Big Dragon RIS Forward Grip With Rails

Big Dragon
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  • Two Side Rails
  • Easy to Fit
  • Locking Mechanism

A lightweight Vertical Fore Grip which can be added to your 20mm RIS / RAS rail to give you an additional control point on your weapon, as well as two additional rail points to your gun.

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The grip is made from lightweight polymer, and features a locking mechanism which allows you to affix the grip to your rail. The grip features a left and right rail, allowing you attach additional torches or lasers to your weapon. This is the perfect starter grip for Airsoft Skirmisher as it allows you easily and quickly change its position as well as being easy to grip with gloves.


  • Left and Right rails, for allowing the attachment of lasers and torches
  • Lightweight polymer design
  • Locking mechanism for securing on your rail
  • Long grip for better grip with gloves
  • Ridged grip, allowing for strong grip with gloves

Package Includes:

  • RIS Forward Grip With Rails



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20mm RIS / RAS