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Was £129.99
Save £30.00
  • Broken magazine release lever
  • Slight markings and scratches
  • Fully cycles and feeds

This Rhino was returned to us by a customer due to a broken magazine release lever. The broken part is included in the box and could potentially be reattached using metal glue, however there are no guarantees it won't snap again, although it could be replaced if you fancy something shiny to tinker with.

Beyond that the pistol is fully functional, it has been tested and it cycles and feeds perfectly fine and is ready to rock! Cosmetically, there are some slight marking and scratches on the body of the magnum near the hammer and trigger. Box and shells included.

Was £229.99
Save £125.00
  • Externally perfect
  • Hammer mech fault
  • Non functional

This Chiappa Rhino was returned to us due to a fault within the hammer mech. The internal hammer does not function, and thus this pistol is a paperweight. The cylinder still cycles fine when the trigger is pulled, and the revolver has no obvious external damage. This would make a great wallhanger, prop pistol or display item! 

Was £229.99
Save £117.50
  • Fully functional
  • Cylinder release lever snapped
  • Small scratch behind the cylinder

This Chiappa Charging Rhino was unfortunately damaged in shipping/storage. The cylinder release lever has snapped, though the cylinder can still be opened by pulling back on what remains of the lever. Otherwise, the pistol is in near new condition, other than two scratches on the left side of the body, beneath where the cylinder release lever would normally sit and some barely visible wear to the cylinder index holes in the cylinder, from testing.  

From £249.99
  • Official Gun
  • Double Action
  • Limited Edition

This absolutely stunning Airsoft Revolver is a faithful replica of the Chiappa Rhino 50DS .357 Revolver, made by none other than Chiappa Firearms themselves. This variant of the pistol is limited edition, produced in limited edition colours.

This Pistol takes Airsoft Revolver technology and refines it to be far more user friendly, whilst also pushing the standard for external construction. The 50DS is built like a tank and made to match the original weight of the real thing, leaving you with a superbly high quality Airsoft replica that works, looks and feels just like the real thing.

  • Pack of Six
  • For Rhino 50DS
  • Replacement Shells

A set of six spare or replacement Revolver Shells for the Chiappa Firearms Rhino 50DS, which are made to the original specifications as the shells that are included with the Revolver. If you own a Chiappa Rhino and you want to have more shells on standby so that you can stay in the game longer, then you need to top up on extra shells today.