COVID 19 November Updates

Patrol Base COVID-19 November Updates

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update to keep you all in the loop into where we're at now we're going into the 2nd lockdown, as of now (02/11/20) this is how its going!

The latest lockdown will begin from 05/11/2020 0.01am, and will be in affect until 2nd of December, unless it is extended.

Want to know how we're handling the new lock down? Here is the long story short version:

  • Patrol Base Online is still open and processing orders.
  • The Patrol Base physical store is shut.
  • Halo Mill CQB is closed.
  • Halo Mill: Proving Grounds is open after the month lockdown.

Make sure you read the entire article for more detailed info!

Online orders are still available, and continuing to be shipped. Though our physical shop is closed the warehouse continues to function as normal.

We will be managing the lockdown internally in a way that you should see no change in the level of service you currently receive.

Our couriers are continuing to provide the same level of service, but we will keep an eye out and let you know of any changes they announce. Please note that as the volume of online orders continues to increases across the country there may be some delays with couriers, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Should you need help you can still get in touch with customer services for your questions via the Contact Us Page.

"It is with a tinge of sadness that we have to close our retail store tomorrow (Saturday 21st March) until further notice. We suspect its the first trading Saturday closure since the original surplus store opened 40 years ago.

We feel we must follow our Prime Minister's guidance for the protection of our dedicated staff and loyal customers. Our online store remains open for business with all delivery options being so far unaffected.

We are fully stocked and if its not on line its on its way or ‘they haven’t made any’ Thanks to all our suppliers and customers old and new for their continued support during this difficult time.
We look forward to resuming business as usual and welcoming friends back for heroic skirmish tales and banter. Stay safe and look forward to welcoming you all back as soon as we can.

Chris, Simon and all the Patrol Base team."

Please note that online orders are still available, and service is unaffected.

From 5/11/20 Halo Mill will be closed due to the lockdown, an once the lockdown ends it will re-open.

Please note that when the site re-opens all existing COVID rules will still apply, and the site will be Pre-booking only with no walk-on.

For more information please see the Halo Mill Airsoft Facebook Page.

The next game day is on the 6th, after the lockdown ends. Tickets will be on sale at the usual time, so keep an eye on the Halo Mill: Proving Grounds Facebook Page for more information.

If the lockdown is extended then any tickets purchased will be valid for the next event.

If we can't run the December Game, the next game date will be January.