• The Patrol Base Summer Sale ends soon - Get in while you can!
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    The Patrol Base Summer Sale ends soon - Get in while you can!

    The Patrol Base Summer Sale has been on for a while now, but thankfully there is still some good stuff left! Time waits for no man, however, and with only a month left of Summer, you are rapidly running out of time to grab some heavily discounted kit! Airsoft is an expensive hobby, and as we expected, our customers have been very happy to take advantage of our reduced prices and satiate that urge to expand their load outs and armouries. Read on to check out the best bargains available now in our Summer Sale, but get in fast!  

  • Patrol Base 2021 Operations Update
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    Patrol Base 2022 Operations Update

    A quick SITREP as we all get back to our Sunday skirmishes. 

  • Krytac EMG FN P90 -  Shipment Inbound!
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    Krytac EMG FN P90 - Shipment Inbound!

    You may have seen word online about Krytacs latest high performance, fully licensed P90 AEG which is already out and shooting in the US. This article is intended to confirm that, yes, indeed the hype is real!

  • 💥Muzzle Flash Sale 2021💥
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    💥Muzzle Flash Sale 2021💥

    You thought the sales were over for the year, you were wrong! At Patrol Base we love a sale, so we are excited to announce our Muzzle Flash Sale launching this Boxing day Boxing day! With exclusive discounts reduced to clear, this may be your last chance to get your hands on items that may not return to stock for some time, at a discount, no less!

  • What's Happening

    Operation: Samaritan - Airsoft for Charity at HALO MILL: Proving Grounds

    Want the chance to win some awesome Airsoft prizes, and attend an immersive battlesim skirmish? If so, make your way to HALO MILL: Proving Grounds on the 3rd of August 2022 for Operation: Samaritan, a fantastic day of fast paced Airsoft action with exciting and realistic scenarios!

    All proceeds from this Airsoft skirmish will be donated to the Samaritans of Halifax and Calderdale

    Follow this link to book your ticket, and read on for a heads up on the incredible prizes that are up for grabs! 

  • Don't Forget To Restock Those BBs!
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    Don't Forget To Restock Those BBs!

    We're going to be out of lock down soon, so you know what that means, AIRSOFT IS BACK (probably, hopefully, please don't change). Either way, you're going to want to be getting ready for those glorious days of skirmishing!

  • Getting your kit ready for post lockdown-skirmish?
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    Getting your kit ready for post lockdown-skirmish?

    Don't forget your key bits of kit! Make sure you stock up before sites re-open (hopefully) so your ready to grab your kit and start playing!

  • Airsoft January Sale: Our Top Picks
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    Airsoft January Sale: Our Top Picks

    If you've been living under a rock since the new years party finished then you might not know that we've been running another crazy January Airsoft Sale.

  • Cannae Pro Gear
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    Cannae Pro Gear

    Here at Patrol Base we've just got in products from our latest supplier, Cannae Pro Gear.

  • Customised Mesh Mask
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    Customised Mesh Mask

    We have recently introduced a new game at HALO MILL called infected. This is a game where players are sent into the arena one at a time by a marshal and informed if they are "infected" or normal.

  • Tokyo Marui Madness
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    Tokyo Marui Madness

    As our latest restock of all things Tokyo Marui arrives at our gates, we dive into the pile to talk about some of the highlights of our latest delivery.