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  • Usable In-Store
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As the time approaches for birthday, Christmas and special occasion gifts, it can be a bit nerve wracking trying to decide what Airsoft Gift to buy. Airsoft players are a unique lot; what one person likes another may hate, and there's nothing worse than purchasing a gift to find out the person doesn't like it! We've created a Gift Card for this very situation, which can be purchased and redeemed against buying kit from our website! Let the Airsoft player in your life choose the present they want the most, or contribute towards that gun they've always wanted!

For Terms and Conditions please see: Terms and Conditions Page.

  • One Time Use Only
  • 15cm by 13cm Sized
  • Anti-Bacterial, Static & Fog

A cleaning wipe designed to restore the anti-fog, anti-bacterial and anti-static properties of your goggles and glasses. 

  • 12g Capacity
  • Single CO2 Bulb
  • Steel Construction

    A 12g CO2 Bulb Capsule Single, sold individually these 12g bulbs can be used for both Airsoft and Air rifles.

    • Easy to Use
    • Reduce Overkill
    • Clearly Identify Yourself

    A handy dead-rag which attaches to MOLLE panels and is used to signal to other players that you are out of the game. An excellent alternative to being hit by a load of BBs that you didn't need to be.

    • Holds 1200 BBs
    • Includes feeding Nozzle
    • Semi Transparent Design

    A BB holding bottle, designed to allow you to store up to 1200 BB's and then dispense them using a foldable nozzle. 

    • Lightweight
    • Elasticated Cotton
    • Worn in Multiple Ways

    Perfect for keeping out the cold during the colder parts of the year, this lightweight snood can be worn on your neck or head to stay nice and warm. 

    • For 14mm CCW Suppressor
    • Allows the use of Suppressor
    • Fits to Threaded Outer Barrel

    A 12mm to 14mm CCW thread adapter which will allow you to attach suppressors to your Raven only series gas blowback pistol.

    • 3300 x 0.20g BBs
    • 0.01mm Tolerance
    • Competition Grade

    A bottle of 3300 high quality, competition grade polished 0.20g BBs from ASG, which undergo a strict quality control process and are carefully selected to achieve a higher standard of BB over the traditional Blaster series, which are already spot on. The 0.20g BBs are the baseline weight for Airsoft Guns are are appropriate for indoor sites, testing and high speed guns / grenade launchers.

    • For EOTech
    • Transparent
    • Protect Sights

    A transparent Polymer lens protector designed for EOTech Style Sights, protecting your Sight from BB's and other projectiles designed as a first defence, protecting your lens.

    • 100rnd Capacity
    • Stiffened Locking
    • Semi Black Transparency

    Unlike other pistol speedloaders on the market the NUPROL version is harder to use, in a good way!

    • 30 Rounds
    • 4.6x30 Cal Marking
    • Real-Cap Magazine

    A replacement or spare magazine designed for the Well R-4 MP7 Airsoft Electric Pistol, and is based on the real MP7's short compact magazine. 

    • Approx. 3300 BBs
    • Green Tinted 0.25g
    • ±0.03mm Tolerance

    Add a little more accuracy waste fewer shots at your next Airsoft game day. 0.25g BB's are often used by those chasing a bit more accuracy outdoors on windy days, to shoot through vegetation easier and make your targets definitely feel the hit.

    • For 20mm Rails
    • Textured Surface
    • Easy to Use Screw

    A Polymer constructed Foregrip for 20mm Rails, which will easily attach to your Replica and provide a stable position to brace your gun against the shoulder, and achieve a steady and consistent aim. It could also reduce fatigue experienced during a skirmish from an incorrect hand position. The low-profile nature of this grip reduces the likelihood of snagging on your own kit/equipment during the day.

    • Green Gas
    • 520ml Contents
    • 90% Propane / 10% Butane

    Green Gas designed for use on gas powered Airsoft pistols, Rifles and Shotguns. The gas comes in a lightweight aluminium can and has a heavy duty metal nozzle meaning it won't snap. 

    • 250mm Long
    • Fits Other Sniper Rifles
    • Fit 7.5mm Spring Guides

    High powered spring designed to give a little boost to your Airsoft spring sniper rifle or lower the fps to a safe limit depending on what is already installed.

    • Realistic Design
    • Winding Wheel
    • Filling Window

    A STANAG type magazine which is designed to fit any Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which accepts this style of magazine, such as M4, L85, 416 and more. This type of magazine is perfect for regular Airsoft skirmishers as the magazine holds lots of rounds, and increases the length of time between having to stop and reload, allowing you to put more rounds down range without stopping.

    Whether you are new or a regular skirmisher, who doesn't want the hassle of regularly changing magazines but still wants that authentic look, these are an essential purchase. 

    • 300g Contents
    • Metal Fill Nozzle
    • Dust Cover Included

    Designed to make your gas Airsoft RIF more consistent between every shot and work far better in colder conditions. You will also achieve an increase in FPS but you must let the gas settle in your magazine first! 

    • Pull Cord Wound
    • Flash Magazine
    • For M4/15/16

    An Airsoft M4 6mm BB Gun High Capacity Magazine with a twist, instead of using a bottom winding wheel, a pull cord is built into the magazine which can be pulled to quickly prime the magazine.

    • Moulded Polymer Magazine
    • Modern Styled Design
    • 120 Round Capacity

    An Airsoft medium capacity magazine that is ideal for the Airsofter wanting to inject a little more realism into their skirmishing style. Loosely inspired by the design of modern P-Mag type magazines, this is G&Gs attempt at creating a lightweight and uniquely styled magazine for STANAG magazine compatible Airsoft guns.

    • Batteryless Design
    • Auto-Reset Targets
    • Keep Rooms BB Free

    A simple to use target for use with Airsoft 6mm BB Guns, designed to allow the user to practice their target shooting without having to stop and manually reset the targets. 

    • Deans Connector
    • 7.4v 1450mAh 30C
    • Crane Stock Layout

    A LiPo battery for Airsoft, RC Cars and many other hobbies, which comes in a Crane Stock/Butterfly configuration with a Deans connector. This battery is perfect for rear wired crane stocks and front wired handguards.

    • Sub 370fps Builds
    • 2 Rubbers & Nubs
    • 60 Degree Blue Rubber

    We have stocked this particular AEG hop rubber set for years. One of our most popular, reliable and promising items you can install into your own Airsoft hop unit. 

    • LiPo Battery Charger
    • For 7.4v / 11.1v LiPo
    • Balance Charger

    Built by NUPROL as part of their Power range this is a high quality Li-Po charger designed to charge both 7.4v Li-Po and more advanced 11.1v three cell LiPo battery.

    • 8.4v 7S
    • 1600mAh
    • Crane Stock Battery

    A Battery designed to fit into most Crane Stocks, this is a 7 cell Airsoft Gun Battery designed and built by NUPROL specifically for Airsoft Skirmishers as part of their POWER range of Batteries. 

    • For EU & G-Series Pistols
    • Metal Construction
    • 25rnd Capacity

    A  spare or replacement 25 round Airsoft magazine designed for use in both the RAVEN EU Series and  WE Europe's G-Series of gas blowback Airsoft pistols. 

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    Save £3.00
    • Highly Realistic
    • Dummy Rounds
    • Feeds Until Empty

    A Polymer magazine for the ARP-9 Airsoft Electric Gun, which holds a total of 60rnds and feeds BBs into the gun via a spring, meaning they feed completely until empty. Not only this, but they have actual dummy rounds (not just stickers) inside to look just like the real deal.

    • For G-Series Pistols
    • 23rnd Capacity
    • Gas Magazine

    A gas blowback Airsoft magazine developed by VORSK for their G-Series range of pistols, constructed with an Alloy Body and Polymer base plate. The magazine holds up to 23 rounds and is a direct replacement for the magazine which comes with the pistol, and is filled with BBs from the top or front, and is filled with gas from the bottom once the base plate has been slid to the front. 

    If you're looking to bolster your VORSK G-Series pistol magazine with 100% compatible magazines then this is the way to go. 

    • 3D Printed
    • 0.4g+ Required
    • Lightweight & Tough

    A 3D Printed Outer Barrel Assembly for TM & WE branded EU17/EU18 model GBB Pistols, which offers a TDC Grub Screw HOP style adjustment to increase performance when paired with a quality bucking and heavyweight BBs.

    • CO2 Powered
    • 25rnd Capacity
    • For EU & G-Series Pistols

    A CO2 powered magazine designed for use in the RAVEN EU Series 18 GBB pistol and WE Europe's G-Series of pistols, which performs better than traditional gas magazines in colder weather.

    • For 1911 MEU / VX-9 Pistols
    • 36 Round Capacity
    • Gas Magazine

    A gas blow back magazine made by VORSK for their 1911 MEU and VX-9 Series of Airsoft Pistols. The magazine is constructed with an alloy body and polymer base plate, and holds up to 36 rounds. The magazine is an extended variant of the magazine which comes with the pistol, and great for those who want the original magazines with a higher capacity to go with the pistol. The magazine is filled with BBs from the front or from the top using an Airsoft speed loader, and filled with gas from the bottom via a standard Airsoft Green Gas bottle. 

    If you're looking to bolster your VORSK 1911 MEU or VX-9 pistol magazine collection with 100% compatible magazines then this is the way to go. 

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