Battleaxe 5.56 Magazine Assist For M4/AR15/M16 Single

Code: FBP1891
  • Rubberised
  • Textured For Grip
  • For 5.56mm Mags

A rubber magazine pull for 5.56mm style magazines, such as the M4, M16, SR16/25 416/417 range to name a few.

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These magazine pulls are made of rubber, and are designed to be stretched over the base of a magazine to make them easier to remove from a pouch or Airsoft gun. With the proper use of magpulls and some training you can dramatically reduce your load time which can be the difference between a win or a long walk to the safe zone. They have a textured design which not only makes them look awesome but will improve grip even if you're wearing gloves. If you prioritise speed and efficiency over everything else, and believe in the power of 'every fraction of a second counts' then invest in some magpulls today and take your game to the next level.


  • Rubber construction
  • For 5.56mm magazines
  • Textured design
  • Black colour
  • Large loop for easy removal
  • Improve reload times
  • Easier to remove mags from pouches
  • Sturdy and secure once in place

Package Includes:

  • 5.56 Magazine Assist For M4/AR15/M16 Single



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Approx. 0.1kg

Magazine Specific

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STANAG, Long Gun Magazine,
Weapon Platform
Long Gun