Don't lose your marbles... or your keys... with PARRA LITE hard cases!

Don't lose your marbles... or your keys... with PARRA LITE hard cases!

Ever been to an Airsoft Game, and left your phone, wallet or keys in the bottom of your bag to then lose them by the end of the day?

We've all done it, even if some of us don't like to admit it. Even the most kit savvy of us will plop our phones and car keys in our bags, then during the kit churn of the day, lose them. Nothing churns an Airsoft kit bag more than constantly going in throughout the day to grab BBs, pulling out that loose allen key from the bottom of your bag, or pulling out your mid day din dins. Worse yet, plonk your gun on top of your bag and crunch, there goes your phone screen. Nightmare.

If you're anything like us, then you've probably been putting your keys in separate pockets, then forgetting them, so we've got an alternate solution from our friends over at Factory Cases, with the PARRA LITE range of hard cases.

The PARRA LITE range of cases are solid and dependable miniature Hard Case for the storage/transport of sensitive items such as Mobile Phones, Passports, PDAs, Cameras and more. Not only are they made to be super tough, but they have an IP65 Watertight, Crushproof and Dustproof design, along with Stainless Steel Hardware and a resistance to extreme temperature (not that we'd recommend throwing your case into a fire to test this though). Although there are other Small Hard Cases available, these are perfect for temporary storage and feature a rubberised insert making them wipe clean should they get dirty.

The cases come in various sizes, from 0.64L, all the way up to 1.6L, great if you want to store your keys and wallet, or all the way up to the largest of phones (looking at you iPhone 12 Pro Max users). And starting at £14.99, up to £21.99, these cases are a cheap and effective way of keeping your valuables and precious keys safe during a game day. Don't get confused though, just because they're cheap, don't think they're any less durable than the leading brands out there: PARRA cases are fully tested for IP ratings and more by third party agencies so you can put your trust in them completely.

Some people worry about the security of their kit at their game site, even though we'd hope that we could trust everyone at a game day right? Well, there are security holes for locks, so you could even secure them, or even directly to your kit bag. If you're extra conscious and you want to take them in-game, you could even fit them in a large Utility Pouch, or even put them in your backpack if you're at a long Airsoft Skirmish or Milsim.

Even if you're not bothered about security, and like to take your phone with you in-game, then storing it in between moments of in-game live streaming in a hard case will keep it protected from both the elements and cracking if you fall over with it in your bag. Something best avoided with the price of phones these days!

We think that every Airsoft player should have one of these in their kit bag, to be honest, they're just as valuable as any lens protector, because the last thing you want to do is lose your expensive phone, or spend time searching through the underbrush for the keys to your car! Even if you're not worried about damage to your kit, then it's good practice to keep your keys and phone in one easy to find place so you can spend the rest of the day with tonnes of worry free skirmishing!

These cases aren't just for Airsoft, they're also great for a wide range of outdoor activities too! Don't forget, these cases are not just tough, they're IP 67 rated too. This means they're extremely water resistant and dust proof. 

If you're going anywhere wet, be it camping on a rainy day, fishing, or even kayaking, then keeping your valuables in a safe and dry location are a must. Bang your Keys, wallet and phone in one of these LITE cases and you're good to go. 

Once you've filled your case you can shove it in the bottom of your backpack and spend the rest of the day enjoying yourself knowing that even if you fall in rivers, streams, or get stuck in a torrential downpour that your stuff is going to be safe and dry when you get it out. Don't get us wrong, dry bags are good and everything, but they're not going to save your kit if you fall on them.

Don't forget that these cases are also rated for protection against dust and dirt, meaning that if you're going to dump your kit on a beach or on the sandy shores of a river your kit will always be protected.

Want to check out our full range of Factory Cases, including top quality and highly durable PARRA cases, or something from NUPROL? We have them all on our Factory Cases mini-site! Check them out today to keep your kit safe, dry, and dust free.