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  • Our Top 5 RAVEN EU Series Pistol Accessories
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    Our Top 5 RAVEN EU Series Pistol Accessories

    So, you've either grabbed yourself, or are looking at getting your hands on an EU Series Raven Pistol, but what gas, magazines and accessories will you need to get?

  • Top 5 Airsoft Guns under £130
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    Top 5 Airsoft Guns under £130

    Whether you're a new Airsoft player, or a regular skirmisher looking for a new bargain then this blog post is a great place to start! New to the sport and having trouble picking your first Airsoft gun then this article is perfect for you.

  • What is an Airsoft Lens Protector?
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    What is an Airsoft Lens Protector?

    Ever wondered what happens if your Airsoft sight gets shot by a bb? Long story short, if you're unlucky then the front lens is going to be smashed, and if that happens, its good bye sight! If you want to save yourself some money in the long run then dropping a little bit of cash on a sight protector can go a long way!

  • Free Printable Airsoft Shooting Targets
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    Free Printable Airsoft Shooting Targets

    Bored during the lock down, or are you looking for ways to hone your shooting skills? Well so are we!

  • Airsoft Gift Cards and Vouchers
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    Airsoft Gift Cards and Vouchers

    As the time approaches for gifts for a birthday, Christmas or special occasion it can be a bit nerve wracking trying to decide on what Airsoft Gift to buy.

  • Airsoft Price Matching
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    Airsoft Price Matching

    Here at Patrol Base we try to be more transparent about our Pricing, which is why we don't usually offer Discount Codes, you know the price you see is the price you're going to pay.

  • Returns Policy
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    Returns Policy

    Please first contact us to notify us of your wish to return an item and to obtain a return number.

  • Two-Tone Service
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    Two-Tone Service

    The intent of a Two Tone Service is to provide an option to purchase an Airsoft Weapon / Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF for short) for those who are 18 years of age and above and who do not hold a recognised valid Airsoft Defence.

  • What is an UKARA or Airsoft Defence?
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    What is a UKARA or Airsoft Defence?

    In Airsoft terms, a defence buying Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF) is essentially a way of proving that you have a valid reason for purchase.

  • Airsoft Interest Free Finance
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    Airsoft Interest Free Finance

    Looking for buy now pay later Airsoft in the UK?

  • Pay Later with Klarna
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    Pay Later with Klarna

    Klarna lets you buy now and pay later, so you can purchase the items you need without having to worry about upfront costs