Lancer Tactical BY2319 - USMC M40A3 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, ATACS

Lancer Tactical
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  • Does not cock at all
  • Damaged Piston?
  • Damaged Sears?

This gun was caught during testing out of the box before it was sent a customer. Originally the issue was a low FPS and erratic loading of BBs, so we sent it back to the supplier. We thought we'd get it back fixed, though instead we've received it back worse than before, as its now scratched, and does not cock. This could be multiple issues, and could be either the piston, sears, or some other nonsense, so unless you know what you're doing then swerve this boneyard. If you want the gun for its body that could be an option, but do note that he outer barrel is scuffed, and the rear cheek rest is missing a screw. Could be a cool project gun, but definitely will not fire. If you've got a gun with a damaged body you could swap out the internals.



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