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  • Custom Built
  • Limited Quantity
  • Genuine Zenitco Parts

A custom-built Bullpup PKP from 'Raptor' which is made in extremely limited quantities and to a ridiculously high standard, complete with genuine real-world Zenitco/Зенитка furniture. Converted from a PKP to this 8.6kg metal monster, we guarantee there is nothing like this on your local skirmish field!

  • Full Auto Only
  • Support Weapon
  • 2400rnd Box Mag

    An electrically powered 6mm BB Airsoft realistic replica of the original MK1 M249 SAW, a squad support weapon with a 2400 round magazine and an inbuilt folding bipod allowing it to be fired from an emplaced position.

    From £429.99
    • Sound / Auto Winding
    • Full Metal Construction
    • PARA Retractable Stock

    Realistically constructed with alloy externals, this weighty 6mm Airsoft electric gun is an accurate replica of the infamous M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, complete with the retractable Para stock, providing you with the firepower of a full squad in a compact and mobile platform.

    From £429.99
    • Full Auto Only
    • Support Weapon
    • 2400rnd Box Mag

    Realistically constructed from both alloy and polymer, this 6mm BB Airsoft electric gun is an excellent replica of FN’s successful M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, this particular MK46 variant being modernised and featuring an ergonomic and retractable M4-style stock. 

    From £449.99
    • 3500 Round Mag
    • Extendable Bipod
    • Adjustable Rate of Fire

    The A&K M60 is an exact replica of its real steel counterpart, the name M60 'Vietnam' arises from its iconic use during the Vietnam conflict were it served as the U.S. Army's primary SAW (squad support weapon), and continued to do so until the US adopted the FN MAG / M240 in the 1980s. 


    An Airsoft 6mm BB Support Gun, designed for use in Airsoft Skirmishes, and is a replica of the famous PKM Heavy Machinegun used widely by Russian Forces around the world.

    • Alloy Construction
    • Light Support Variant
    • Folding Bipod And Rear Brace

    Bring a little additional firepower onto the skirmish field in a weapon platform that’s scarcely bigger than a standard assault rifle! This is a highly accurate and authentic Airsoft replica of the L86A2 Light Support Weapon, the long-barrelled brother of the L85.

    • Folding Bipod  
    • Full Stock Design
    • Autowind Magazine

    An electrically powered 6mm BB Airsoft realistic replica of the updated M249 SAW MK2 with full solid stock, a squad support weapon with a 2400 round magazine and an inbuilt folding bipod allowing it to be fired from an emplaced position.

    • Real Wood Stock
    • Removable Bipod
    • Heavyweight Replica

    Realistically constructed from alloy, real wood and polymer, this electronically powered 6mm BB Airsoft gun is an incredibly authentic replica of the instantly recognisable WW2 era MG42, the infamous “Hitler’s Buzzsaw”.

    • Auto-Wind Box Mag
    • KRYTAC Unique Stock
    • Alloy Keymod Handguard

    An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the Stoner LMG with a modern twist, this Airsoft Light Support Weapon is guaranteed to turn heads. The weapon itself is almost entirely constructed from Alloy, with a Polyer Stock and Pistol Grip, and comes with a Polymer Hi-Capacity Box Magazine. 

    • Faithful Replica
    • High Speed Gearbox
    • Excellent Quality Construction

    The G&P U.S. Navy Mk23 Stoner is the answer to the age-old problem of Airsoft: light machine guns and support weapons are fun but tend to be on the heavy side. Based on Eugene Stoner’s revolutionary M63 design, the MK23 is a unique hybrid of assault rifle and LMG and offers users a comfortable and practical way to bring suppressive fire to the skirmish field.

    • 1200rnd Capacity
    • Railed Handguard
    • Diecast Aluminium Body

    Just like Eugene Stoner’s real revolutionary weapon, the G&P M63 Airsoft gun is a select fire weapon, capable of laying down a wall of suppressive fire, or taking precise shots on semi-automatic. Constructed from die-cast aluminium, this Airsoft gun looks and feels like the real thing.


    Accuracy through volume, be your own personal army!

    There are two types of player: those who cant aim, and those who believe that accuracy comes through volume of fire. If you're on of these types of player then a support weapon may be for you. When we say support weapon we mean machine guns, light machine guns, and heavy machine-gun. Support your squad by putting down large volumes of fire allowing them to move up and advance on the enemy. We have a range of Airsoft Support guns which all have an obscene magazine capacity, allowing you to put down hundreds of rounds of BBs before you even need to stop and reload!

    Looking for an Airsoft Replica, but yet to receive your UKARA or Defence? No problems, we've got you covered! We sell a range of Airsoft Guns, BB Guns, and Replicas to suit a wide range of player requirements, with guns to suit any pocket! These are not just bb guns, these are fully fledged Airsoft Game Day Guns! 

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    Whether you are looking for cheap BB Guns, beginner Airsoft Rifles, or simply a replica for target shooting we have everything from low price beginner weapons, to fully fledged top of the line professional weapons, and whats better: we can two-tone any gun we sell on our website! Just select it from the drop down box on any weapon page and away you go!