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  • 100% Cotton
  • Kids Fancy Dress
  • Camouflage T-Shirt

A kids' military style t-shirt designed for general ware or fancy dress, these T-Shirts are 100% cotton and finished in a military themed colour scheme. 

  • Easy To Remove
  • 10 Meters In Length
  • For Covering Weapon

A great low cost tape used to wrap rifles, accessories and other objects. You can either leave this as a base colour to then add other camo material on top or foliage. 

  • Reusable / Applyable
  • 4.5m Stretched Length
  • Stick To Nearly Anything

Self-clinging camo wrap for all hunting equipment. Also known as stealth tape you can camo up your guns and gear in seconds with no left over residue and can be re-used!

  • Finally, Chairsofting is real!
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Available in Woodland camo or Black

Finally, the moment has arrived, after years of mockery and ridicule, manufacturers finally recognize chairsofters as real people! Jokes aside, this folding mini chair from Evolution Airsoft is super convenient and lightweight. Excellent if you are likely to find yourself holding a static position for a long duration. Extremely useful for Airsoft weekenders, camping, and the lazy folks!

  • Poly cotton
  • British Forces Issue
  • Soldier 95 Pattern Cut

    Cut in the Solider 95 Pattern cut, these poly-cotton camouflage trousers are lightweight and durable, suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities from Airsoft to hiking. 

    • Wide Field of View
    • Fog and Scratch Resistant
    • Dual Layered Thermal Lens

    All the benefits (and more!) of full face protection with no compromise. Its' dual-layered thermal lens and angled ventilation helps eliminate fogging up and makes the mask as breathable as full face protection can be.

    • Stretchy Material
    • Rip-Stop Polycotton
    • Removable Knee Pads

    A pair of tough, comfortable trousers made from a rip-stop material which has all the same features of a very popular real-world set, at a fraction of the price.

    • Polyester
    • Range of Patterns
    • Adhesive Sniper Tape

    Camouflage Adhesive Sniper Tape which is perfect for wrapping around your Rifle, or anything else you want to add a camouflage pattern to.

    • Keeps You Hidden
    • Perfect For Snipers
    • Add Shadow to Camo

    A Cotton constructed Concealment Veil for Airsoft Snipers, which is placed over the head to add shadows, texture and depth to your visible profile, and to keep you hidden from enemy sight.

    • For MOLLE/Belts
    • 2 x Large Utility Pouches
    • Adjustable Polymer Clasps

    A dual utility pouch in Disruptive Pattern Material for carrying water or other important equipment, tools & accessories on your rig or on your belt depending how you attach it.

    • Finger Vents
    • Armoured Knuckles
    • Touchscreen Friendly

    A set of thick gloves with armoured knuckles which will protect your hands from painful Airsoft BB hits, whilst still letting you operate a touchscreen/smart phone.

    • Fabric Sides
    • Adjustable Fit
    • Mesh Protection

    A mesh lower face mask for Airsoft use, which has fabric sides that wrap around a stock when shoulder your rifle, meaning no more struggling to get down as low as your sights.

    • Adjustable Ankle Cuffs
    • Integrated Armour Knee Pads
    • Velcro Waist with Size Adjustment

    These combat trousers with built-in knee-pads are ideal for any airsoft player looking to protect their knees from BBs or other debris lying around an airsoft site. 

    Please Note: The knee pads may vary slightly from the image shown.