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  • Compact Design
  • For 20mm RIS / RAS
  • Lightweight Foregrip

A low profile short grip, designed to give the user an additional grip point, whilst at the same time giving the weapon a lower visible profile and allowing for more space to manoeuvre. 

  • 20mm RIS Compatible
  • Spring Powered Bipod
  • Press Button To Deploy

A vertical foregrip for 20mm RIS rails with a built-in spring-powered foregrip which will deploy at the press of a button.

  • Pack of Three
  • For PMAG Mags
  • Protects Magazine

A set of Three Replacement Magazine Base Plates for PMAG Type Magazine, designed to give the magazine a unique look and provide a monopod style base for those who do not wish to use a Bipod. 

  • 6x MOLLE sections
  • Robust Buckle Clip
  • 76cm to 132cm Belt

For the Airsofter looking to be as slim line as possible yet incredibly secure and easy access to all of your pouches straight off the hip.

  • Lightweight Chest Rig
  • 4 x Pistol Magazine Pouches
  • 4 x M4 / AK Magazine Pouches

A Low Profile, Light Weight chest rig, designed to be as minimalist as possible whilst at the same time allowing you to store as much equipment as possible in Easy Access pouches.

  • WE MCR-H AEG Specific 
  • Lightweight & Solidly Constructed
  • Replica SCAR-H 7.62mm Magazine

A 330 round 6mm BB Airsoft high capacity magazine for WE's Electric Airsoft Gun (AEG) MCR-H SCAR-H replica. Lightweight, solidly built, and an accurate imitation of the external appearance of the real SCAR-H's 7.62mm STANAG magazines.

  • Railed Sides
  • One Size Fits All
  • Padded Supports

Designed to be a light to medium weight helmet providing excellent all round head protection with upper ear protection too. 

  • 120rnd Capacity
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Gas Prime From Top

Shower your enemies in a cloud of white plastic. Shock and awe is the name of the game with these 120rnd shower grenades. Simply fill your grenades with BBs & gas, insert to a compatible launcher and fire away.

From £94.99
  • Strong Recoil
  • Two Stage Trigger
  • Extremely Ergonomic

A high performance pistol with extreme accuracy and a comfortable, ergonomic feel.

From £99.99
  • Top 20mm Rail
  • Sawn-Off Style Grip
  • Shell Holder Included

A full metal spring powered pump action Airsoft 6mm shotgun that is tri-barrelled and comes with a sawn-off style pistol grip as standard.

From £214.99
  • Great DMR Base
  • Full Stock Design
  • Four Point Handguard

An Electric Powered Airsoft AEG, designed to look like the MK12 Special Purpose Rifle which is currently in service and used by the US Navy SOCOM Units, and was built by CYMA with custom design elements added by P&J and is the perfect base for a DMR Rifle. 

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