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  • ABS Plastic
  • MOLLE Compatible
  • 360 Degree Rotation

If you are in need of more attachment points on your clothing or rucksack these are what you need! You get 2 per pack and each one rotates 360 degrees for unlimited attachment angles. 

  • For V3 Gearbox
  • 2 x Long Screws
  • 2 x Short Screws

Ideal upgrade or replacement screw set for a V3 gearbox. May also be compatible with other gearbox types.

  • Suitable For The M14
  • Designed For V7 Gearbox 
  • Spring And Shim Included

Another high quality anti reversal latch from ASG Ultimate.

  • Heat Resistant
  • For V3 Gearbox
  • Fire Select Plate

Replacement fire select plate for Version 3 Mp5 gearbox, part of Action Sports Games's Ultimate upgrade range of replacement and upgrade parts. 

  • For 4.5mm / 6mm
  • For Repairing Pistol
  • Great Spare Part Kit

Spare parts kit designed for use with ASG's Raid 400, Thunder 9, and M9-A1 Series of pistols, for both the 4.5mm Airgun and 6mm Airsoft Variants. The set contains four Parts, Two Sizes of Valve Seal, a Valve Ring and Piercer Seal. 

  • For Bersa Series
  • Great Spare Part Kit
  • For Pistol & Magazine

A pack of replacement seals for ASG's Bersa series of pistols.

Was £7.99
Save £2.00
  • 5 Pack
  • Rubber Construction
  • Replace Lost/Damaged Caps

A replacement pack of 5 seals for any blown out or lost ones you would have received with your hades arrow rocket set. These sets are completely original and fit perfectly into your rockets as pictured.

  • Easy To Install
  • Stainless Finish
  • CNC Engravings

A stainless-finished forward assist button for AR15/M4/M16 platform weapons.

  • Velcro Secured
  • Holds Garmin GPS
  • Padded Wrist Strap

Designed to mount Garmin GPS directly onto the users arm, displayed through a clear view laminate screen. 

  • O-Ring Fitted
  • Perfect Air Seal
  • Heavy Duty Polymer

An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for AEG G3 platform weapons.

  • O-Ring Fitted
  • Perfect Air Seal
  • Heavy Duty Polymer

An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for AEG SIG series rifles with a total length of 22.24mm.

  • O-Ring Fitted 
  • Perfect Air Seal
  • Heavy Duty Polymer

An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for AEG light machine guns.

  • Strong Rigid Plastic
  • V2 M16/G3 Gearboxes
  • Can Be Shaved & Modified

Ideal upgrade or replacement for worn out and damaged tappet plates.

  • O-Ring Fitted
  • 20.71mm Long
  • Heavy Duty Polymer

An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for M16 variant AEGs that require a nozzle length of 20.72mm.

  • MOLLE Pouch
  • Velcro Secured
  • Holds Six Shells

A shotgun shell pouch designed to hold up to 6 Airsoft shotgun shells for quick and easy access, which can be mounted on a belt or a chest rig. 

Was £12.99
Save £5.00
  • 25cm x 16cm
  • Hold Up To 18 Shells
  • MOLLE Fastening Rear

Essential kit for any proud shotgun wielding Airsofter, this MOLLE compatible panel allows you to carry upto 18 loaded Airsoft shotgun shells in an easy to access place, for faced-paced tactical reloads. 

  • O-Ring Sealed
  • 24.72mm Long
  • Improved Air Seal

A bore up nozzle designed to push a large volume of air behind each BB. This can dramatically improve the accuracy of your shots providing the rest of your Airsoft gun is set up correctly.

  • Spring Included
  • Suitable For P90
  • For Version 6 Use Only

A vital spare or replacement part for Version 6 gearboxes.

  • Highly Polished Finish
  • For Marui Recoil Shock
  • Unique RECOIL Fitment

An Anti-Reversal latch, designed specifically for Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock Rifles.

  • Short Shaft Use
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Custom Motor Building

Produced primarily for short shaft/axle motors, this may also work with motors that have a long shaft. 

  • Heavy Duty Pouch
  • Front MOLLE Loops
  • 25cm x 8.5cm x 13cm

A large sized Utility Pouch, designed for storing spare parts and other items, such as batteries, notepads, pens, tools or even quick detach sights. 

  • Steel Construction
  • Fits Many Gearboxes
  • Return Spring Included

Broke or lost your old trigger whilst carrying out an upgrade or service? We have spares for a range of Airsoft AEGs .

  • O-Ring Fitted
  • Perfect Air Seal
  • Heavy Duty Polymer

Having troubles with a snapped, chipped, or damaged Air Nozzle on your beloved Airsoft M14? This nozzle is an upgrade or replacement air nozzle for M14 series AEGs.

  • Heat Resistant
  • For V3 Gearbox
  • Fire Select Plate

Replacement fire select plate for Version 3 AK gearbox, part of Action Sports Games's Ultimate upgrade range of replacement and upgrade parts. 

  • Anodized Red
  • Double O-Ring Air Seals
  • Damper For Extra Quietness

The ultimate cylinder head delivers excellent reults with several O-rings and a cushioned front to provide a perfect airseal in all Version 7 gearboxes.

  • Soldier 95 Pattern
  • Tough Poly Cotton
  • Child Sized Trousers

A kids' sized replica of Solider 95 Pattern trousers, these poly-cotton camouflage trousers are lightweight and durable, suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. 

  • Double O-Ring Seal
  • Colour Coded Finish
  • Shock Absorbent Pad

A replacement Cylinder Head for inside Airsoft V6 Electric Gearbox that is is part of ASG's Ultimate Upgrades Part Range, used in almost all of our Upgrade and Repair jobs.

  • For High-Speed Setups
  • Prevents 'Empty Shooting'
  • Mounted On The Sector Gear

ASG - Alloy Gear Sector Clips x6 Pack are used to prevent 'Empty Shooting'.

  • For High-Speed Setups
  • Mounted On Sector Gear
  • Prevents Empty Shooting

These polymer sector gear clips are designed to prevent 'Empty Shooting'.

  • For Version 3 Gearbox
  • Replace damaged Unit
  • Replacement Trigger Unit

A replacement Trigger Switch unit for Version 3 gearboxes, such as in AK and G36 Airsoft Weapons.

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