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  • Velcro Attachment
  • Various Plain/Camo Colours
  • Tactical Replacement for the Stock Headband

A replacement headband for the Earmor M32 Communications Headset, offering some extra features over the standard headband. Various colours and patterns available.

  • For ExFog AntiFog
  • Easy Hose Routing
  • Side Control Window

A pouch designed specifically to house your ExFog AntiFog System and keep it settled on the back of a helmet setup. The pouch attaches via a large surface area of Velcro and has a side window to allow users easy access to the controls of the unit, whilst also allowing them to route the hoses how they wish. The main flap is secured by Velcro and has a large Velcro panel to attach name/rank slides and other morale patches.

  • Kenwood / Baofeng Compatible
  • Optional Remote Finger Button
  • MilSpec Nexus TP-120 U-174 Compatible

A MilSpec TP-120 U-174 compatible PTT (Push To Talk) designed to work with the Earmor M32/M32H headset, or other compatible systems. Optional remote finger button included.

  • Cuts Off Loud Bangs
  • Amplifies Ambient Sound
  • Ambidextrous Microphone
  • *Style/material of head band may differ from image shown

A great quality and fantastic value headset, which provides features usually only found on headsets twice the price! This unit is fully adjustable to fit most heads and folds up small for easy transport.

  • Custom Install
  • Constant Cold Air
  • Fits Any Goggle/Helmet

A revolutionary anti-fog device which attaches to helmets or can be worn as a headband setup, and will provide constant cold air to your lenses to stop fogging of your goggles or helmet.

  • Designed to be cut to length
  • ⌀6.4mm Diameter Tubing
  • 10ft PVC Tubing

    A spare replacement Air flow tube for the Ex-Fog System, great for those who have pulled, snagged, cut or damaged the existing tube which came with the kit. The tube comes in a singular 10 foot length ready to be cut to the desired length.

    • Attach Headset
    • For Flux Helmet
    • Comfortable Comms

    A set of Adapters to attach your EARMOR Active Ear Protection Headsets to an M-TEK Flux Helmet Rail. If you own a pair of EARMOR Active Ear Defenders (such as the M32) and a M-TEK Flux Helmet, then this is the most efficient and comfortable way to combine the two. This method of mounting removes the needs for the large and cumbersome headband, making them far more pleasant to wear for a long skirmish.

    • Rotating Design
    • Keep Your Headset On Your Helmet
    • Compatible With ARC Type Railed Helmets

    A set of tactical helmet mounts designed for the Earmor M32 Communications Headset. Designed to attach to the side rails of a replica FAST helmet or similar.