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Patrol Base | Airsoft Multi Terrain Pattern MTP Surplus
MTP Multi Terrain Pattern
Patrol Base - DPM Disruptive Pattern Material Camoflague
Patrol Base - MARPAT Marine Pattern Material
Navy Seal
Navy Seal
Patrol Base | Camouflage Icon | ACU
US Woodland
US Woodland
Patrol Base | Camouflage Pattern | Flecktarn
CQB Camo
CQB Camo
Patrol Base | Kryptek Mandrake Camoflague
Patrol Base - Night Urban Grey Camoflague
Night Urban Grey
Patrol Base | Kryptek Typhon Camoflague
Partizan SSO
RU Partizan
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Was £9.95
Save £4.97
  • Wrist Mounted Case
  • Fold out Map Pocket
  • Three Internal Pocket

A one size fits all wrist mounted map case which can be worn either directly on the arm, or on top of jackets and tops. The pouch is constructed from 600 Denier Cordua, and features three internal transparent windows for holding maps and other important documentation. 

Was £10.99
Save £5.49
  • Soldier 95 Pattern
  • Tough Poly Cotton
  • Child Sized Trousers

A kids' sized replica of Solider 95 Pattern trousers, these poly-cotton camouflage trousers are lightweight and durable, suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. 

Was £12.99
Save £6.49
  • Multiple Pockets
  • Adjustable Ankles
  • Modern Camouflage

Available in a range sizes suitable for children, these high quality polyester-cotton trousers are perfect for exploring the outdoors. 

Was £12.99
Save £6.49
  • Stretch Fit
  • Keeps you Cool
  • Mesh-Tech Material

A tactical shirt designed to be worn underneath Vests, Rigs and other Tactical equipment in place of a traditional T-Shirt or top designed to keep you cool and sweat free.

Was £12.99
Save £6.49
  • Epaulettes
  • Acrylic Pullover
  • Shoulder & Elbow Pads

An Acrylic knitted Army style pullover which is perfect for Cadets, Outdoorsmen or those doing a British Army loadout. It features reinforced shoulder and elbow pads, and epaulettes on the shoulder for ornamental decoration.

Was £16.99
Save £8.49
  • 5 pockets
  • Desert DPM Pattern
  • 35% Cotton/65% Polyester 

Lightweight and fashionable trousers, these desert trousers are a definite for the summer and the pattern is the same as those issued to current serving armed forces personnel.

  • Loops For Camo
  • MICH 2000 Cover
  • Durable Nylon Material

A fabric helmet cover, designed to be used to cover MICH 2000 helmets and change their appearance as quickly and as easily as possible.

  • MOLLE Mounted
  • Total Of 7 Pockets
  • Medium Sized Utility

A MOLLE mounted utility pouch which has more pockets and internal pouches than you can shake a stick at.

From £10.00
Was £19.99
Save £9.99
  • Official VORTEX Merch
  • For Forgetful Shooters
  • Super Comfy Materials

An official VORTEX Optics T-Shirt, made from extremely comfy materials, for those shooters among us that are quite forgetful. Cant remember the process of firing a weapon? Then just look down! It'll be somewhere you can't miss it: directly on your chest!

  • Dual Compartment
  • Ultra Compact Design
  • Soft Lined Main Pocket

    Small and compact utility pouch designed to be attached to belts, bags, vests and chest rigs where a MOLLE panel is available. The Pouch is constructed from heavy duty 600D Cordua. 

    Was £22.99
    Save £11.49
    • 20mm Rail Pieces
    • Attaches to Helmets
    • Make Helmet Your Own

    A Polymer constructed set of adaptors for railed helmets, allowing you to install 20mm accessories to your helmet setup.

    Was £24.99
    Save £12.49
    • Belt Mounted
    • Smooth Draw
    • Kydex Material

    A tough and durable Open Top Holster which is made from Kydex material to a high standard, offering you a stable belt-mounted platform to effortlessly holster and unholster a wide variety of sidearms, from the EU-Series to the CZ Family.

    • Velcro ID Panel
    • MOLLE Front Face
    • Internal Organisers

    A compact but surprisingly spacious Utility Pouch made from 1000D Polyester, which means its not only tough but water resistant. Take control of your kit admin, and get all your important items organised and ready for Airsoft.

    From £6.98
    Was £13.95
    Save £6.97
    • Very Lightweight
    • Perfect For Airsoft
    • High Wicking Material

    A lightweight top designed to be as breathable as possible whilst retaining comfort and fit for the user.

    Was £34.95
    Save £17.47
    • Rip-Stop Polycotton
    • Removable Elbow Pad
    • Velcro Shoulder Pocket

    A lightweight and breathable top, which is Viper Tactical's version of UBACS, known as Under Body Armour Combat Shirt, designed to keep the wearer comfortable and cool. 

    • Mock Inserts
    • Fully Adjustable
    • Large Velcro Panel

    A set of Full Torso Body Armour, and is a replica of the Standard Body Armour used by U.S Special Forces, such as DELTA and the Navy SEALS.  

    From £10.00
    Was £19.99
    Save £9.99
    • Drawstring Hood
    • Front Pouch Pocket
    • Sleeve Thumb Holes

      Perfect for keeping warm and comfortable, this hoodie is constructed from durable Polyester fabric and features a variety of practical features. 

      Was £39.99
      Save £19.99
      • Cordua Lining
      • Lightweight Boot
      • Boot Speed Hooks

        A pair of lightweight tactical sneakers, a great alternative to the traditional boot, which are breathable and comfortable, suitable for many uses.

        • NVG Mount
        • ARC Side Rails
        • Lightweight & Tough

        This Airsoft Replica Ballistic Helmet is both lightweight and tough, offering protection from Airsoft Hits for your head, as well as allowing you to mount accessories, and just to enhance the look of your loadout. If you're looking to secure an operator loadout, then a brain bucket should be high on your list.

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        Was £52.99
        Save £26.49
        • Lightweight
        • Size Adjustable
        • Elasticated Cummerbund

        The MPC Rig from Nuprol is a great choice for those who want the real estate of a plate carrier, but without the bulk of dummy plates.

        • 3 x Rifle Pouches
        • 4 x Pistol Pouches
        • MOLLE Compatible

        A MOLLE compatible magazine pouch array, designed to be affixed to vests, bags and plate carriers to make a great starting point for any setup.

        • External Layer
        • Zipped Pockets
        • Waterproof Trousers

        A pair of waterproof trousers, designed to fit over regular trousers to keep you warm and dry even during rainy and snowy conditions. 

        Was £58.99
        Save £29.49
        • Sniper Mat
        • 122cm x 77cm
        • Handy Carry Strap

        A lightweight and convenient Sniper Roll Mat which you can carry on your person and deploy in a moments notice for a comfortable shooting position.

        Was £59.99
        Save £29.99
        • Well Ventilated
        • Ripstop Material
        • Built-In Kneepads

        Combat Pants made to a high standard from rip-stop materials, designed to be lightweight, breathable and as functional as possible. Included with unique-looking built-in knee pads with a grippy exterior, and more pockets than you can shake a stick at.

        • Ripstop Polycotton
        • Elasticated Waist Band
        • Drawstring Tie Bottoms

        A pair of lightweight and durable trousers, designed for maximum comfort and functionality, constructed from high quality rip-stop polycotton. 

        Was £79.99
        Save £39.99
        • Padding Support
        • COBRA FC45 Buckle
        • 18kN Maximum Load

        A comfortable and rugged MOLLE Battle Belt which is ideal carrying your loadout on your hips rather than your chest, and comes packaged with the COBRA FC45 Buckle to hold a whopping 18kN of load.

        • Adjustable
        • Modular Rig
        • Buckle Up System

        A lightweight and simple plate carrier which is the perfect starting point for building your dream rig. It operates around the 'buckle up' system and is very easy to install new pouches or entire sections.