Ultimate Evo CNC Performance Hop Up is Coming Soon! So Pre-Order right away!

Ultimate Evo CNC Performance Hop Up is Coming Soon! Pre-Order right now!

And you thought your Airsoft Scorpion Evo couldn't get any better? Well the good news, depending how you look at it, is that you're still not done!

Today ActionSportGames announced their newly designed Airsoft hop-up unit which has been built in-house for their most popular series of rifles: the ASG CZ Scorpion Evo. Touted to take the gun to the next level, ASG have boasted that users will see huge increases in their gun's performance and accuracy, being one of the most important upgrades you'll have for your Airsoft CZ EVO.

We're here to let you know that the Hop-up unit is already available for pre-order, and can be found in our Hop-up units section: ASG Ultimate EVO CNC Performance Hop Up.

If pre-ordering isn't exciting enough, we're also offering £10 off to anyone who pre-orders the hop-up unit. Can't say fairer than that!

ASG Ultimate EVO CNC Performance Hop Up

The new CZ Scorpion Evo Airsoft Hop-Up Unit has been designed and built from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminium, with a specially built design purpose made for the ASG Scorpion Evo. Thanks to its in-house design and quality production the hop up enhances the performance of all gun models with the EVO family. Through testing and perfection the hop-up unit offers the chance to increase performance by up to 20%, by taking the range and accuracy of the rifle to the next level.

The hop-up unit is suitable for all BB weights and types, and is fully compatible with aftermarket hop-up rubbers, allowing you to pick the ideal hop-up rubber for your situation, and is fully adjustable to allow you to set the hop to perfection. The unit features a fully customizable step-less hop-up adjustment with laser engraved increments allowing you to remember exactly what setting is right for your gun.

ASG Ultimate EVO CNC Performance Hop Up

The hop-up unit comes in kit form, and is easy to build and install in your rifle. Whether you're asking your ASG approved retailer to fit the hop for you, or you're a seasoned technician and fitting it yourself, the process should be a breeze. Once you've built the hop-up unit you simply drop it into place and adjust it to suit your needs. The hop-up has been designed with the use of r-hops and flat hop installations as well, making them easier to fit and adjust to the perfect setting.

Like all ASG's Scorpion Evo components the hop-up is designed, developed, and manufactured in Denmark to the highest standards, resulting in a high quality finish and flawless shooting experience with longer range and tighter groupings allowing you to get a distinct advantage over your opponents during Airsoft game play.

This is an essential upgrade for any Airsoft player who owns an ASG Scorpion Evo AEG or HPA rifle, whether you're looking for that extra advantage over other Airsoft players, or if you're a player who simply must have the best gun on the field.

Want to know more about the new EVO CNC Performance Hop Up? You can find out more about it on it's product page: ASG Ultimate EVO CNC Performance Hop Up.