An almighty range of Airsoft RIF's and Two Tone weapons!

Looking for that new Airsoft Weapon in your life? Here at Patrol Base Airsoft we have a wide range of Airsoft Rifles, Long Guns and Pistols made to put a smile on your face at your next Airsoft Skirmish, with all our weapons designed to shoot 6mm Plastic BBs for play at Airsoft Sites and Venues.

We have a wide variety of weapons for every occasion. For those chasing all year round performance we have a range of Electric Powered Airsoft AEG, also known as Automatic Electric Guns which are powered by a motor and a specially designed gearbox system. For those wanting a more realistic experience we also stock Gas Blowback Airsoft Weapons which are powered by Gas and feature moving Slides and Bolts which when fired rack back to simulate the recoil of a real weapon! If you fancy yourself a Sniper we also have a vast range of Bolt Action Rifles to suit all tastes.

Looking for a gun from a specific era? We've got that covered too! We have a range of both modern and era weapons for both the modern skirmisher, or for historical re-enactors who are looking for that special weapon to complete their kit setup.

If you're new to Airsoft and are looking to get set up we have options for everyone, with low end starter guns all the way up to professional grade weapons, and we can help you through the entire process from start to finish!