Just starting Airsoft or wanting to get into the sport? We try to answer some of the questions every beginner airsofter will be asking themselves when they start. From battery connectors to power limits, find the answers you need!

  • What Eye Protection Do I Need?
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    What Eye Protection Do I Need?

    Getting ready to start Airsoft skirmishing? Choosing the right eye protection should be a top priority. If you want more info about what types of eye protection are available get in here and check out this Beginner Guide video from PBTV!

  • Airsoft Suppressors Explained!
    Helpful Beginner Videos

    Airsoft Suppressors Explained!

    Want the sneaky look for your Airsoft primary? If so, join us as we discuss Airsoft suppressors and silencers, outline each type and give instructions on how to install a suppressor to your Airsoft gun!

  • Airsoft Power/ FPS Limits Explained
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    Airsoft Power/ FPS Limits Explained

    Wondering if your Airsoft gun is site legal? If so, join us as we cover legal power limits, the FPS limits enforced by skirmish sites and the difference between measuring power in joules and velocity in FPS!

  • Airsoft Battery Connectors Explained!
    Helpful Beginner Videos

    Airsoft Battery Connectors Explained!

    Wondering what the differences are between Airsoft battery connectors? If so, join us as we talk battery connectors and give you the intel on the most common types used on Airsoft AEGs!

  • CO2 or Airsoft Green Gas?
    Helpful Beginner Videos

    CO2 or Airsoft Green Gas?

    Wondering whether to go for a CO2 or Green gas pistol? Whichever you choose you will find some of the helpful hints and tips in this PBTV Beginner Guide very useful!

New to Airsoft? PBTV's Airsoft Beginners Guides will give you the intel you need to make the right buying choices, learn how to use your Airsoft gun like a pro and fill in any gaps in your knowledge so you can make the most of your Airsoft adventure!

From which battery to choose for your AEG to which lubricant to use on your GBB pistol, our Beginners Guides will get you off to a flying start on your Airsoft career and avoid the confusion which usually comes with starting a new hobby! 

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