The Magpul Beta Project AK47 Review

The Magpul Beta Project AK47 Review

Recently delivered to our shop at Patrol Base in Huddersfield West Yorkshire we got our hands on a couple of the new Magpul Beta Project AK47 Airsoft AEGs, which are brand new and are currently only stocking the Dark Earth versions though.

Sunday just gone (18th December 2011) the staff at Patrol Base all went to the Cerberus Complex site with the boss Chris proudly wielding the new Beta Project AK shown below:

In the box content:

  • 1x Magpul Beta Project AK47
  • 1x Mid capacity magazine
  • 1x Cleaning rod

The rifle comes in at a slightly warm 360/370fps out of the box but with the new Magpul AAC M4-2000 Fast Attach Silencer fitted you get a spot on 349/350fps using Blaster 0.2g BBs with a Madbull V2 chrono.

The trigger response is nice and crisp with an impressive rate of fire too when installing a VP Racing - 9.6v 1600MaH Ni-Mh Block Battery. The battery storage in the gun is excellent too. You can slot the stick battery all the way down into the front end. This could make to provide excellent capabilities for fitting custom batteries to provide more game play time, saying that though the rifle worked all day long with plenty of juice left for a few more hours game play.

The internals of the gun are as expected, excellent quality. The hop unit is full metal and easily adjustable from the right hand side of the AEG. Trigger response is crisp and smooth thanks to a well shimmed gearbox.

The external quality is just as good as the internals if not better. The Beta Projet AK47 is full metal with a Magpul PTS CTR Carbine Stock pre fitted. The front end is of a considerable weight too allowing for a more solid grip and better control however we do suggest fitting a FMA AFG2 Style FFG2 Angled Foregrip to aid in controlling the weight especially when you have installed the Magpul AAC M4-2000 Fast Attach Silencer.

So now the all important information, the range and accuracy of the gun. Straight out of the box we went and took the gun straight to the chrono range of the Cerberus Complex site and on the first shot the BB went straight to the floor... after two more shots the BBs suddenly went flying straight forward, this was with no hop applied at all.

We can only think there was a tiny amount of oil on the hop rubber initially from production until it got swept out by a couple of BBs. After about 10 shots we applied a little bit of hop and ended up with about a third of hop applied resulting in an impressive 60 to 70 metre flight of a 0.2g BB!

As the day went on the BBs were shooting mildly further but the accuracy and consistency massively improved. We highly recommend using 0.25g BBs in this rifle (we didn't have any left on the day so stuck with using 0.2g BBs). Everyone was eyeing the rifle up and was a great weapon especially with the ability to use normal AK magazines! At the moment we have used cheap China-soft AK magazines and had no feeding issues, we have not come across a magazine that doesn't fit and work properly so far.

To wrap up this review, the gun is of excellent build quality inside out. Fps is high but just legal dependent upon your sight but lowering the FPS can be achieved easily due to a relatively simple gearbox design. Customisation is limitless and performance is excellent hitting targets all day long at 60 metres plus accurately.