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About Our Specna Sale

We're having a massive sale on all Specna Arms Airsoft guns! If you have a hole in your arsenal or you fancy a change, now is the time to grab yourself a sweet Specna Arms at a great price. 

From the Specna Arms FLEX series, ideal beginner Airsoft guns, to the advanced EDGE 2.0 line, equipped with Gate ASTER MOSFETs straight out of the box, we have a Specna Arms for every Airsofter, and far cheaper than ever before!

Whether you need an M4, AR36, AK-47 or something completely unique, you will find plenty of great Airsoft options in the Specna Arms range to suit any loadout or taste!

If you are curious about Specna Arms, see our Who is Specna Arms? article to get clued up. Specna Arms AEGs are known across the Airsoft world for their reliability, fantastic performance, upgradability and the wide variety of different replicas they offer. You can't go wrong with a Specna Arms, even less so at this price!