Ares Amoeba AS-Series 'STRIKER' CSPB-002 Upgrade Stainless Steel Spring Guide

Product code: 611605 CPSB-002-SG
  • For Striker S1
  • Bearing Filled Base
  • Stainless Steel Construction

A purpose built 2 part Spring Guide, designed to Improve the Performance of ARES Striker S1 series of Bolt Action Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifles. Precision manufactured from Stainless Steel, this complete set features both the Spring Guide Shaft, and the Bearing Base. 

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The Base, which contains bearings, is designed to ensure that when Compressed your Striker S1s Spring remains Straight inside the Piston and allow a free rotation upon release. This prevents spring and spring guide wearing unevenly and any reduces the chance of premature breaking. The use of Durable Stainless Steel also allows users to install stronger springs into their Striker S1, increasing the FPS up to 450FPS. Whether you're looking to increase your Strikers FPS, or simply future-proof it and protect it from damage, this C.P.S.B Stainless Steel Spring Guide is an invaluable internal component


  • Solid construction
  • Precision Manufactured Stainless Steel 
  • Purpose designed for ARES S1 Sniper Rifle
  • Designed for use with higher strength springs
  • Reduces Spring & Pistol Wear
  • Suitable for 450FPS Builds
  • 2 piece design for re-greasing bearings
  • Nipple end to aid locking and keeping straight inside your cylinder
  • Bearing braced to prevent spring strain and keep it straight inside your piston

Package Includes:

  • AMOEBA Striker C.P.S.B Stainless Steel Spring Guide

Special Instructions:

This is a 2 part piece, the base screws out from the shaft. Out of the box it should be very stiff and almost impossible to turn. Over time and use it will unsettle and unscrew, be sure to service this part regular and just apply a small amount of thread lock before re-assembly. It is rare for the parts to completely separate however it has been encountered. This is not a product defect, it comes apart so you can properly grease the ball bearings.

Should you have any questions about this product, or are having difficulty installing it in your ARES AMOEBA S1, feel free to call us on 01484 644709, and have a chat with the Workshop Team. 



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Spring Guide
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Patrol Base - Warning Icon
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Approx. 0.05kg


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Weapon Platform

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Spring Guide Bearings

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Parts Fitting

Upgrades and Downgrades should only be undertaken by experienced players, or Airsoft Technicians. Please note, changing any internal parts of a weapon voids its warranty unless done in-house by our staff. 

Please ensure that when fitting parts the part purchased is the correct part, as once a part has been fitted we cannot accept return.

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