SRU Bullpup Body Kit for GHK/WE AK

Code: SR-AK01-BK
  • Bullpup Conversion
  • Angled/Canted Pistol Grip

This is an incredibly cool Conversion Kit / Body Kit for GHK and WE branded GBB AKs, and will convert your replica into something the likes of which you have never seen. This Bullpup Conversion will relocated your Magazine behind the Trigger Group, and provides you with an awesome canted Pistol Grip that makes your AK way more comfortable and ergonomic, as well as incredibly fun to use! If you own a GHK or WE GBB AK and want to seriously update it's look and feel, then the SRU Bullpup Body Kit for GHK/WE AKs is perfect for you.

Full description


The 'Prototype Division' is a new production line from the SRU brand, who manufacture components and body kits for Airsoft Guns using 3D-Weaving technology. This allows them to quickly develop and bring their ideas to market, for a reasonable price; filling the 'fun' part of Airsoft by allowing you to make your Airsoft Guns look crazier than ever before!

This Conversion Kit is designed for GHK & WE branded AK Gas Blowback Assault Rifles, and will convert it into a Bullpup design, meaning that the Magazine/Action is located behind the Trigger Group. This makes the Rifle much more compact, allowing for quick and precise opposite-shoulder transitions, and much more stable handling in CQB and when room clearing. The main feature of the Kit is the canted 45 degree Pistol Grip that completely changes how you operate and handle your replica. It also comes included with a new 3D Printed Blade Trigger for peak modernisation. The Kit includes a heavy-duty 20mm Railed Front Block that lets you go crazy adding tactical accessories such as Grips, Torches, Lasers and more to your (now Bullpup) AK.

This Kit is a 'hard difficulty' conversion, and requires a lot of original components to be removed and replaced. Use a QR Code Scanner on the included instructions to get a step-by-step picture guide to complete the conversion.

If you own a GHK or WE AK Gas Blowback Rifle and find yourself thinking things like "oh how I wish my AK was a devastating Bullpup that makes me the envy of the entire Airsoft field, and makes me better not only as a player but as a person" then the SRU Bullpup Body Kit for GHK/WE AKs is just what you're looking for.


  • Bullpup Conversion Kit
  • 3D Printed Material
  • Complete Conversion
  • Gun NOT Included
  • Very Strong Materials
  • Canted/Angled Pistol Grip
  • Large Trigger Guard
  • 20mm Railed Handguard
  • Bottom & Side 20mm Rails
  • Modern & Futuristic
  • Blade Style Trigger
  • Textured Surfaces for Grip
  • Markings:
    • SRunion
    • SR-BUP-AK/Q1
    • Russian Stuff
  • Compatibility:
    • GHK/WE AK GBBr
  • Requires Removal Of:
    • Pistol Grip
    • Upper & Lower Handguard
    • Dust Cover / Bolt Assembly
    • Stock
    • Flash Hider
    • Gas Tube

Package Includes

  • SRU Bullpup Body Kit for GHK/WE AK



External Part Type
Grips & Stock, Conversion Kit,


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon
3D Printed

Part Specific

Rail System Icon
Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS
Weapon Platform
AK Platform

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