Our PBTV Brand Reviews will fill in your knowledge of Airsoft brands and what they can offer all kinds of Airsofters. In these videos, we take a deeper look at some of Airsoft's latest and greatest brands and show off their coolest guns, gear and accessories!

From Old School Favourites like G&G Armament, CYMA, and Tokyo Marui to new brands in the UK Airsoft scene like Evolution Airsoft, VORSK, and Lancer Tactical, you will find info on all these brands and more in our PBTV Brand Reviews!

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    RAVEN Airsoft

    If you are looking for your first Airsoft gas pistol, RAVEN Airsoft is definitely worth checking out! RAVEN GBB pistols offer unrivalled value for money with their realistic full metal construction and ultra-low price point. Join us as PBTV take a look at what RAVEN Airsoft has to offer the Airsoft world!

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    Specna Arms Airsoft

    Specna Arms Airsoft has become a big name in the industry, providing a wide range of Airsoft guns to suit any requirement, skill level or style. Join us as we take a look at the highlights from Specna Arms' range in this PBTV Brand Showcase and give you the intel on why we love them!

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    PTS Syndicate Airsoft

    PTS Syndicate is one of the top brands in Airsoft, renowned for its realistic replicas, high-speed magazines and highly detailed and authentic licenced rail systems, stocks, pistol grips and other externals. Join us as we check out some of the best Airsoft guns on the market from PTS Syndicate in this PBTV Brand Showcase! 

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    Umarex H&K Airsoft

    If you have an itch that can only be scratched by a flawlessly realistic H&K replica, UMAREX has what you need! Join us as we take a look at the most realistic H&K Airsoft replicas on the market in this PBTV Brand Showcase video!

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    Evolution Airsoft

    Interested in Evolution Airsoft guns, accessories and gear? If so, join us for this PBTV Brand Showcase as we check out Evolution Airsoft's selection of player-oriented Smart AEGs, more realistic AEGs for Milsim playstyles and spring-powered Airsoft sniper rifles!

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    G&G Armament Airsoft

    Want to know more about G&G Armament? If so, join us as we check out some choice picks from G&G's vast range and talk about what they do best! 

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    Lancer Tactical Airsoft

    If you are checking out some Lancer Tactical kit perhaps you would like to know a bit more about Lancer before taking the plunge. If so, this PBTV Brand Showcase on Lancer Tactical is essential watching! 

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    SRU Precision

    If you have a taste for the more unconventional things you are going to want to see this! SRU Precision specialise in unique 3D printed body kits for Airsoft guns and we are here to show them off in this PBTV Brand Showcase. Join us to see some seriously wild custom Airsoft guns!

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    WE Airsoft Pistols

    WE Airsoft has been around for some time now and has developed a wide range of reliable and high quality Airsoft GBB pistols which many Airsofters choose as their go-to sidearms. Join us for a quick drool over WE's slick designs in this PBTV Brand Showcase!

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    PARRA Hard Cases

    If you are looking for secure, waterproof and dustproof storage for your Airsoft kit, PARRA must be on your mind! For more info on PARRA Hard Cases for Airsoft kit, firearms, cameras and more, check out this PBTV Brand Showcase on PARRA!

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    WADSN Airsoft Lights and Lasers

    If you need to shed some light on the subject of tactical flashlights and aiming lasers, PBTV are here to answer the call! In this PBTV Brand Showcase, we show off WADSN Airsoft's line of tactical weapon lights, PEQ and DBAL lasers and talk about how they work and what they can do! 

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    Evolution Airsoft Pistols

    Interested in an Evolution Airsoft GBB pistol? If so, join us as we take a close look at Evolution Airsoft's pistol line with our very own Stuart Manks and Davide from Evolution Airsoft!

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    Tokyo Marui Airsoft

    Airsoft legends Tokyo Marui practically invented Airsoft as we know it today, and are the geniuses behind the AEG, adjustable HOP-up and many other core Airsoft technologies. Join us to check out some of Tokyo Marui's incredible Airsoft guns!

If you need to expand your knowledge on Airsoft brands, from Tokyo Marui to G&G Armament, PBTV will clue you in on who is best at what! 

Brand Reviews are where we lay out all our favourite bits and bobs from some of the most well-known manufacturers in Airsoft, as well as some you may not have heard of yet, and talk you through their strengths and weaknesses, how they can be used to gain the upper hand in a skirmish and answer any questions you may have.

From Brand Showcases where we show off the full range of products from our biggest and most popular names to our opinions on which brand does which platform best, you will find all the Airsoft brand information you need right here, and if you don't find what you need, ask away and we will answer!

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