Ares L85A2 Service Rifle - BY1198

Product code: BY1198
Was £399.99
Save £200.00
  • Parts Missing
  • Gearbox Issues
  • Great Externals

A used item which is really good external condition apart from a snapped charging handle and bolt release. It does however have some internal gearbox issues which need addressing. The gun seems to function fine on Auto (albeit with some nasty gear spin when the trigger is released). Single Shot is where things fall apart and it takes two trigger pulls to complete a cycle, with some nasty overspin-like noises from the gearbox. It shoots at 355+ FPS so would need a downgrade to be skirmish ready. This item definitely requires a full internal inspection, hence the dramatic price drop.



Item Type
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Defence / UKARA Required
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Over 18
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Boneyard Specific

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Cosmetic , Parts Missing, Gearbox Fault,
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No Return / Refund, No Repair

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