More Rails for the AM-013 / AM-014

More Rails for the AM-013 / AM-014

We've had a lot of people asking about Rails for their Amoeba AM-013 / AM-014 recently, so we thought we'd put together a blog post so you can check out Airtech Studios offering.

If you're looking to add more Rail Space to your Amoeba Honey Badger for additional attachments then look no further, Airtech Studios have created Medium and Long Length Rail Panels designed to fit onto the rifle which blend in seamlessly and blend in with the top rail on the existing rifle.

Each Rail is made from Shock and Impact resistant Nylon Polymer, meaning that is built to last, and will not snap under pressure and comes in a pack of two, and are available in both Black and Tan. The larger rails measure in at 26.5cm, and the smaller rails at 16.5cm allowing you to convert the top Rail of the Weapon into a full rifle-length rail, giving the option for even the largest sight and scope setups. The rails are designed to be compatible with 20mm RIS / RAS Rail systems, the most common rail system in Airsoft, meaning that a huge range of Aftermarket Parts and Accessories can be attached.

The rails can even be attached to the sides and bottom of the Hand Guard, meaning those who want to have a weapon setup with an Angled Foregrip and a Vertical Foregrip have enough space for both.

These rails are definitely the perfect purchase for those who own an AM-013, AM-014 or AM-015, but wish they just had that little bit more rail for attachments.

There are Four Variants Available: