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  • Nickel Plated Steel
  • Upgrade VSR / BAR-10
  • For AirsoftPro Parts

A replacement cylinder head for the AirsoftPro Cylinder, designed as an upgrade for VSR/BAR-10 rifles.

  • Pack Of 6
  • Fits To Cylinder Head
  • May Reduce FPS Slightly

Can be fitted inside other rifles including AEG gearboxes. The sorbo pad works by absorbing impact from your piston head, please note you should expect an FPS loss so you may have to improve the air seal or fit a slightly larger spring to regain your desired FPS.

  • CNC Machined Parts
  • Great Drop-In Instant Upgrade
  • Complete Cylinder Replacement

This cylinder set is a complete drop in kit for the Well MB06 / Urban Sniper which instantly upgrades all the vital components which supply power to the weapon improving the rifles consistency and power.