BOLT BY-100400 - BR47 MK18 MOD-1 B.R.S.S. AEG; Two tone Blue

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  • Cycles fine
  • Magazine is very loose - Doesn't always feed
  • Barrel threads have been damaged

This BOLT BR47 was returned to us due to the magazine being very loose when inserted, causing intermittent feeding. This issue may be solved with a new magazine release or a new magazine but all of the mags we have on hand do not fit this rifle. The threads on the barrel of the rifle have been damaged, so may or may not be able to accept a muzzle device. The butt plate/battery compartment has had one of the tabs snapped, so it will no longer stay connected to the stock. The rifle has some wear to its two tone paint, and a scratch on the upper receiver where an optic was mounted. There are also some scratches at the tip of the sound amp muzzle device. This may be useful for the techy type who needs BOLT parts for a repair. 

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Package Includes

  • BOLT BR47 MK18 MOD-1 B.R.S.S. AEG; Two tone Blue
  • BOLT AK47 High capacity magazine
  • BOLT stickers
  • BOLT Patch



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Bone Yard can't be 2 Toned
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Defence / UKARA Required
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Site Legal, using 0.20g BB
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Black, Blue,

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Possible Faults
Scratched, Paint Worn, Thread Damaged, Butt plate tab snapped, Magazine loose - Mag catch/Mag well spec issue,
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No Return / Refund, No Repair

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