Evo? Airtech Studios have you covered with the Charging Handle Lock, which will prevent the Charging Handle from leaving the Handguard when it is installed.

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  • Multicam Pattern
  • Small and Medium sizes
  • Suitable for Pistols and small SMGs

Looking for a wee bag for your sidearm? Black River's gun bags are perfect to cart around a medium or large pistol or a small SMG/machine pistol Airsoft gun. The interior features a zipped pocket and elastic loops for magazines, suppressors and other accessories.

  • For EU Series
  • Very Strong Mount
  • 20mm RIS/RAS Rails

A 20mm Railed Mount for EU Series Airsoft Pistols, simply sliding onto the Flashlight/Laser Slot on the underside of the frame, and providing you with both a 20mm Rail for a Sight or Scope, as well as an underside 20mm Rail for a Torch, Laser or other single slot accessory. Unlike other Frame Mounts, this one is push fit with a spring-loaded release button for easy installation and removal.

  • CNC Machined Part
  • For 12G Primer Devices
  • Adaptor to use .209 Primer

An adapter which fits into 12G Primer Compatible Devices such as Noise Makers, Trip Mines and Airsoft BFG Grenades to allow the use of the cheaper and more widely accepted .209 Primers.

Was £13.99
Save £1.50
  • Wrist Support
  • Quick Drying
  • Lightweight

Lightweight and made from tough materials, these strong gloves are perfect for use in rough outdoor environments. These gloves are perfect for Airsoft, protecting your hands from rough terrain, both indoors and outdoors, as well as protecting you from incoming BBs to take the edge off the sting of being hit.

Whether you're buying these gloves for general use or for Airsoft, they're tough, rugged and durable, and are the perfect purchase for anyone looking to protect their hands from the rigours of outdoor activities.

Was £19.99
Save £7.00
  • Protect Cables
  • Use Larger Batteries

A Nylon Injected Polymer Extension Piece for the ICS CXP-MARS PDW9 Carbine, allowing you to install larger batteries for longer life and gameplay. This piece is extremely easy to install and offers good ventilation to prevent overheating of components, and also helps eliminate any wobble from the original Stock Pad. If you use an ICS CXP-MARS PDW9 then this is an essential purchase that lets you use more viable Batteries.

  • Increases Accuracy
  • Works with Heavier BB's
  • Compatible with Master Mod Barrels

Master Mods are a new Internal Parts manufacturer bringing a whole new meaning to the term reliable. The Master Mods R-Hop Contact rubber is a hardened contact for use with heavier weight BB's, increasing accuracy & performance.

Was £44.99
Save £29.00
  • 7'' in Length
  • For GBB / AEG
  • Fixtures & Fittings Included

A front rail system for your m4 platform to replace any standard hand guard you are currently using. 

  • MAPA Camo
  • For Everyday Wear
  • Breathable Webbing

This is a Truck Cap/Hat for Airsoft or everyday general use, it is constructed from 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester, reinforced with a Rip-Stop weave. The pattern is a unique camo called MAPA camo, and resembles a spill stain disruptive pattern. The hat is adjustable via the back strap that has a section of button clips allowing you to fit it to your head perfectly.

Was £22.99
Save £6.00
  • Heavy Duty Polymer
  • High Strength Build
  • Lightweight Design

A Medium Capacity Magazine designed to fit the ARES Amoeba Striker 6mm BB Gun Airsoft Sniper Rifle. The Magazine is constructed from Polymer, and is loaded from the top using 6mm Airsoft BBs, typically using a BB Speed Loader. 

Was £22.99
Save £6.00
  • Heavy Duty Polymer
  • High Strength Build
  • Lightweight Design

A Medium Capacity Magazine designed to fit the ARES Amoeba Striker 6mm BB Gun Airsoft Sniper Rifle. The Magazine is constructed from Polymer, and is loaded from the top using 6mm Airsoft BBs, typically using a BB Speed Loader. 


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