Vortex Venom Red Dot Top Load

  • Can be Pistol Mounted
  • 20mm RIS / RAS Mount
  • ArmorTek Lens Coating

Created by VORTEX Optics in the USA this weapon sight is an ultra-compact red dot optic with up to 10x manual and auto adjusting levels of brightness. This sight is a real shooting sight designed for real weapons, meaning gas blowback and shock will not affect the zeroing.

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This optic is a real steel shooting sight, meaning that it is of the highest quality and durability, and when compared side by side to an Airsoft replica sight it absolutely blows them out of the water. The sight is constructed from lightweight aluminium and features special coatings and a range of other technologies to protect the optic during use. Due to the quality and strength of the sight it comes with Vortex's transferable unlimited lifetime warranty, meaning they will replace the sight should it no longer function for any reason, if the optic becomes damaged just send it back to Vortex and they'll replace it. This warranty is transferable and lasts forever, so this could be the only sight you'll ever need to buy, and they'll even cover the warranty if the optic is shot out due to a stray BB.

The sight is compatible with both Burris Fast Fire, Doctor Mounts and Airsoft Pistol Sight mounts which are to spec, and comes provided with an adaptor which allows you to place the sight on 20mm RIS / RAS rails as well. Due to the wide range of mounting options this sight can be affixed to both pistols and main rifles, allowing you to use the same optic across multiple different weapon platforms.

The sight's lens provides no magnification, but instead projects a red dot into the field of view of the user to allow for quick target acquisition to make your first shot faster and easier to take. The lens itself is fully multi-coated to reduce reflections and light transmission, and is finished with a premium ArmorTek lens coating which is designed to reduce scratching as well as oil and moisture build up on the optics lens to ensure high performance at all times. The lens is parallax free and has unlimited eye relief meaning that no matter where you shoulder the weapon, or mount the optic, you'll still have the same clear sight picture from any angle.

The optic is also fully adjustable, in addition to the brightness settings the windage and elevation can also be finely tuned, with 130 MOA max elevation adjustment, and 100 degrees of MOA windage adjustment, the optic can be adjusted to be used on a wide variety of rifles, pistols and more for a wide range of distances.

The optic's dot is projected by an inbuilt laser, which can be adjusted to up to 10 levels of brightness depending on the lighting conditions you are shooting in. The brightness can be turned down for indoor and CQB shooting to prevent glare, and can be turned up to the max when shooting outdoors in high light conditions. The sight is also highly battery efficient, powered by a single CR 1632 battery and provides up to 150 hours run time at its highest setting, and an astonishing 30,000 hours run time at its lowest brightness setting. To prevent wasted battery the sight also shuts down automatically after 14 hours of use, a life saver if you forget to turn the optic off before you pack up your kit.

The optics dot is available in two different sizes, a 3 MOA variant, and a 6 MOA variant. MOA stands for Minutes Of Angle which is how big the dot will look at 100 yards, 3 covering 3 minutes of angle at 100yards, and 6 minutes of angle at 100 yards. The smaller dot is more suited for outdoors and ranged shooting, with the 6 MOA version designed for more closer range shooting up to 100 yards.

The Venom sight is fully shockproof and water proof, making it highly durable and tough enough to withstand the rigours of any Airsoft game. The sight has been designed to be water proof to protect the internal workings of the sight from dust, debris and moisture to ensure it will keep working no matter the weather conditions. The sight been designed to be shock proof to allow it to be fitted to real steel rifles and pistols to ensure they do not lose their zero when shot, this means that they are way more than capable of handling Airsoft Gas Blowback and Electric Recoil weapons without losing any zero when they are shot, a common problem for cheaper Airsoft replica sights.

This sight is perfect for both real steel shooters with real weapons, with high quality you can trust and a super clear optic, and for Airsoft players as well who appreciate quality, want a sight which they'll never have to replace and will work perfectly no matter what it is attached to. This optic may be the last micro red dot you will ever have to buy.


  • Heavy duty and high quality real steel shooting sight
  • Comes with a Vortex Unlimited Lifetime warranty, the only sight you'll ever need to buy
  • Compatible with both 20mm Rails and Pistols
  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • 1x Magnification to fast target acquisition
  • Fully multi-coated to reduce reflections and increase light transmission
  • Premium wide-field lens for great edge to edge resolution
  • 10 levels of adjustable brightness for all environments
  • Parallax free for high performance target shooting
  • Single piece chassis to reduce weight and keep the sight lightweight
  • Waterproof with o-ring seals to prevent moisture, dust and debris from affecting the optic
  • Shockproof to allow the sight to withstand the recoil of real firearms
  • Hard anodised finish to give the weapon a durable low-glare matte finish
  • ArmorTek lens coating to create an ultra hard, scratch resistant coating for the lenses
  • Unlimited eye relief for quick easy target acquisition from any angle or distance
  • 14-hour auto-shutdown feature to increase battery life
  • 150 hours run time at the highest brightness setting
  • 30,000 hours run time at the lowest brightness setting
  • Compatible with Burris Fastfire / Doctor mount
  • 3 MOA and 6 MOA dot size variant available
  • 1 MOA adjustment graduation
  • 130 MOA max elevation adjustment
  • 100 MOA max windage adjustment
  • Powered by a single CR 1632 battery

Package Includes

  • Venom Red Dot Top Load
  • Rubber Protective Transport Cover / Rain Cover
  • MOS Mounting Screws
  • Weaver / Picatinny mounting plate for 20mm RIS/RAS Rails
  • CR 1632 Battery
  • Vortex Optics Branded Cleaning cloth
  • User Instruction manual


No matter who ends up owning this product, you do not need a receipt to claim on warranty when going direct through VORTEX. Alternatively, if you would prefer ourselves to handle any claim, then we would require proof of purchase from ourselves to avoid any delay. You do not need to keep a paper copy, we can find your original sale from your name and address.

Your new purchase is covered for absolutely any accident that impairs the operation of the product and any feature. Cosmetic damage that does not impair the operation is not covered. Once again, the warranty is for life! If the product becomes discontinued then VORTEX will replace your item/s with a newer version completely free of charge. You are even covered if you decide to custom spray paint over your optics, as long as you haven't gone and sprayed onto your lenses.



Name Variant
3 MOA Dot, 6 MOA Dot,
Sight Type Icon
Sight Type
Sight Type Variant
Red Dot
Package Includes
Instruction Manual, Cleaning Cloth, Cover, Screws, Weaver / Picatinny Mount, CR 1632 Battery,

Weight and Dimension

Product Length
Approx. 4.75cm
Product Width
Approx. 2.54cm
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.031kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
VIP Warranty

Sight Specific

Sight Magnification
Sight Adjustment Adjustments
Windage, Elevation, Illumination,
Sight Zero Adjuster Method
Flat-Head Screwdriver
Sight Zero Location
Right, Back,
Sight Mount Options
Integrated Rail Mount
Sight Objective Lens Diameter
Reticle Type
Red Dot


Sight Shockproof
Sight Fogproof
Sight Waterproof

Holographic Specific

Holographic Control Location

Illuminated Sight Specific

Illuminated Reticle
Illuminated Reticle Levels
Illuminated Reticle Colours
Battery Type