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  • Christmas 2021: Two Tone Delivery Deadline 🎅
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    Christmas 2023: Delivery Information and Timescale

    As we get closer and closer to the big day 🎅 we enter into the critical Christmas Shopping period, and for those who like to leave things to the last minute (many of us included), we thought we would give some clarity on our shipping times, and announce the last date you can order from us and receive your goodies in time for Christmas. Get in here to get some intel on last order dates to avoid disappointment! 

  • Our First Look at the ASG H-15!

    Our First Look at the ASG H-15!

    Join us for a run-down on the H-15 AEG series and what it's got going on, both inside and outside!

  • HALO MILL CQB Arena Reopening Confirmed: 25/10/2023
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    HALO MILL CQB Arena Reopening Confirmed: 25/10/2023

    We bet you've all been missing HALO MILL, our Airsoft CQB Arena in Huddersfield! Lucky for you, it is opening up again on the 25th of October after a fresh refurb, a new layout and a major update to the booking system!

    To celebrate the reopening we are putting on a big giveaway. If you book and attend skirmish in the first week you could be in with a chance to win a slick new Airsoft gun! How's that for an incentive? Join us for more info!

  • Christmas 2020: Best Gift Ideas 🎅
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    Christmas 2023: Airsoft Stocking Stuffers

    If you are Christmas shopping for that Airsoft skirmisher in your life, check out our selection of Airsoft stocking stuffers! These items will suit any Airsofter of any level of experience, why not let them buy their own underwear and socks this year and treat them to some Airsofting essentials? 

  • Introducing the Patrol Base Airsoft Showroom!
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    Introducing the Patrol Base Showroom...

    In case you haven't heard yet, the Patrol Base Airsoft Showroom is finally open! We have been away from the brick and mortar business for quite a while now but the time has been well spent, and we have now returned with an entirely new Airsoft shopping experience.

    If you want a peek at what awaits you in our new showroom, get in here and get ready to be impressed!

  • Bolster Armouries: Chiselled Airsoft Perfection - Platform Preview

    Bolster Armouries: Chiselled Airsoft Perfection - Drop 3.5 Platform Preview

    Bolster Armouries is back! Drop 3.5 is a limited release of what is possibly the finest Bolster Armouries platform yet; the OBIRE Advanced MPX PCC. 

  • Factory Cases: 100's of Hard Cases, 1000's of fantastic uses!
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    Factory Cases: 100's of Hard Cases, 1000's of fantastic uses!

    We're launching a new brand: Factory Cases. If you've ever wanted to get your hands on a solid Hard Case, but at a reasonable price, then look no further than Factory Cases. We have a huge range of IP Rated waterproof and dust proof cases for any budget, from teeny tiny, to cases big enough to fit a person into!

  • GLOCK - Lets get real.
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    GLOCK - Lets get real.

    Presenting the pinnacle of high quality & authentic airsoft replica pistols, the Fully Licensed UMAREX GLOCK. Available in a variety of options, there's a GLOCK for everyone. If you're a firearm fanatic who's mad about getting as close to the real deal as possible, you've come to the right place.

  • UMAREX: H&K Airsoft Reveal
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    UMAREX: H&K Airsoft Reveal

    Ladies, Gentleman, Firearm fanatics & Gun lovers alike, it's time to rejoice. UMAREX presents a range of replica firearms like you've never seen before, from Gas Blowback HK416's to MP7's, we've got all your recoil hungry needs covered.

  • New Just in: THETA OPTICS
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    New Just in: THETA OPTICS

    If you're starting out as an Airsoft Player finding the perfect Sight or Scope can be a toughie, especially when you're trying to get the most out of your money. Well, all that's about to change: THETA Optics are so good for the price we had to go back and check our pricing to make sure we didn't make a mistake!

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