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  • Waterproof Wax
  • For Brown Leather
  • MOD Brown Boot Friendly

The only wax to use with new MOD and Alt-berg Brown boots! Any other polish will turn your boots brown. Original wax is a mix of 70% wax and 30% oil, developed for everyday use in average UK conditions. 

  • 50ml Contents
  • Ideal For Gears
  • Very Spreadable

Stocked and used by our Patrol Base workshop and other staff members for years. Easy to store and incredibly long lasting in any Airsoft Gearbox. 

  • 20ml Contents
  • Ideal For Cylinders
  • Easily Spreadable Grease

Stocked and used by our Patrol Base workshop and other staff members for years. Easy to store and lasts longer than Silicone Oil Spray. 

  • Repair Leaking Mags
  • Extra Lubricated
  • Super Compact

Designed to restore life to dried out seals in Airsoft GBB and NBB pistol magazines, 40mm grenades and other gas devices. Stocked and used by our Patrol Base workshop and other staff members for years. Each can has 270ml contents and can restore magazines over and over. 

Please note this is not a guaranteed item to repair leaky magazines, but so far we have been impressed with its success rate. We have used this in store many times and repaired many magazines with slow leak.

  • Restore Seals
  • 180ml Contents
  • Improve Performance

A can of silicon spray lubricant which is used to maintain your Airsoft Guns and Parts. The silicon lube comes in a spray can and contains 180ml of Silicon Lubricant. 

  • Red Light Filter
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Elastic Headband

A lightweight head mounted torch which has a white coloured beam, with a red sliding filter allowing you to read maps and other items in harder to spot light.

  • Special Putty
  • Oils & Degreasers
  • Cleaning Tools Included

A must have piece of kit for any Airsoft player or enthusiast. The kit comes with everything you need to keep your GBB and AEG weapons in top condition, giving you an edge over your opponents.

  • Water Resistant
  • Rotate 360 degrees
  • Weapon Mountable

A Multifunction LED flashlight with 3 modes of operation, full power, low power or strobe effect. Can be mounted on most airsoft guns with rails. 

  • 180 - 200 Lumens
  • Upto 2hrs Run Time

Compact enough to compliment your pistol whilst still blinding and disorientating your enemy. Easy to fit thanks to the sprung lever slide on action, you can mount this flashlight to any rail.

  • Alloy Body & Head
  • Ambidextrous Toggle
  • 400 Lumens CREE Bulb

A torch designed to be fit to a range of railed Pistols, giving the ability to quickly acquire targets in low light conditions whilst allowing the user to keep both hands on their Weapon. 

  • 30ml Content
  • Great Lubricant
  • Easy Drip Nozzle

Stocked and used by our Patrol Base workshop and other staff members for years. Easy to store and use with the lockable pop on lid you can store this in a rucksack or bag without over worrying the contents may spill out during transit or storage.

  • 150ml Contents
  • Very Spreadable
  • Preserve All Seals

150ml contents in a high pressurised can. Ideal for most Airsoft maintenance and cleaning of internals and gas magazines. 

  • Velcro Backing
  • Fits into MOLLE
  • Waterproof Design

A small LED powered Light designed for use as a marking device to donate Locations and Team Colours for Identification. The Body of the Light is constructed from Polymer, with a Gel encased LED Light, making it waterproof.

  • 3 x AAA Batteries
  • High Intensity LEDs
  • Lightweight Aluminium

Bring light to the darkness with this conveniently pocket-sized torch, that packs 9 darkness-busting high intensity LEDs, in a lightweight aluminium torch.

  • Battery Not Included
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Works On Other KEYMODs

A torch system with included mount that will fit onto nearly any KEYMOD rail section, not just OCTARMS.

Bright and slippy, how else do you want your replica?

All alone this valentines day? No worries, we've got you covered. Spend valentines day with the one who you really love: your Airsoft replica. Don't know what to treat it to? Why not get yourself some lubricant to make sure everything slips and slides just like its supposed to, and improve the items life. Looking for an upgrade, why not add a bit of spice to your weapon and add a torch to cover your target with a shining white light.

Looking to lube?

Lubricating and cleaning your weapon is the best way to keep it running perfectly. Keep your pride and joy purring, and make sure it even lasts longer.

Shine Bright

Sick of wandering around in the dark looking for answers? Slap on a bright torch and dazzle your enemy with your stunning new illumination device.

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