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  • Elastic Retention
  • 2 x 7.62 STANAG
  • For Viper VX System

A Double Magazine Pouch for 7.62mm STANAG Magazines, such as the M14 or G&G MBR for example. The Pouches hold the Magazines place with Elastic Retention and are compatible with Viper VX systems, to be attached via the hook and loop panel on the rear.

  • Bends 90°
  • Fits M4/M16
  • Sheath Included

This is a Rubber Training 'Knife' for Airsoft / Cosplay use. The blade can bend through a full 90°, which makes it safe for close melee kills in Airsoft gameplay. It can be mounted to an M4/M16 Platform Rifle or worn on a belt system with the included Polymer Hard Sheath and loop. The Sheath can be quickly detached by the buckle on the loop, and the 'Knife' is retained in the Sheath by a velcro loop. If you want something for some sneaky CQB kills, or just something to perfect your loadout, then the CYMA Dummy Bayonet for M4/M16 Series is perfect.

  • One Size Fits All
  • Stiff Curved Peak
  • Several Ventilation Airholes

A baseball cap designed for use in airsoft skirmishes to protect the user's vision from bright sunlight. The cap is constructed from 100% cotton, is patterned and has several ventilation airholes to keep your head cool in the heat of the moment. 

  • Shemagh Scarf
  • 110cm x 115cm
  • Lower Face Protection

Constructed from cotton this lightweight scarf is based on the Arab Shemagh, and can be wrapped around the head in multiple ways, and can be used in an Airsoft Skirmish as lightweight and breathable lower face protection.

  • Dual Logo
  • 3D Embroidery
  • Stiff Curved Peak

A baseball cap designed for use in Airsoft skirmishes to protect the user's vision from bright sunlight. The cap is constructed from 100% cotton, and features two 'SWAT' logos. 

  • Velcro Panels
  • Rip-Stop Fabric
  • Nylon / Cotton Mix

A baseball cap designed for use in the outdoors during extreme sports and similar hobbies, making it ideally suited for use in Airsoft. 

  • 330ml Contents
  • Fits Into An Ammo Pouch
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless steel 330ml Ammo pouch flask, designed and built to fit easily within most ammo pouches, keeping your drink safe. 

  • Easy to Remove
  • High Strength Tape
  • Adhesive Fabric Material

A high strength, heavy duty, fabric wrap designed to be wrapped around weapons either as a Concealment Aid, for Weapon Protection or user Comfort.

  • MOLLE Fitting
  • Ultra-Compact
  • Super Lightweight

The most compact dump pouch on the market, and when you are done with it, simply stuff it back in its own MOLLE pouch! Ultra-compact, lightweight, durable and a must have.

  • Elastic Retention
  • Ultra Low Profile
  • MOLLE Fitting Rear

Ultra compact and MOLLE compatible Airsoft pistol magazine storage. Hold up to 2x magazines either single or double stack incredibly close to your RIG to keep a slim profile.

  • Double Pouch
  • For Pistol Magazines
  • Elastic Retention Loops

A 1000D Polyester constructed Double Magazine Pouch for Pistol Magazines, which is MOLLE compatible and retained by Elastic Loops. The front face of the Pouch has Velcro for adding patches and other flair to your loadout.

  • Internal Zip Pouch
  • For Shotguns/Rifles
  • Holds Shotgun Shells

This awesome Stock Pad for Airsoft Shotguns and Rifles easily slips over your buttstock to provide comfortable padding to rest your cheek on when aiming, as well as the ability to hold Shotgun Shells in place for easier/quicker reloads, and an internal zipped Pouch for loose important items. It is held in place by adjusting the Elastic Retainers to be as tight as possible.

  • Mesh Lenses
  • No Fogging Up
  • Adjustable Strap

High quality Mesh goggles, allowing you to protect your eyes during Airsoft Skirmish or Military re-enactments without the risk of steaming up, obscuring your vision, like with plastic lens goggles. 

  • Adjustable Elastic Retention
  • High Magazine Coverage
  • MOLLE Compatible

    An incredible design that truly protects your pistol magazines while you're carrying them, be it single or double stack from 1911 to G-series and more.

    These pouches are specifically designed to be attached to MOLLE Platform items, such as rigs, plate carriers and even backpacks which feature MOLLE panels.

    • 3 x Elasticated Pouches
    • Press Stud MOLLE Loops
    • Lightweight & Low Profile

    A triple magazine pouch for M4/15/16 STANAG magazines and smaller, the idea being that the pouch is a low profile and lightweight as possible to afford maximum manoeuvrability to the user.

    • For Grenades
    • Adjustable Size
    • Open Top Retention

    Exactly what it says on the tin: a versatile open top retention pouch which is adjustable to fit most realistically sized grenades.

    • Elastic Retention
    • Ultra Low Profile
    • MOLLE Fitting Rear

    Stack up, load up and run slimline with incredible retention without breaking the bank. Hold a wide range of SMG Airsoft magazines side by side including EVO, MP9 and more.

    • Holds 6 x Shells
    • Velcro Mounted
    • Choice of Colours

    A Velcro-secured holder for 6 x Airsoft Shotgun Shells which can attach anywhere that has a free space of Velcro available, and has six elasticated loops for Shotgun Shells, Pyro and other similarly sized articles.

    • Secures Mags
    • Half Flap Cover
    • For VX Utility Rig

    The Viper Tactical VP VX Utility Rig Half Flap is constructed from 700D Polytech material and is designed for the Viper VX Utility Rig. It's purpose is to attach to the Rig and secure over the top of one half of the Rig. This helps keep tension on the Rig and secures the magazines in place where it is installed. It even has a hook and loop front panel so that you can still cover your Rig with name, rank or morale patches.

    • MOLLE Pouch
    • Fully Adjustable
    • Fits any Magazine

    An adjustable pouch which has been designed to be a one size fits all magazine pouch, allowing the use of magazines ranging from standard M4 / STANAG Magazines up to AK and G36 types. 

    • Dual Zip Closure
    • MOLLE / Belt Straps
    • Large Main Compartment

    A lightweight tactical pouch, designed to be attached to MOLLE systems like vests and belts, giving the user access to a multitude of pockets to carry a range of different small equipment. 

    • 30ml Spray Contents
    • Hidden Cloth Compartment
    • Suitable For Many Glasses / Goggle

    30ml contents makes this spray bottle very compact and easily transportable. You only need one or two short sprays per pair of goggles or glasses to "refresh" the anti-fog properties of your spectacles. 

    • Great for Zeroing
    • Pack of Six Pieces
    • Knock Down Target

      A pack of six shoot-down targets, designed to allow you to practice your shooting skills or to zero rifles.

      • Non-Slip Pads
      • 99.99% UV Protection
      • Lightweight Metal Frame

      Designed on a sports like frame, these glasses are incredibly lightweight and low profile, yet very comfortable and confidence filling.

      • 2x elastic strapping
      • Soft ventilated cheeks
      • Excellent head support

      Look after your teeth and be safe for work the next day without being covered in shot marks. Cushioned cheek finish from Kombat UK makes running and gunning so much more comfortable. 

      • Wide Range of Mags
      • Friction Retention
      • Paddle Holster

      A molded Airsoft retention holster a wide variety of magazines, which comes attached to a paddle holster system, to stay solid on your belt system.

      • Attaches to Belts
      • Velcro Flap Secured
      • Admin/Dump Pouch

      The Viper Tactical Patrol Pouch is a multi-purpose Dump/Admin Pouch that can serve any purpose you put it to. It attaches to your Belt by feeding the strap through the two loops on the rear, and features two separate Velcro-secured Pouches for keeping loose items safe.

      • Wrist Mounted Case
      • Fold out Map Pocket
      • Three Internal Pocket

      A one size fits all wrist mounted map case which can be worn either directly on the arm, or on top of jackets and tops. The pouch is constructed from 600 Denier Cordua, and features three internal transparent windows for holding maps and other important documentation. 

      • MOLLE Compatible
      • Size Adjustable Straps
      • Securely Contain Radio

      A versatile MOLLE compatible pouch, designed to store GPS units and radio systems, and is adjustable via a top elastic tension adjuster. 

      • Open Eye Surround
      • Ventilated Mouth Area
      • Adjustable Velcro Strap

      A Neoprene face mask designed to be used whilst playing Airsoft to protect your face from BB's and other projectiles.