Factory Cases: 100's of Hard Cases, 1000's of fantastic uses!

Factory Cases: 100's of Hard Cases, 1000's of fantastic uses!

Time to take your case game to the next level: We're launching a new brand: Factory Cases. If you've ever wanted to get your hands on a solid Hard Case, but at a reasonable price, then look no further than Factory Cases.

We have a huge range of IP Rated waterproof and dust proof cases for any budget, from teeny tiny, to cases big enough to fit a person into!

We have a selection of hundreds of hard cases, with thousands of fantastic uses, with cases perfect from the small to large. These cases aren't just good for Airsoft, but even better for storing delicate equipment and valuable possessions! There are cases perfect for Real Steel Guns and Tactical Equipment, as well as cases for delicate items such as Cameras, Electronics and Drones, even cases big enough for Tools and more!

Our Case Highlights

Megacerops ROTA Hard Case

This absolutely massive Hard Case from PARRA is the perfect way to store an entire armoury of equipment inside, from Airsoft / Hunting / Shooting kit to sensitive Avionic Components. The IP67 rated Rubber Seal around the removable lid will prevent the ingress of Dust and Water when submerged at 1m for 30 minutes. If you need all your kit in one place and need to know it is fully protected from the elements, then the Megacerops ROTA Hard Case is the answer.

If you're looking for an insanely big Hard Case that is easily transported, has an absolutely solid one-piece construction and will protect the contents against the ingress of water, dust, fungus and is resistant to most chemicals and solvents, the Megacerops ROTA Hard Case is the way to go.

Tasmanian Hard Case

If you need to transport valuable equipment from A to B, and you need to know that the contents are safe from the ingress of Water and Dirt, Extreme Temperatures as well as Pressure changes and rough impacts, then you need this Hard Case in your life. Made from TSU-1 Resin material, with interior Pick and Pluck Foam that can be cut to perfectly match the contents, you can be sure that your valuable equipment is safe.

If you need a Hard Case that is easy to carry, can be easily stacked away in cupboards, backpacks or other cases, and is fully protected against the elements be it Water, Dust, Impacts or Extreme Temperatures, then you can depend on the No. 1862 Tasmanian Hard Case.

Terrapin Shockproof Instrument Case

The Terrapin Shockproof Instrument Case from PARRA is a seriously well-constructed Hard Case made from TSU-1 Resin material that makes it Impact Resistant, with a Waterproof Seal that protects it from 1m submersion for 30 minutes, as well as Dust, Shock and Pressure. The hinges are supported by Stainless Steel Pins, and the compact design allows them to be easily stacked together, making it the ultimate travel accessory for those who carry sensitive equipment with them.

Whether you need to transport Riflescopes, Camera Lenses, Drones or any kind of sensitive electronic equipment that you want to know is fully protected from Water, Dust, Pressure and Impacts (as certified by third party quality assurance company, Intertek), then the Terrapin Shockproof Instrument Case from PARRA is a sure choice.