Sector Optics T20 Logic Thermal Imager w/ 3-6x Optical Zoom

Code: TPL-T20
  • See in the Dark
  • Basically Cheating
  • Follow Heat Shadows

Simply put, allows you to see in the dark, through smoke, and even through thin walls if someone is leaning against it. This thermal sight is one of the best things to help you gain an advantage in Airsoft, picking up heat signatures giving you Predator vision.

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This sight is powered by a high tech 80x60 FLIR Lepton Sensor, which picks up heat signature data for use by the sight and is then displayed to the user by a 1.3'' OLED Screen with a 30hz refresh rate, making it usable in firefights.

What makes the sight stand out from the crowd is its adjustable 3-6x zoom, allowing you to spot people from longer distances away.

The sight also features multiple display modes for different situations, with a White Hot mode for identification and detail, Black Hot for warm environments, NV Green for night vision style views, and colour for standard shooting.

This sight is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who want the ultimate edge in dark CQB play. This sight is so good, it could almost be considered cheating! 


  • Thermal imaging sight
  • Designed for real-steel hunting rifles
  • 80x60 FLIR Lepton sensor
  • 1.3'' OLED screen
  • 8 - 14 micron spectral range
  • 3-6x zoom adjustment
  • 30hz refresh range
  • 17° - 9° field of view
  • 17° FOV at 75m
  • 9° FOV at 150m+
  • Automatic focus system
  • Lightweight Build
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • On-board image enhancement
  • Shutter with automatic NUC
  • Auto shutdown motion sensor to save power
  • White Hot display mode
  • Black Hot display mode
  • NV Green display mode
  • Colour display mode
  • Mounts via 30mm rings
  • Powered by a single CR2 Battery for 4+ hours of operation
  • The Airsoft pay-to-win equivalent

Package Includes

  • T20 Logic Thermal Imager w/ 3-6x Optical Zoom
  • Lanyard
  • Carry Case

Special Instructions

Please be wary that you cannot use a lens protector with this optic, as it will interfere with the functionality of the FLIR sensor.

Please note that FLIR cannot see through glass, or other semi-transparent surfaces, this means you cannot see through glass windows, and you may see your own IR reflection in glass, so make sure you are aware of your surroundings.



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Sight Type
Package Includes
Lanyard, 20mm RIS / RAS Rail Mount,

Weight and Dimension

Product Height
Approx. 3.9cm
Product Length
Approx. 7cm
Product Width
Approx. 4.6cm
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.13kg


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Item Colour
Construction Icon
Alloy Body, with hard rubber front adjuster

Sight Specific

Sight Magnification
3x, 4x, 5x, 5.5x,
Sight Adjustment Adjustments


Sight Shockproof

Telescopic Specific

Sight Mount Rings Included
Scope Tube Diameter
Sight Magnification Adjuster

Holographic Specific

Holographic Control Location

Illuminated Sight Specific

Battery Type

Thermal Specific

Thermal Modes
White Hot, Black Hot, NV Green, Color,