Lancer Tactical - The New Kid On The Block!

Lancer Tactical - The New Kid On The Block!

Introducing, Lancer Tactical, the new boi in town & he hasn't just got his foot in the door, he's already inside & made himself at home sat on your sofa asking what's for dinner! 

Lancer Tactical are a brand that originated from our transatlantic cousins, the United States of America, which we're going to take a wild guess that you're already well aware just how much they love their guns...& yes we're all secretly jealous. Lancer Tactical are taking the Airsoft Market by storm with their fantastic range of products, from BB's to RIF's, Lancer are set to make sure you're skirmish ready at all times! 

First on our list of Lancer goodies, is the go to entry level option, perfect for beginners & or players looking to start the sport!

The LT-15 M4 SD

The LT-15 is an integrally suppressed AR-15 variant by Lancer Tactical sporting all of the features someone looking to buy their first gun wants to see. The gun is primarily constructed from a Reinforced Polymer which makes for excellent durability to withstand all the bashing & thrashing that your RIF's endure during a Skirmish. The gun comes with a 7" QUAD RIS 20mm rail for all of the accessory additions you could ever want, with seven inches room for sights, torches, PEQ boxes & grips, you'll never run out of space for furniture. 

The LT-15 also has a built in mock suppressor, giving it a much cooler & tactical aesthetic in comparison to your basic M4 platform, which the inner barrel runs all the way through too! However should you ever want to change the suppressor for a different one or a barrel extension, then you can do so with ease as it's seated on a 14mm CCW thread! 

The gun also has a large shoulder filling crane style stock, which has all the room in the world for the addition of your batteries, you could even get a 2200mah 7.4v crane in there for those long haul skirmishes! As well as a 300rnd Hi Cap Magazine, flip up iron sights, a 9.6v Crane Battery & a Charger! So from the moment you open the box you're set & ready to take on the battlefield. 

LT-15 M4 SD

The USMC M40A3 Bolt Action Rifle

The Lancer Tactical USMC M40A3 is a bolt action sniper rifle is an out of the box beast in terms of presence & performance. Rocking in with a sleek & ergonomic body, a smooth bolt pull & a super lightweight polymer frame the M40A3 is an excellent go to option for someone wanting to grab a solid, reliable & quality Bolt Action Rifle to fulfil their sniper desires. 

The LT USMC M40A3 is based on the Remington M40A3 platform which has been used by the United States Marine Corps since the early 2000's & still is to this day! Known for it's precision, reliability & excellent handling the M40A3 was a no brainer for Lancer to recreate, nothing screams quality like 20+ years of military use! 

The upper receiver of the gun is met with a 20mm RIS rail for the addition of sights, scopes & whatever else you're feeling brave enough to stick on there! As well as a bolt that's like slicing warm butter, not too warm so it falls off but you know, just warm enough so it glides right on know what we mean right?

The lower of the gun comes in Black, Olive & ATACS to suit all your Urban, Woodland & Desert Loadouts, has an adjustable cheek riser for maximum comfort & support when ADS & multiple stock braces / buffer pads to customise the shoulder distance to your preference, a 19rnd Magazine, QD Sling Sockets & it comes firing at a lovely 300 FPS + / - 10%. meaning you could even go CQC if you wanted to! 

Overall the Lancer Tactical USMC M40A3 is an excellent platform for a beginner looking to grab their first Bolt Action Rifle, or someone looking for something reliable & dependable! 

USMC M40A3 Bolt Action Rifle

The LT-29 Pro line Enforcer Needletail

This is what Lancer would call their Pro Line series, fitted with some higher quality modern furniture & featuring a very quirky aesthetic the Needletail LT-29 is certainly a love or hate, or as some might call it a marmite gun.

The gun features a full alloy construction, unlike it's other relatives such as the previously mentioned LT-15 which are built from polymer, which gives it a heavy & realistic feel. The front end features a sleek & modern M-LOK Handguard designed to reduce bulkiness & overall weight, in which you can either fit dedicated M-LOK accessories or 20mm rail sections. A standard birdcage flash hider can also be seen on the front end, which if removed will expose a 14mm CCW thread for the addition of suppressors, flash hiders, muzzle breaks & tracer units, just be aware of the grub screw before removing it! 

Towards the rear of the gun you'll see a rather peculiar stock which is certainly what makes the gun stand out among others, rocking a futuristic look with an enclosed pistol grip brace & an extra magazine well to house a 120rnd stubby mag, a QD sling point, adjustable position shoulder brace via a lever on the underside & enough room for a decent sized battery! Just be sure not to over-slide the stock as it may come off, as this is also how you access the battery compartment.

The LT-29 does also come in an anodised red, which features a red accent outer barrel, buffer plate, castle nut, mag release, flat trigger, dust cover, charging handle & mock bolt release! 

Oh did we mention, this one comes 11.1v ready 😎 LT-29 GO BRRRRRRRRRRR!

LT-29 Pro line Enforcer Needletail

So there you have it! That's our top three picks from Lancer Tactical, from beginner to winner winner chicken dinner, we've got everything you need to conquer the battlefield! 

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