Just in: Evolution Airsoft BBs

Just in: Evolution Airsoft BBs

This week's 'New Just In' is something quite exciting, we've managed to get our hands on some of the most popular BBs in France: Evolution Airsoft's ranges of Xtreme Precision, Target, and Bio BBs.

Yes we know, when it comes to BBs people are very.. cautious, so we've scrambled together every bit of information we can on these ranges of BBs and what can we say: we're impressed!

For the price, these BBs are easy contenders with all the brands we have on the market here in the UK, and we're certainly very impressed with the Xtreme Precision range, so what are you waiting for? Learn more below!

Xtreme Precision BBs

Evolution Airsoft 0.20g Xtreme Precision 6mm BB x 2800

If precision and accuracy is what you strive for the Xtreme Precision BBs are what you want. These BBs are specially designed and manufactured by Evolution Airsoft to have some of the highest tolerances and production quality on the market, the plastic used is even so high quality the BBs can even be recycled (not reused though), no expense has been spared here! For the price, we almost cant believe it. Available in both Standard and Bio flavours these BBs are going to have a huge impact on the market thanks to their quality.

Xtreme Precision stand out from the crowd thanks to their tight specs. The BBs are designed for use in all types of barrels, but where they really stand out is in tightbore barrels. Modern Airsoft tightbore barrels can now come as tight as 6.01mm, so ensuring that the BBs are consistent with a quality finish is more important than ever. Xtreme BBs come in at 5.95mm, slightly smaller than others on the market (Even though its only about 0.02mm, it can still make a huge difference when it comes to tightbore barrels), they also come with a much tighter tolerance than any other BB currently available on the market. The BBs are quoted to have a consistent sizing, with a variation of only 0.005mm, double the tolerance of any other BB on the market, meaning that shot after shot every one will be just as consistent as the last.

With a bottle of 0.25g BBs coming in at just £7.99 these BBs are an absolute steal. With Bulk Buy options the price can be brought down even more! This year we think these BBs will challenge even the most established brand names on the market!

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Target BBs

Evolution Airsoft 0.20g Target 6mm BB 1kg Bag

If you've not got a tightbore barrel, or are just looking for Standard BBs then Target BBs might be the BB for you. Developed by Evolution Airsoft these are great standard BBs for regular Skirmishers and Airsoft players who are looking to get great performance from their Airsoft gun.

Available in weights ranging from 0.20g up to 0.28g the BBs come in a 1kg Bag, with the bag containing approx. 4000 BBs. The bag is resealable to ensure that your BBs stay as fresh as possible, and prevents them from spilling once the bag has been opened.

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Bio BBs

Evolution Airsoft 0.20g Xtreme Precision 6mm Biodegradable BB x 3500

Want to take care of the environment, but still want to sling BBs? You can do your bit for the environment by switching to Biodegradable BBs. Bio BBs are designed to degrade over time when exposed to natural environments, meaning that the BBs will break down over time in soil and outdoors instead of staying there for years like traditional BBs would. Today there are a lot of sites in the UK which will only allow Bio BBs, and now has never been a better time to switch

Traditionally the worry with Bio BBs is that they are less strong than standard plastic BBs, however thanks to the special composition of Xtreme Precision BBs that is no longer a problem.

The Xtreme Precision® Biodegradable BB's are made from modified corn-starch combined with other biodegradable materials. This biodegradable material is stable in the atmosphere but biodegrades in the natural environment and anywhere where microorganisms exist. This type of biodegradable material, being based on corn-starch and other vegetable starch, is derived from a renewable resource. All Xtreme Precision® BBs are certified by the German test lab TÜV Rheinland to ensure compliance with all EU standards.

You no longer have to worry about Bio BBs shattering, or loss of accuracy due to their materials, these are THE Bio BB for serious skirmishers!

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So what are you waiting for? You can check out our entire range of Airsoft BBs on our Airsoft BBs and Gas page, or you can check out all the offerings from Evolution Airsoft on our New Products Page!