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  • Tough Stitching
  • Bungee Secure Cord
  • For Cable Management

Lightweight bungee cord retainers designed to allow you to manage your loose cables, hydration lines and loose straps and prevent them from swinging loose or being snagged on passing objects.

  • Waterproof Wax
  • For Brown Leather
  • MOD Brown Boot Friendly

The only wax to use with new MOD and Alt-berg Brown boots! Any other polish will turn your boots brown. Original wax is a mix of 70% wax and 30% oil, developed for everyday use in average UK conditions. 

Was £2.39
Save £1.50
  • 50ml Contents
  • Ultimate Polish
  • Great On Boots & Shoes

Specifically designed for leather shoes and boots to give the best shine, keeping your leather footwear smart and protected from scuffs. 

Was £9.95
Save £6.00
  • Trim To Fit
  • Washable & Breathable
  • Odour-free & Antibacterial

Layered insoles developed by Viper to deliver comfort to any shoes and boots, manufactured to last and can be shaped into any size.

  • 500ml Contents
  • Usable On All Fabrics
  • Quick Drying Formula

Jack Pyke spray on fabric water proofer spray is ideal for clothing, tents, covers and other outdoor fabrics.