Black Friday 2021 at Patrol Base

Black Friday 2021 at Patrol Base

Black Friday 2021 at Patrol Base

It's the most wonderful time of the year! This year at Patrol Base we have absolutely outdone ourselves! We have some absolutely EPIC plans for the Black Friday season, starting with free guns up for grabs, and continuing on to the main event where we will be discounting a huge volume of stock, with an exclusive new discount added each day! 

To kick the season off we are once again running an Airsoft giveaway, running between the 8th and 14th November 2021. What's up for grabs? We have 6 of our favourite Airsoft guns to give away, ranging from GBB pistols to heavy-hitting recoil shock AEGs! Quite the opportunity, if you ask us...

Can't wait until Black Friday? Torn between getting your new gun now or waiting for the Black Friday scrum, and hoping if it's discounted you get one before they're all gone? Read on to find out about our Why Wait 'Till Friday offer and put your fears to rest!

November Giveaway

Why Wait 'Till Friday?

Worried that you're going to buy something then the price drops on Black Friday? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

We know it can be a nightmare sitting there wondering if you should buy or not, but we've put in place a safety net to make sure you don't pay more than you need to!

If you buy any product in the week leading up to Black Friday (13/11/21 - 20/11/21) and they are then discounted in the Black Friday sale you can give us a call and we'll refund the difference!

No need for hesitation! If you have your heart set on a certain gun but are worried it will be reduced in price on Black Friday, don't wait for it to go out of stock! Order away, and if it ends up in the sale we will make sure you get the Black Friday price! 

For more information check out our Terms and Conditions Page.

The Main Event: Black Friday

Visit our Black Friday page to see all the exclusive discounts.

Now, on to the main event! Grab your wallet before it runs off! Our Black Friday week starts at 00:00 on the 21st November 2021 and runs until the 28th November 2021. We will be starting with a whole heap of awesome discounts, and if that wasn't enough, we will be adding one exclusive new discounted product each day! But hurry, when they are gone, they are gone!

We've got great deals on a wide range of Airsoft GunsClothingRigsTactical gear, and plenty more. With huge discounts on a wide variety of gear, guns, accessories, and consumables you are guaranteed to find something you want or need, and save money in doing so! Don't wait, these deals only last as long as our stock does!

So there you have it! We doubt we'll need to remind you, but make sure you keep an eye out for our incredible Black Friday Deals!

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