Highlander Midge Repellent 60ml

Code: MID118
  • Lasts 8 Hours
  • Contains Saltidin
  • Pump Spray Bottle

A bottle of Midge and Insect Repellent, designed to keep biting Insects away whilst outdoors, be it anything from Gardening, Dog Walking to Hiking. 

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The Repel Solution contains Saltidin, designed to provide an ultra strong Insect Repellent, and lasts up to 8 Hours when applied. The bottle comes in a 60m Container, with a Pump Applicator, allowing you to quickly apply the solution to any Surface. The solution works against most biting insects, such as Midge, Horsefly and Ticks, giving great all around Protection. This repellent is great for any outdoor enthusiast, and is especially great for Airsoft Skirmishers who play outdoors, to prevent yourself from attracting Ticks when Hero Crawling through Bushes and Ferns


  • Lasts up to 8 Hours
  • Very Strong Insect Repellent
  • Contains Saltidin
  • Use for Biting Insects
  • Protects against Mosquitos, Flies and Ticks
  • Great for the Midge Season

Package Includes:

  • Midge Repelent 60ml

Special Instructions:

Do not use on Children under 2 Years of Age.



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